FWGS - Probate Records Index - B

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927


Babb, et al Hershel Guardianship 7290
Babcock H. H. Administration 7835
Babcock Lilie Will 8379
Back Jacob Temp. Administration 339
Bader August Administration 1090
Baggar C. F. Guardianship 942
Bagley J. R. Guardianship 771
Bagley James Guardianship 225
Bagnell Nancy King Will 7890
Bahan John Will 7552
Bahre, et al Minnie Habeas Corpus 544
Baier Vert Administration 3255
Bailey C. E. Administration 1763
Bailey, et al Harry Guardianship 2808
Bailey, et al John E. Guardianship 3224
Bailey Moses C. Comm. Administration 1010
Bailey R. E. Administration 7948
Bailey Robert Will 5600
Bailey Robert Temp. Administration 7574
Bailey Stella W. Will 2716
Bailey, et al Wm. J. Guardianship 988
Baker, et al Alonzo L. Guardianship 3025
Baker  Armstrong Guardianship 8508
Baker  C. N. Administration 3853
Baker  Charlie Administration 7877
Baker  Collins Administration 5329
Baker  Edna Earl Guardianship 7981
Baker  Geo. W. Administration 1111
Baker  George W. Will 1035
Baker  J. A. Will 8442
Baker, et al J. Y. Guardianship 414
Baker  Joe E.  Administration 8761
Baker  Joe E.  Will 8766
Baker  John Administration 3232
Baker, Jr. John F. Administration 5098
Baker, Jr. John F. Administration 5101
Baker  John L. Will 7813
Baker  Josephine Will 8390
Baker  Lorenza Guardianship 7505
Baker Lulu B. Will 3127
Baker, et al M. H. Guardianship 4945
Baker  Marion Guardianship 2674
Baker  Nancy E. Guardianship 1136
Baker  Owen T. Administration 1617
Baker  Willie Guardianship 3547A
Baldridge E. E. Temp. Administration 4606
Baldridge E. E. Will 4617
Baldridge J. W. Will 8106
Baldwin James H. Will 5317
Baldwin S. G. Will 75
Balfour Joe N.C.M. 2066
Ball Frank M. Will 2147
Ball Sarah C. Will 2487
Ballard Catherine E. Guardianship 3082
Ballard T. D. Administration 2120
Ballard Wm. N.C.M. 1315
Ballard Wm. N.C.M. 1516
Bandy, et al ? Guardianship 648
Bandy Otis Earl Guardianship 5996
Bandy Otis Earl Guardianship 6031
Banister Arlena Temp. Administration 5118
Banks John T. Guardianship 2362
Banks M. L. Comm. Administration 1278
Bannon William Administration 8407
Banton Dee Guardianship 7146
Barakos, et al Gust Guardianship 8423
Barakos John K. Temp. Administration 8108
Barbee, et al Carl Guardianship 7363
Barbee Carrie W.- Jared W. Guardianship 1752
Barber Dollie L. Will 5497
Barber J. L. Comm. Administration 417
Barber J. W. Administration 1623
Barber, et al Lyman A. - John Claude Guardianship 793
Barber Theodore T. Administration 4298
Barclay F. and W. Guardianship 1105
Barclay John Will 4743
Bardin Hugh Guardianship 5867
Bardin John C. Will 8312
Bardon John Will 4277
Barfield Maggie Yates Will 9131
Barge B. Temp. Administration 5447
Barker Bertha Guardianship 8349
Barker Marietta D. Guardianship 361
Barkley Frederick Herschel Guardianship 5464
Barkley Malinda E. Will 5112
Barley Robt. Ambrose Will 7916
Barnaby E. M. Administration 727
Barnes, et al Avery Guardianship 1151
Barnes B. A. Comm. Administration 7003
Barnes M. M. Will 3452
Barnes Mary E. Will 4991
Barnes R. H. Will 4221
Barnes W. P. Administration 2466
Barnett Catherine E. Guardianship 4235

Barnett Eddie L. Comm. Administration 3845
Barnett Jessie L. Comm. Administration 5793
Barnett Mark A. Guardianship 1476
Barnhart George S. Guardianship 203
Barr H. C. Will 7689A
Barr Mrs. M. J. Administration 5647
Barre Ernest Guardianship 7
Barrett Hiram J. Administration 7197
Barrick, et al Henry C. Guardianship 4075
Barron B. J. Administration 5593
Barrow Eliza J. Comm. Administration 365C
Barse Robert P. Comm. Administration 4726
Bartels Charlotte A.-John Osgood Guardianship 1269
Bartholemew W. T. Will 4446
