FWGS - Probate Records Index - A

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



A Certain Negro ? N.C.M. 870
A Chinaman ? N.C.M. 1557
Abbey Chester E. Will 7868
Abbott Ethel Administration 7187
Abbott Ethel Comm. Administration 7568
Abbott H. Will 3531
Abdelmessih Michael Administration 7756
Abdelmessih Michael Will 7759
Abel Catharine Will 2445
Abercrombie W. H. Administration 1119
Abercrombie W. W. Administration 1117
Abernathy J. T. Will 5237
Abernathy, et al Vera Guardianship 3847
Able Mrs. Kate C. Administration 1077
Abner Ned Administration 8082
Abrams J. T. Will 7272
Abston Mable Guardianship 1855
Abston Mabel J. Guardianship 2551
Accola Johanna E. Will 4370
Aceves Magdalena Guardianship 9373
Acker Walter Will 5977
Ackley George Guardianship 5129
Acton Claude Guardianship 5530
Acton Vera Guardianship 8363
Adamik Lazell Guardianship 8479
Adams, et al Abner L. Guardianship 5879
Adams Alex Temp. Administration 1715
Adams Mrs. E. J. Temp. Administration 1815
Adams Frank Will 9233
Adams, et al Geo. E. Guardianship 2256
Adams J. B. Temp. Administration 4787
Adams J. M. Will 3440
Adams James Lawrence Guardianship 4483
Adams James Lawrence Guardianship 4549
Adams Jas. W. Will 4957
Adams, et al Jefferson Guardianship 506
Adams, et al Julia Guardianship 5108
Adams L. Temp. Administration 5972
Adams Mrs. Lillie Guardianship 124
Adams Lillie M. Guardianship 4958
Adams, et al Mark Guardianship 400
Adams Mark P. Administration 2595
Adams Mary L. Administration 7
Adams P. A. Will 3836
Adams Sammie O. Will 2834
Adams Thomas J. Will 9074
Adams W. A. Will 2252
Adams W. F. Administration 312
Adams William  Will 502
Adams Wm. A. Will 4135
Adams Wm. Henry Guardianship 6069
Adamson Jas. M. Administration 4210
Adamson John Administration 1704
Adcock H. W. Guardianship 2399
Addison Mary R. Will 5522
Aden Jim Guardianship 179
Aden Margaret M. Administration 9179
Adkin Jim Guardianship 180
Adkinson (Minors) Guardianship 1530
Adkinson W. F. Guardianship 2918
Agnew W. S. Will 4666
Aird Robert Temp. Administration 3695
Aitken Ellen Comm. Administration 2104
Aitken J. S. Will 2143
Aitken, et al Lilly Guardianship 2139
Akers George W. Will 8573
Akers Lula Guardianship 1891
Akin Clarry N.C.M. 2642
Akin Mrs. D. R. Will 3641
Akin M. E. Guardianship 269
Akin S. L. Administration 3793
Albies Bilag Administration 1024
Albrecht Rosalie Will 2137
Albright Frank Temp. Administration 3094
Albright Miss Sallie Temp. Administration 2916
Alderman E. J. Will 4686
Alderman Elizabeth J. Temp. Administration 4678
Alderman J. W. Will 3600
Aldredge Lois Hobson Guardianship 9297
Aldridge Alice M. Will 7396
Aldridge Clara Comm. Administration 8386
Aldridge, et al Hazel Temp. Guardianship 8494
Alexander B. T. Temp. Administration 4857
Alexander Derutia S. Will 7006
Alexander, et al Geneva Guardianship 4310
Alexander J. H. Will 3620
Alexander J. P. Will 857
Alexander Lucile Temp. Guardianship 4005
Alexander Mrs. M. E. Will 4752
Alexander Mary Jane Will 7996
Alexander R. C. Administration 1993
Alexander T. H. Will 4704
Alexander Wm. T. N.C.M. 845
Alford James P. Will 2580
Alford Manerva C. Will 2580
Alkire W. M. Administration 118
Allan Walter E. Temp. Guardianship 3924
Allen A. Administration 769

