Unknown Cemetery, Dilley

This cemetery is adjacent to the Dilley Community Hospital, 200 Block of West Miller St.

Perhaps this cemetery was named the "Darlington Cemetery," which was the town's name until 1896 when it was officially changed to Dilley?

Directions: Traveling on IH 35 South, get off on Exit 84 and take a left. This will take you to the Community Hospital (Grave Site) Note: This Community Hospital was constructed in 1950.

Believe that at one time this was a large cemetery (approximately 1.50 acres) in size. Perhaps larger if comments received from others are true. There were only 22 graves that could be found with most of them enclosed with the "old time" Iron Fences. The few that were not enclosed with a fence had a significant head stone. Believe there are many more graves at this site because of the distance and locations of the graves we found. However since there were no more markers or stones we will never know. There is a "Helicopter Pad" in the middle of this graveyard which is used when there are medical emergencies at the Dilley Community Hospital.  Inventory and Photos of these graves were collected by Joe Taffola, and John Hawley on 3-31-2004. Of the graves we found, the first known burial was December 1895, And the last was April 1968. The names on the graves that we found are as follows:

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Mrs. F.M. Rumfield, b. 12-2-1868, d. 2-25-1907

James Mayes (Brother), b. 12-17-1877, d. 7-18-1906

J. A. Gravell, b. 3-31-1867, d. 12.2.1920

Harris Annie, b. 3-23-1842, d. 3-31-1931, and William b. 12-4-1831, d. 2-9-1907

A.J. Spruill, b. 12-26-1843, d. 12-31-1904  [Company B, 9th Miss. Btl, Confederate States of America] Note: This grave is eligible for a Historic gravestone marker.

Ada Evelyn Wernette, b. 3-20-1903, d. 2-16-1907

Mills, H.H., b. 1-13-1820, d. 1-15-1906 and M.A., b. 5-8-1825, d. unknown

Sallie Finch, b. 1862, d. 10-25-1919, Age 57

Willie Ebner Finch, b. 7-27-1887, d. 2-17-1904

J.W. Buckow, b. 8-10-1810, d. 12-22-1895

Lovenia DeWoody, b. 6-1-1888, d. 4-25-1968

Minerva DeWoody, b. 6-25-1886, d. 3-25-1941

T.V. DeWoody, b. 12-17-1850. d. 5-8-1937

Lydia DeWoody, b. 11-28-1874, d. 3-18-1920

Hattie DeWoody, b. 10-12-1862, d. 7-22-1906

James DeWoody, b. 12-28-1883, d. 7-13-1906

Billie, b. 4-25-1897, d. 7-1-1903, and Minnie Scroggs, b. 12-2-1892, d. 12-31-1902

M. M. DeWoody, b. 12-31-1853, d. 2-2-1940

Dorothy Patteson, b. 5-7-1911, d. 1-1-1912 (No photo of this grave)

Anyone having any information about this unknown cemetery please contact the County Coordinator so it can be documented, so the information will not be lost to future generations. Some of you may have relatives buried there which we can't identify. This situation is not caused from willful neglect; but either the family died out, and/or the descendants (two or three generations removed) live far away.

The overall condition of this cemetery is acceptable. It appears that someone cuts the grass every so often -- perhaps the city of Dilley? However, the grave sites, within the fences, etc are in deplorable condition; an indication that they are not being maintained by relatives or friends. The dirt at one grave site has sunk in a foot or more, indicating the coffin has deteriorated and the dirt has fallen into it. This grave site definitely needs a dirt fill.

Other comments we have received about this cemetery.

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