Bartlett James Comm. Administration 8806
Barton A. W. Will 2053
Barton Eva Glynn Temp. Guardianship 4060
Barton Flenory Guardianship 4525
Barton George Guardianship 5374
Barton George E. Guardianship 4381
Barton George E. Administration 8222
Barton James M. Comm. Administration 1221
Barton James M. Comm. Administration 1235
Barton, et al Raymond Guardianship 7762
Bartoo Mary E. Comm. Administration 3944
Barwise Seth Guardianship 4394
Barwise, et al Tom Guardianship 2798
Basinger L. H. Will 5586
Baskett L. Kate Administration 472
Basley E. L. Comm. Administration 5564
Bass Robert E. Temp. Administration 4399
Bassett Geneva Temp. Guardianship 5424
Bateman, et al L. L. Guardianship 1297
Bates Angeline W.. Will 1923
Bates Angeline W. Comm. Administration 1944
Bates Dora Mattie Guardianship 9376
Bates J. M. Administration 1846
Bates John Will 3528
Bates Mrydell Guardianship 7977
Bates, et al Viola Temp. Guardianship 3765
Bath Felix P. Will 5072
Battean Jettie Bell Temp. Guardianship 9335
Battle George C. Will 3962
Bauer, et al Everett Lee Guardianship 7872
Bayles  James A. Temp. Administration 3824
Bayless Leona Guardianship 1532
Bayne, et al Flossie Adelia Guardianship 7414
Baze, et al Priest Guardianship 5319
Beadles Mattie Guardianship 656
Beagle J. B. Guardianship 2382
Beagle John Guardianship 2400
Beall Elias J. Will 4490
Beall Mary Administration 2217
Beall Mary A. Administration 2206
Beaman Warren Guardianship 3422
Bean, et al Gwendolyn Ford Guardianship 5525
Bean Jesse Guardianship 4186
Bean John H. Will 1545
Bean Sara  Will 4464A
Bean T. E. Guardianship 2431
Beard Anna and Edgar Administration 5094
Beard Annie M. Guardianship 1162
Beard Henry B. Temp. Administration 3553
Beard Louise Guardianship 5694
Beard R. P. Guardianship 2069
Beaty A. D. Guardianship 1730
Beaver Mrs. M. E. Will 9178
Beavers Anna Guardianship 8075
Beavers Anna Guardianship 8484
Bechelli Luqi Will 7673
Bechtel Fay Guardianship 5811
Bechtel, et al Lucile Guardianship 5810
Beck, et al Fay V. Guardianship 3577
Beck Mildred E. Foreign Guardianship 9343
Becker George Comm. Administration 3260
Becker Mary G. Temp. Administration 9252
Becker Mary G. Will 9256
Becker Morris Guardianship 2619
Beckham Mary W. Comm. Administration 1060
Becknell Elizabeth P. Comm. Administration 3196
Beckwith Annie Will 805
Beckwith Henry Comm. Administration 640
Becraft Miranda Will 8523
Bedwell James Guardianship 1817
Beebe S. B. Administration 196
Beeding T. H. Will 3688
Beggs George Will 7023
Begrin John Will 8590
Behrens Nellie Comm. Administration 1546
Belden Norah L. Guardianship 959
Bell A. Comm. Administration 2306
Bell Mrs. A. J. Administration 1526
Bell Augustus Edwin Will 7016
Bell, Sr. Ben Urbane Will 9239

Bell Dorris Guardianship 7310
Bell Emma Guardianship 5015
Bell Flora N.C.M. 1196
Bell Mrs. Florence Smith Will 9298
Bell H. D. Will 9042
Bell Hattie N.C.M. 2848
Bell Jennie Will 7670
Bell John Smith Guardianship 7540
Bell M. G. Will 5545
Bell Margaret M. Guardianship 8847
Bell Simpson Will 3722
Bell T. J. Will 3794
Bell Tandy Guardianship 831
Bell Virginia Guardianship 9067
Bell W. R. Will 5266
Benefield, et al Roy Guardianship 7730
Benefill L. G. N.C.M. 109
Bennett A. M. Temp. Administration 5446
Bennett D. C. Will 3752
Bennett E. D. Will 3204
Bennett George D. Administration 4984
Bennett J. A. Will 4126
Bennett Lewis C. Guardianship 80
Bennett Mary G. Comm. Administration 5663
Bennett May Guardianship 632
Bennett Robert Hugh Guardianship 7827
Bennett W. A. Administration 7786
Bennett W. D. Will 7429
Bennick C. S. Administration 7542
Benson, et al Edith L. Guardianship 3299
Benson R. L. N.C.M. 70
Benson. et al Roland L. Guardianship 1749
Bentley D. E. Guardianship 7217