Allen Albert Guardianship 2784
Allen Bessie Guardianship 270
Allen Caroline Will 5723
Allen Carrie Guardianship 280
Allen Corrine Guardianship 5773
Allen Edward and John Guardianship 1166
Allen Elizabeth Ann Administration 7312
Allen, et al Grace May Guardianship 8477
Allen Harriet Administration 2144
Allen I. Administration 7778
Allen J. H. Guardianship 2510
Allen, et al J. W. Guardianship 9107
Allen James A. Will 4069
Allen James W. Comm. Administration 4329
Allen May Temp. Guardianship 7763
Allen Minnie Guardianship 8608
Allen Richard Guardianship 977
Allen Mrs. S. C. Temp. Administration 5352
Allen Mrs. S. C. Administration 5353
Allen, et al Theodore Guardianship 8478
Allen W. R. Administration 508
Allen, et al W. W. Guardianship 503
Allen Walter G. Comm. Administration 5642
Allen, et al Walter G. Temp. Guardianship 5729
Allen William B. Will 9308
Allibone A. D. Temp. Administration 1093
Allison, et al Arlean Guardianship 7263
Allison Bessie Comm. Administration 7170
Allison S. W. Comm. Administration 738
Allyn E. H. Temp. Administration 5584
Allyn, et al Lucille Temp. Guardianship 7233
Alpert Abraham Will 5918
Alpert Joseph Temp. Administration 7452
Alread W. H. Comm. Administration 3328A
Alsip Ada Temp. Guardianship 3908
Alsup Leo F. Administration 8024
Alsup Leo F. Administration 8027
Altenam Louise Will 1580
Alverson Dora N.C.M. 1576
Alverson H. B. Administration 3634
Alvord Julius Will 1824
Amamm Charles A. Guardianship 2634
Amaro, et al Felice Guardianship 5331
Ambler E. T. Will 8154
Amis C. A. Will 8237
Amos Charles Edwin Will 8940
Anderson A. F. Temp. Administration 6028
Anderson, et al Allie E. Guardianship 1523
Anderson, et al Alvin Guardianship 5561
Anderson Andre J. Guardianship 1264
Anderson Annie Parker Will 7997
Anderson Audrey Guardianship 9223
Anderson Bernie L. Will 4045
Anderson Mrs. Celia Temp.Perm. Administration 2491
Anderson Mrs. Cordelia Will 7393
Anderson E. N. Administration 7289
Anderson Edwin Temp.Perm. Administration 8632
Anderson Forest M. Guardianship 2578
Anderson Fred N. Temp. Administration 6086
Anderson Ida N.C.M. -Guardianship 5020
Anderson J. D. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5019
Anderson J. H. and Harriett Guardianship 95
Anderson Joseph Will 1682
Anderson, et al Lewis Guardianship 6077
Anderson, et al Louis Guardianship 6055
Anderson, et al Marvin Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8796
Anderson Mary N.C.M. 2552
Anderson Mary Virginia Will 3441
Anderson Myra N.C.M. 990
Anderson Neil P. Will 4002
Anderson, et al Neil P. Will 4045
Anderson Mrs. Pearl N.C.M. 205
Anderson Pleas Temp. Administration 7723
Anderson Robert Will 7654
Anderson, et al Robert F. Guardianship 5425
Anderson Ruby Guardianship 9255
Anderson Mrs. S. J. Will 2991
Anderson, et al Thomas Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8795
Andrews Allen L. & Hassie Martin Temp. Administration 5181
Andrews Allen L. & Hassie Martin Administration 5213
Andrews Anna M. Comm. Administration 846
Andrews Annie Comm. Administration 1284
Andrews Annie Will 9316
Andrews B. F. Will 1367
Andrews C. H. Will 3826
Andrews D. E. Will 7892
Andrews Mrs. D. R. Guardianship 125
Andrews Ella Will 9269
Andrews Ernest L. Will 3912
Andrews Fannie M. Will 8758
Andrews H. C. Receiver 6001
Andrews Ione Guardianship 1321
Andrews J. A. Administration 7706
Andrews J. B. Comm. Administration 1173
Andrews John G. Temp. Administration 4727
Andrews John S. Will 4513
Andrews Mrs. Louisa F. Will 1642
Andrews Marlea Mary Guardianship 4732