Benton D. H. and Narcissus Will and Administration 4910
Benton Frank M. Will 8656
Bergen Cornelius Administration 3536
Bergin Edward T. Will 5885
Bergin John Deceased 8590
Bergin John A. Comm. Administration 1276
Bergner Theresia Will 7338
Berley Zelia Belle Guardianship 3077
Berry A. R. Will 5313
Berry Eddie Guardianship 1638
Berry George F. Administration 9113
Berry J. M. Administration 4108
Berry Heirs J. W. Guardianship 113
Berry K. C. Will 8894
Berry Mary A. Guardianship 4677
Berry (Minors) Guardianship 245
Berry Mrs. S. I. Will 2693
Berry Sallie Administration 1346
Bess Rachel Guardianship 1942
Beukma C. Temp. Administration 7319
Beverly Annie Guardianship 748
Beverly Nora Bob Guardianship 5765
Bevil Mrs. Alice M. Temp. Administration 5310
Bewley M. P. Will 2836
Beyer August Administration 1239
Beyer August Administration 1240
Beyer J. A. Administration 8721
Beyer T. B. Temp. Administration 3888
Beyette C. K. Will 4748
Biddison Amons S. Will 1968
Biddison Lizzie May Guardianship 4079
Bidwell Janet L. Comm. Administration 8015
Bielamowicz Felix Administration 9121
Bigger Charles Guardianship 823
Bigger, et al Lucia Octavia Guardianship 2658
Bigger Mrs. Mary Temp. Administration 6040
Bigger Mrs. Mary Will 6045
Biggerstaff, et al John Guardianship 7757
Bilbrey Mary Comm. Administration 8748
Billington, et al ? Guardianship 2359
Binford, Jr. J. M. Temp, Administration 9208
Binford Mary Temp. Administration 3714
Bingham G.D., Edith and Edna Guardianship 1057
Binks, et al Anna Evelyn Guardianship 4941
Binyon Mrs. M. E. Will 4922
Binyon P. B. Comm. Administration 1279
Bird Florence E. Temp. Administration 1663
Bird J. M. Guardianship 3774
Bird Jack L. Will 8694
Bird Jodie Guardianship 4330
Bird Joseph Temp. Administration 4340
Bird, et al Martin Lacy Guardianship 2863
Bird Richard Guardianship 1064
Bird Sarah Will 7168
Birdsong, et al Hugh Guardianship 1539
Birdwell (Minors) Guardianship 314
Birthright Ego Temp. Administration 7206
Biship Byron E. Will 8457
Bishop Julia B. Comm. Administration 4432
Bishop Mabel Guardianship 4757
Bissett, et al J. K. Guardianship 1421

Bittick Diahna Alice Will 5268
Bittick S. G. Will 3113
Bjork A. L. and Linnie Temp. Administration 5012
Black Mrs. A. J. Administration 3967
Black, et al Bernard Guardianship 7303
Black Clovis Marcella Guardianship 8993
Black Daisy Mildred Will 7350
Black Don Guardianship 8576
Black G. M. Will 3298
Black Julia Guardianship 1466
Black Mary Temp. Administration 4978
Black Mary Will 4987
Black Robert Administration 7506
Black Robert Will 7531
Blackburn J. S. Administration 3270
Blackburn John Guardianship 461
Blackburn Leslie Caroline Temp. Guardianship 7923
Blackburn Roscoe Temp. Administration 7710
Blackburn Roscoe C. Administration 9265
Blacklock Katie A. Guardianship 8346
Blackmon J. T. Temp. Administration 6048
Blackwell Mary D. Guardianship 7069
Blackwell R. J. Temp. Administration 5202
Blain F. A. Temp. Administration 4247
Blain F. A. Will 4248
Blain, et al Pauline Guardianship 4662
Blair Adele Guardianship 1652
Blair Dan Administration 2477
Blair James J. N.C.M. 33
Blair Laura Will 3330
Blakeney John R. Temp. Administration 5058
Blakeney John R. Administration 5069
Blalock Wm. C. Will 5903
Bland  Tom N.C.M. 152
Blandin Cordelia M. Will 1790
Blandin Wm. F. Administration 1664
Blanke  Ida T. Comm. Administration 2838
Blanke, et al Theodore Guardianship 3683
Blankenship Charles O. N.C.M. 1700
Blankenship Charlie N.C.M. 1597
Blankenship D. L. N.C.M. 2039
Blanton T. N. Will 5004
Bledsoe Mrs. Bell N.C.M. 74 - 79
Bledsoe, et al Fannie Guardianship 4534
Bledsoe M. O. N.C.M. 1980
Bledsoe Nellie B. Guardianship 1758
Blessing Callie E. Temp. Administration 6072
Blessing John A. Will 7194