Andrews Mary Offuttadams Will 9313
Andrews Mattie Florence Guardianship 7458
Andrews N. B. Will 208
Andrews, et al Ruth Guardianship 6071
Andrews Wm. B. Temp. Administration 5182
Andrews Wm. B. Administration 5214
Angel E. O. Comm. Administration 595
Angel, et al Sarah E. Guardianship 495
Annen, et al Fred Temp. Guardianship 3808
Annen, et al Louise Guardianship 5788
Annen Will Administration 5560
Anthoney Mary M. Temp. Administration 8572
Anthony, et al Clara Guardianship 3426
Anthony F. D. Comm. Administration 5622
Anthony W. F. Comm. Administration 3396
Appleby George N. N.C.M. 2376
Appleton, et al Pauline Guardianship 2745
Arbuckle Mrs. Rosa M. Will 5703
Armstrong A. T. Guardianship 5781
Armstrong Frances D. Guardianship 7510
Armstrong Frances Day Guardianship 8190
Armstrong Horace Cameron Temp. Administration 3727
Armstrong J. B. Will 2914
Armstrong Joe Administration 9245
Armstrong, et al Lewis Guardianship 2556
Armstrong Mrs. M. A. Temp. Administration 4765
Armstrong Mrs. M. A. Administration 4828
Armstrong Matilda M. Will 7702
Armstrong O. W. Will 4701
Armstrong Mrs. Sarah Administration 1070
Arnold George N. Temp. Administration 5348
Arnold George N. Will 5348
Arnold John N.C.M. 1254
Arnold Laura I. Guardianship 779
Arnold Masie Guardianship 3966
Arnold Price Administration 7108
Arnold Stella Guardianship 1056
Arter W. R. Will 4288
Arthur Henry Guardianship 3356
Arthur Tishia N.C.M. 252
Artie Jeffie Guardianship 7469
Artz, et al Clara Etta Guardianship 8070
Arwine Dan Will 755
Asberry J. Will 423
Asberry Mary Ida Lee Administration 1703
Asbury J. W. Administration 193
Ash G. W. Will 2205
Ash Nettie Will 3904
Ashbrook ? Guardianship 2592
Ashburn S. A. Guardianship 305
Askew, et al Lela Guardianship 2404
Astler William F. Administration 7611
Atchison Ed Administration 7740
Atkins J. E. Guardianship 4425
Atkins R. H. Will 5871
Atwatter Matilda Guardianship 2364
Atwell, et al Edward Guardianship 7747
Atwell L. H. Will 4809
Atwell Matilda Guardianship 2415
Atwood, et al Audett Guardianship 7137
August Larry Guardianship 4673
Austin Clarence C. Guardianship 761
Austin David Preston Comm. Administration 6049
Austin, et al Dorothy Guardianship 5688
Austin Mrs. M. M. Administration 5515
Austin W. H. Temp. Administration 4211
Avery Allen P. Guardianship 1477
Avett G. W. Will 5472
Avett, et al George Guardianship 4541
Awalt, et al George M. Temp. Guardianship 4099
Awalt Sallie E. Will 4081
Axelrad, et al Grace Guardianship 8685
Axline J. W. Guardianship 376
Ayers  Birder Heirship 9275
Ayers, et al Mattie Guardianship 2809
Ayres B. P. Comm. Administration 469
Ayres B. P. Will 3662

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