Blevans, et al Hugh Temp. Guardianship 3925
Blevins, et al Delta Guardianship 3992
Blevins, et al Earnest Guardianship 4741
Blevins M. J. Administration 7645
Blevins, et al Minda Guardianship 4144
Blevins Richard W. Guardianship 5696
Blizzard Oscar N.C.M. 2547
Blodgett Wm. R. Guardianship 1068
Bloodsworth Columbus. Henry, John. Guardianship 278
Bloodsworth Joseph, Thomas J. Guardianship 278
Bloodsworth William Guardianship 278
Bloomer Deffa, Lula, Thomas Guardianship 853
Bloomer Eudora, Cora, Edgar, Guardianship 853
Bloomfield Wayne Guardianship 4702
Blount J. G. N.C.M. 261
Blount Zagle Guardianship 5888
Blount Zagle Guardianship 7000
Blount Mrs. Zagle Guardianship 7053
Blythe Mrs. Lee Administration 9003
Blythe Leslie Temp. Administration 1821-1822
Blythe M. J. Will 1781
Boals R. H. N.C.M. 1402
Boaz Ada Comm. Administration 363
Boaz Ada Comm. Administration 363C
Boaz D. R. Administration 298
Boaz David Will 2593A
Boaz, et al Edith Guardianship 5517
Boaz Ford Guardianship 3610
Boaz Lillie Comm. Administration 3928
Boaz Lucy Comm. Administration 419
Boaz Myrtle L. Administration 7439
Boaz Samuel Will 1366
Boaz Samuel Will 1366
Boaz T. E. Comm. Administration 1446
Boaz W. J. Will 4967
Boaz, Jr. Willis L. Guardianship 7378
Boaz, Jr. Willis L. Guardianship 8118
Boazman Charles N.C.M. 2688
Boazman John R. Administration 4161
Bobo Annie T. Comm. Administration 926
Bobo J. H. Will 7550
Bobo Kate and Joel Guardianship 263
Bobo Simpson Will 3133
Bobo W. W. Will 515
Boerner F. C. Temp. Administration 2033
Boerner Fredrica Virginia Guardianship 4697

Bogan W. L. N.C.M. 229
Bogart W. F. Will 8663
Bogert Jacob Administration 1019
Bogert M. S. Will 8481
Boggeman F. J. Temp. Administration 8241
Boggess, Jr. Bennett B. Temp. Guardianship 8787
Boggs Mrs. Anna Will 4359
Boggs Elmo Temp. Guardianship 8360
Bohn J. M, Administration 1220
Bohning Mrs. Emma Will 8275
Bohning Wm. Will 3959
Boichuk Henry (Andre) Will 9049
Boicourt Mary Jane N.C.M. 1754A
Bolar John S. Guardianship 2381
Bolar Wilson Guardianship 9271
Bolenins Leo S. Administration 2000
Bolenus Leo S. Guardianship 1941
Boler Roumayne R. Hays Administration 2293
Boles, et al Frank Guardianship 2358
Boles Ona Guardianship 3844
Bolliger Verena Heirship 7833
Bomar David Will 5127
Bomar David Temp. Administration 5128
Bomar J. E. Will 2761
Bomar J. E. Temp. Administration 2774
Bond Benjamin Administration 270
Bondies George B. Will 3900
Bone Quintin Will 4234
Bone Wm. Administration 5136
Bonham, et al Spence Temp. Guardianship 9002
Bonner Alberta N.C.M. 269
Bonner, et al Otis Temp. Guardianship 9216
Booker, et al Josie Guardianship 1491
Bookser Albert Administration 1579
Bookser Eddie Guardianship 1610
Bookser (Minors) Guardianship 1586
Boon Albert N.C.M. 98
Boon D. B. Guardianship 532
Boone J. S. Will 5801
Boone John Administration 2052
Boorman Tom Administration 7596
Booth Dorothy Guardianship 7457
Booth Eva Guardianship 507
Booth Frank  Will 7593
Booth, et al Howard Guardianship 3877
Booth Landon Will 1148
Booth M. J. and P. G. Administration 2085
Booth Mrs. Minerva Guardianship 7352
Booth Mrs. Minerva Administration 7400
Booth Sidney Estil Guardianship 5666
Boothe M. Guardianship 69
Boothe, et al Robbie Guardianship 3017
Bordon H. D. N.C.M. 2807
Boren James K. Will 8745
Boren Jewel Temp. Guardianship 7395
Bossler Laura, Mary C., & Willie Guardianship 930
Bossler Martin L. Administration 715
Bostick Elizabeth Ann Will 7603
Bostick J. T. N.C.M. 2060
Bostick (Minors) Guardianship 2753
Bostick Newton C. Guardianship 2827
Bostick Richard N.C.M. 2951
Bostick Richard N.C.M. 2960
Boswell Della Comm. Administration 7135
Boswell Harriett R. Will 1736
Boswell John N.C.M. 1671-1673
Boswell Rebecca J. Comm. Administration 716
Boswell T. B. N.C.M. 2715
Boswell W. H. N.C.M. 768
Boswell Wm. Will 2821
Boucher James Will 8038
Bouldin, Jr., et al B. F. Guardianship 5872
Boulding Sam Guardianship 5534
Bourch John Administration 2226
Bourland E. A. Guardianship 4715
Bourland Etta E. Will 4602
Bouton Dee Guardianship 7146
Bouvel Wm. Administration 2831
Bouvet Mary Willie Guardianship 3281
Bowden Georgia Guardianship 92
Bowder George Guardianship 131
Bowen Ben Administration 9167
Bowen, et al Isabel C. Guardianship 4065
Bowen Mrs. J. F. Temp. Administration 4064
Bowen Russell S. Guardianship 5277
Bower, et al M. E. Guardianship 321
Bowie, et al Leo Guardianship 5963
Bowie N. B. Will 9219
Bowles Anna E.  Temp. Administration 7573
Bowles Clarence Milton Guardianship 3666
Bowles, et al Etta Guardianship 7093
Bowles J. C. Administration 7848
Bowles M. C. Will 4190
Bowles, Jr. Milton C. Guardianship 4191

Bowles O. C. Will 3470
Bowles Rosa P. Comm. Administration 2575
Bowles S. B. Guardianship 1905
Bowles Travis G. Administration 4974-4975
Bowlin Don and Ella Guardianship 832
Bowlin G. C. Guardianship 1368
Bowlin L. F. Guardianship 2352
Bowling J. D. Will 9261
Bowman, et al Amanda Guardianship 1879
Bowman Andrew J. Administration 3083
Bowman C. W. Will 4043
Bowman, et al Charles, Sudie, Katie, Guardianship 1879
Bowman Mrs. E. A. Will 9273
Bowman I. G. Will 3108
Bowman J. T. Administration 9319
Bowman J. T. and Mrs. J. T. Administration 9192
Bowman John A. Administration 1865
Bowman, et al Will H. Guardianship 3361
Boyd Coalman Will 913
Boyd Jessie Florence Heirship 3693
Boyd Joseph B. Will 3136
Boyd, et al Thelma Lou Temp. Guardianship 4405
Boydston T. M. Guardianship 5003
Boyer Sarah E. Will 8596
Boykin Dewitt Administration 8555
Boyle, et al Florence Cecelia Guardianship 5059
Boyle James Guardianship 99A
Boyle Rastus U. Guardianship 1740
Bracewell M. C. Temp. Administration 3748
Bracewell M. C. Administration 3775
Bracewell, et al Roland Temp. Guardianship 4088
Bracewell Ruth Elizabeth Will 5433
Bracewell Wm. J. Will 4802
Bracken Minerva F.& Thomas S. Administration 8970
Brackner John Guardianship 1398
Bradburn G. K. Guardianship 2924
Bradfield L. A. Comm. Administration 647
Bradford Ella Administration 8854
Bradford Jim F. Will 7729
Bradford Lottie Peace Will 9277
Bradford Lucile Guardianship 8848
Bradford (Minors) Guardianship 418
Bradley Annie M. Will 5408
Bradley B. J. Administration 1120
Bradley Horace Temp. Administration 4708
Bradley Jas. Court Order 60
Bradley Mrs. L. L. Temp.Perm. Administration 2213
Bradley Lee Guardianship 1023
Bradley M. T. Will 5984
Bradley Paul Administration 7689
Bradley Priscilla Administration 1291
Bradley Sarah Administration 46
Bradley Walter  Heirship 8149
Bradner J. W. Administration 70
Brady Mrs. Due H. Will 4364
Brady S. L. Temp. Administration 3103
Bragasias Jas. B. and Maria Guardianship 579
Bramlett Flora Comm. Administration 6085
Bramlett Luther F. Administration 9190
Branch Mrs. Susie Will 3830
Brandenburg Ella Guardianship 363
Brandon H. D. Administration 197
Brandon Mary S. Will 5803
Brandon S. S. Comm. Administration 5543
Branen Mrs. S. J. Will 8242
Branham Emma G. Will 5167
Branham Harris Parke Will 5510
Brann H.  Temp. Administration 4205
Brann H.  Will 4206
Brannon J. C. Temp. Administration 2329
Brannon J. W. Will 349
Brannon Mrs. M. E. Guardianship 1885
Brannon, et al Wilmer Temp. Guardianship 7814
Branom (Minors) Guardianship 348
Branson A. P. Guardianship 3059
Branson James Elliott Guardianship 19
Branson Margaret A. Will - Administration 8947
Branson, et al Ruby Edna Guardianship 2792
Brantley J. H. Will 2680
Brantley Wm. Guardianship 200
Braselton, et al Fal Guardianship 7302
Brashear J. P. Will 4860
Brashear Mary F. Will 4033
Bratton Mary E. Guardianship 4195
Bratton Thomas Will 5100
Brauer Caroline V. Temp. Guardianship 7572
Brauer R. C. Administration 7590
Bray Eva Pearl Guardianship 3085
Bray V. M. Administration 3084
Brazzel Irene Temp. Guardianship 3572
Bredow Charles Will 5076
Breed Joe Will 4650
Breed, Jr. Joe Guardianship 4651-4652
Breedlove C. Temp. Administration 2406

Breen Edward Guardianship 4916
Breen, et al John M. Guardianship 4029
Breen Sarah Guardianship 2093
Brenholts Bernard L. Guardianship 3099
Bretz Milton A. Administration 1801
Brewer Ada Guardianship 5730
Brewer C. P. Comm. Administration 8252
Brewster Mrs. C. C. Guardianship 2041
Brewster Claud Guardianship 4863
Brewster L. E. Comm. Administration 4223
Brewster Paul Guardianship 5590
Bridger Albert H. Guardianship 3032
Bridges A. A. Will 2691
Bridges Anna Belle Guardianship 7216
Bridges Olivia Guardianship 1644
Bridges, et al Thomas A. Guardianship 4236
Bridges W. G. Will 8098
Bridgman Elizabeth and John A. Guardianship 2500
Bridgman Elizabeth and John A. Receivership 2501
Brier Mary Eleanor Temp. Guardianship 6014
Brigance M. R. Temp. Administration 3492
Briggs Ruth  Guardianship 2896
Briggs Tilla Guardianship 210
Brinson Cal Administration 8036
Brinson Marcus W. Temp. Administration 4836
Brinson Thomas K. Guardianship 3771
Brinson Thomas Kinkle Temp. Guardianship 3170
Brister E. B. Temp. Administration 4803
Brister E. B. Comm. Administration 4831
Brister, et al Curtis Guardianship 5792
Britain Mrs. H. J. Guardianship 719
Britain W. C. Will 914
Britain Mrs. W. C. Guardianship 773
Britt Mrs. Ella M. Will 4586
Brittain B. F. Will 3838
Britton Ann E. Will 754
Britton  J. M. Temp. Administration 3487
Britton, et al Lucy N. Guardianship 588
Britton Margaret A. Will 5063
Britton T. M. Will 7988
Brizzolara Louis A. Administration 665
Broad, Jr. Charles S. Guardianship 8059
Broadley, et al John Luther Guardianship 8819
Brock Mary Eliza Will 1655
Brock Nora Rena Comm. Administration 1928
Brock, et al Ruby E. Guardianship 2971
Brocke James C. Will 3696
Brockman John Guardianship 222
Brockman, et al Mope Guardianship 5834
Brockmon John Guardianship 2130
Brockner Jno. Guardianship 2195
Brodie A. Temp. Administration 2170
Brodie Myrtle Guardianship 1475
Brodkey Charles Guardianship 7675
Brodkey Charlie Guardianship 5752
Broiles Francis W., H.S. Jr. Sallie Guardianship 1218
Broiles Sally Ann Guardianship 1372
Broiles Sally Ann Guardianship 1436
Brokaw, et al Effie E. Guardianship 3674
Brokaw Wilmot I. Will 3633
Brook  Joe Will 2566
Brook Joe Will 2566
Brook Nell Lois Guardianship 8720
Brook Nell Lois Guardianship 8720
Brooker W. H. Comm. Administration 1982
Brookmole Barney Guardianship 8160
Brooks Ben Temp. Administration 7855
Brooks Elbert Guardianship 8543
Brooks Emma Will 286
Brooks J. A. Administration 1525
Brooks Mary Will 1006
Brooks (Minors) Guardianship 287
Brooks N. C. Will 726
Brooks Mrs. Nancy E. Will 8629
Brooks R. L. Temp. Administration 5632
Brooks Robert H. Guardianship 4357
Brooks Thomas Guardianship 1791
Broom Roy Guardianship 3483
Browder Stephen Comm. Administration 2840
Brower Asher A. Temp. Administration 4351
Brower Lottie M. Will 4623
Brown A. C. Will 2859
Brown Alice Guardianship 227
Brown Alice T. Will 3964
Brown Augustus S. Guardianship 842
Brown Billie Guardianship 2869
Brown Byrdie Kennedy Will 4887
Brown C. M. Administration 1985
Brown Carl Guardianship 1534
Brown Charles B. Will 7191
Brown Charles E. Will 4212
Brown Charles M. Temp. Administration 1626
Brown Charlie Temp. Guardianship 8427
Brown, et al Clara Guardianship 3458

Brown, et al Clyde Temp. Guardianship 5926
Brown D. B. Will 3425
Brown Dave Administration 218
Brown Dora E. Temp. Guardianship 3579
Brown Mrs. E. A. Will 3446
Brown E. M. Will 2174
Brown Dr. E. P. Will 7222
Brown E. W. Administration 7705
Brown Edna Gertrude Guardianship 2412
Brown Elizabeth Guardianship 5017
Brown Elizabeth Guardianship 5828
Brown Elizabeth A. Will 5967
Brown Emma R. Guardianship 841
Brown Eula Temp. Guardianship 3923
Brown Flora E. Guardianship 3938
Brown George Temp. Guardianship 4821
Brown George Administration 8012
Brown H. P. Guardianship 53
Brown Harlan Guardianship 9201
Brown Harry Guardianship 614
Brown Hattie Comm. Administration 8711
Brown Hattie Guardianship 474
Brown Helen Guardianship 8674
Brown J. F. Will 8525
Brown J. H. Will 5269
Brown J. L. Will 7071
Brown J. M. Temp. Administration 5088
Brown J. M. Administration 8105
Brown J. O. and W. C. Guardianship 877
Brown J. W. Guardianship 2830
Brown James Guardianship 8661
Brown James B. Administration 282
Brown James H. Administration 1237
Brown Jas. M. Guardianship 2907
Brown Jerdaldine Guardianship 8710
Brown John Guardianship 354
Brown John A. Will 9150
Brown John K. Will 3939
Brown, et al John L. Guardianship 3500
Brown Joseph D. Will 8132
Brown Joseph H. Will 1021
Brown Joseph M. Will 1848
Brown, et al Leta Belle Guardianship 9149
Brown Lewis B. Guardianship 840
Brown Lizzie Will 650
Brown Mrs. Lois Temp. Administration 3802
Brown Louis Guardianship 2055
Brown Lucie D. Will 2930
Brown Lucy G. Will 4507
Brown M. E. Administration 2336
Brown, et al Maggie E. Guardianship 571
Brown Margaret  Comm. Administration 285
Brown Mary Guardianship 1039
Brown Mary Guardianship 8292
Brown Mrs. Mary Belle Guardianship 2025
Brown Mary Elizabeth Will 5986
Brown Mary May Guardianship 565
Brown Mattie Guardianship 787
Brown Milton E. Administration 2340
Brown Minerva Administration 8679
Brown Minerva Will 8680
Brown Mizpah Emily Guardianship 4749
Brown Monte O. Guardianship 277
Brown, et al Ollie Guardianship 5097
Brown Rachel Administration 8865
Brown Varner L. Guardianship 4850
Brown W. H. Temp. Administration 4894
Brown W. H. Will 7070
Brown, et al W. H. Guardianship 81
Brown W. H. H. Comm. Administration 8578
Brown W. T. Will 1073
Browne Mattie Guardianship 696
Browning James G. Guardianship 3957
Browning Myrtle Guardianship 5178
Brownlee Dorothy Mae Guardianship 8943
Brownlee Mary J. Will 9371
Broyles A. S. Administration 5316
Bruce Lavinia M. Will 37096
Bruce W. S. Comm. Administration 8631
Bruegmann, et al Dorothy Frances Temp. Guardianship 7790
Bruer H. Administration 350
Brummett Bertha Eva Guardianship 4024
Brundage Sophia A. Will 7500
Brunow R. Administration 1548
Brunson Joe Guardianship 223
Brush Lillian Comm. Administration 5768
Bryan B. N. Will 7641
Bryan, et al Fred Guardianship 7787
Bryan Mary E. Will 3087
Bryant Arrena Will 8602
Bryant George M. Will 8540
Bryant George M. Temp. Administration 8545

Bryant Mrs. Hester L. Will 8546
Bryant John Guardianship 272
Bryant, et al Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Heirship 4050
Bryler or Briler Susan Administration 3013
Brymer J. T. Guardianship 265
Bryson Andrew J. Will 5740
Bryson Mathew J. and Nellie Will 8212
Bryson Walter E. Comm. Administration 7617
Buchanan Harrison H. Guardianship 3051
Buchanan J. W. Guardianship 456
Buchanan Joseph Administration 176
Buchanan Ruth Ann Will 347
Buchanan Sue W. Will 7816
Bucher, et al Thelma R. Guardianship 5929
Buck H. B. Will 3590
Buck Jake R. Will 6095
Buckland, et al Willie Guardianship 7507
Buckley J. D. Will 5160
Buckley James H. Administration 1882
Buckner Dollie R. Administration 1320
Buckner Frank and Reuben Guardianship 1863
Buckner John Guardianship 1672
Buckner W. W. Will 5887
Bucy Anna L. Comm. Administration 5339
Bucy Dorothy M. Guardianship 5342
Buffalo James L. Temp. Administration 4414
Buffalo Luna May Temp. Guardianship 4504
Buhlert Mrs. M. J. Will 7150
Buhlert W. J. Will 7089
Bukma Cornelius Administration 7319
Bulgin Frank Temp. Administration 3627
Bullard Roxey A. Comm. Administration 2090
Bunch Adaline Guardianship 448
Bunn Lizzie Guardianship 1081
Bunting Allie W. Temp. Administration 3178
Bunting Howard S. Will 5727
Burbridge O. H. Administration 1310
Burch, et al Anna M. Guardianship 1875
Burch Fannie F. Guardianship 290
Burch Jessie C. Will 5959
Burchard Freddie and Minnie Habeas Corpus 912
Burchard Minnie Guardianship 1135
Burchard Minnie Guardianship 1486
Burdic M. W. Receivership 7494
Burdic M. W. Administration 7630
Burdick J. O. Guardianship 1037
Burdick Mary M. Administration 1058
Burford Bertha and Myrtle Guardianship 1970
Burford Nannie V. Guardianship 847
Burge Don Administration 8772
Burgess, et al Glen Guardianship 4442
Burgess J. W. Will 2042
Burgoon J. A. Comm. Administration 1080
Burgoon, et al Jessa C. Guardianship 1464
Burk C. H. Will 8005
Burk Charles Arthur Administration 8780
Burke, et al Hugh A. Guardianship 8937
Burke J. Y. Will 4865
Burke Mrs. L. Will 8412
Burkhart J. W. Will 5080
Burleson, et al Ruth B. Guardianship 7750
Burleson Selina Guardianship 3974
Burlison Jeff, John, and Marion Guardianship 20
Burnett Annie V. Guardianship 3953
Burnett Mary Courts Guardianship 3761
Burnett Mary Couts Inheritance Tax 8600
Burnett Roy Bruce Will 3906
Burnett, et al Royal B. Guardianship 3965
Burnett S. B. Administration 7594
Burnett Sam Administration 3825
Burnett Samuel Burk Will 7597
Burnett Turner and Ray Guardianship 2664
Burney Bessie Guardianship 2514
Burney W. L. Comm. Administration 108
Burns Ann Guardianship 1096

Burris Mrs. L. C. Guardianship 232
Burrough Sarah Will 9341
Burrus Mrs. M. L. Administration 7685
Burrus Maud Lillian Will 7728
Burrus Maud Lillian Temp. Administration 7779
Bursey Frances E. Will 958
Burton Clara L. Will 9230
Burton Cloe Comm. Administration 4372
Burton Emily Lary Guardianship 5158
Burton, et al Frederick C. Guardianship 8053
Burton George M. Temp. Administration 4965
Burton George M. Administration 4996
Burton Jesse Comm. Administration 316
Burton Lillie Louise Will 5719
Burton Lillie Louise Will 7901
Burton Mary F. Will 4508
Burton Minnie E. Will 4993
Burton P. J. Comm. Administration 7600
Burts Ann G. Will 4260
Burts Bessie G. Guardianship 4219
Burts Josephine Guardianship 3737
Burts Josie T. Will 8047
Burts Sallie H. Will 2269
Burts W. P. Will 1485
Bury, et al Katherine A. Guardianship 4114
Busby John Louis Will 4401
Busclark Claude C. Administration 6018
Bush, et al Frederick Guardianship 2601
Bush James P. Guardianship 3893
Bushong Clinton Guardianship 2956
Bushong G. E. Comm. Administration 2724
Busse Jack Morris Guardianship 3564
Bussey Wm. Will 3585
Butler A. L. and W. E. Guardianship 468
Butler Allen G. Guardianship 2063
Butler Anna E. F. Will 4777
Butler Henry Administration 268
Butler J. J. Guardianship 489
Butler Lillie and James Guardianship 852
Butler T. Administration 8804
Butler Thomas Administration 3411
Butler W. B. Will 7636
Butterworth Jno. M. Administration 3182
Butterworth Samuel Administration 3323
Butts Feriben J. Will 3302
Butts Nathan Administration 396
Butts Robert Guardianship 613
Butts W. A. Administration 7444
Butz H. J. Guardianship 3670
Butz John F. Administration 3669
Byas R. L. Administration 194
Byer Glaze Guardianship 3712
Byers A. T. Will 8384
Byers J. W. Will 9311
Byrne Henry Will 749
Byrne Jas. J. Will 654
Byrne Patrick Henry Guardianship 717
Byrstrom Birger Administration 8542

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