Moore Cemetery

Moore Memorial Cemetery


The Moore Memorial Cemetery is located in Moore, Texas on Highway 462 East toward Bigfoot. The cemetery was founded in 1896. The cemetery plaque (1970) reads: "First public burial ground in community. Before its founding people were buried in private plots, church cemeteries, or in public graveyards outside the precinct. In 1896, Mose Veith deeded five acres of land for use as a community cemetery. Interred here are pioneers and men who fought in Indian battles, WWI and WWII and other major conflicts. Moore was named for early Texan, R. B. "Mustang" Moore, who lived on a small creek near here. In 1861, he was killed by Comanches. The town was first named Moore Hollow.

This cemetery was surveyed by Linda Howard in 1999. Additional information submitted by Sharon McNary, August 2013.

Name Born Died Comments Notes
Aaron, Annie Mary 11-7-1896 7-31-1969   Next to Emmett Charles Aaron
Aaron, Emmett Charles 11-28-1892 1-18-1982   Next to Annie Mary Aaron
Allen, Buford W. 1-10-1910 No date Married 10-17-1927 Children: Evelyn, Jo, Boonie, Toad and Janet Next to Janie W. Allen
Allen, Elmer W. 3-14-1902 4-17-1984 �Father� and �Gran� Married 7-8-1930 Next to Mary J. Allen
Allen, Janie Lucille No date No date Married 6-24-1946 Children: John, Pamela, James, Marie, Wilma and Jay Next to John Carl Allen, Sr.
Allen, Janie W. 12-22-1912 6-29-1997 Married 10-17-1927 Children: Evelyn, Jo, Boonie, Toad and Janet Next to Buford W. Allen
Allen, Jeffrey Scott 6-21-1963 10-12-1989 �In loving memory, Kim" Married 3-26-1989  
Allen, John Carl Sr. 10-16-1910 3-24-1992 Married 6-24-1946 Children: John, Pamela, James, Marie, Wilma and Jay Next to Janie Lucille Allen
Allen, Marilyn Nester 8-3-1943 5-5-1978    
Allen, Mary J. 4-26-1912 7-23-1996 �Mother� and �Granma� Married 7-8-1930 Next to Elmer W Allen
Allen, Mary Viola 10-20-1907 10-21-1907 �Daughter of J.R. and? Allen� Difficult to read
Allen, Nina 1884 1974 �Mother�  
Andrews, Addie G. 2-9-1902 11-24-1980 �Mother� Next to Lucien O. Andrews, born 10-31-1879
Andrews, Carol A. 1936 1996   Small funeral home marker (Porter Loring).
Andrews, Darlene 3-22-1926 2-26-1988 �Mother� Married 6-29-1944 Next to Lucien O. Andrews, born 6-19-1922
Andrews, Lucien O. 10-31-1879 9-1-1949 �Father� Next to Addie G. Andrews
Andrews, Lucien O. 6-19-1922 2-12-1989 �Father� Married 6-29-1944 Next to Darlene Andrews
Andrews, Michelle Denise 11-1-1967 5-29-1995 �1 love you� American sign language and Special Olympics emblems Small funeral home marker (Porter Loring); on same plot as headstone. 1967 - 1995.
Andrews, Rebecca G. 3-1-1853 6-1-1949 �Mother� Next to William E. Andrews
Andrews, Scott Allan 1968 1995
Small funeral home marker (Porter Loring).
Andrews, William E. 4-30-1847 11-23-1929 �Father� Next to Rebecca G. Andrews
Baker, John W. 9-12-1906 8-31-1993    
Bartek, Ella Mae 11-29-1920 11-19-1988 �Mother�  
Beard, C.E. 5-30-1848 2-28?- 1902   On same monument with J.T. Beard
Beard, J.T. 5-4-1875 2-17-1902   On same monument with C.E. Beard
Beasley, Thera Conover 6-22-1920 8-12-1982 �Sister� Next to Ben Frank Conover
Beck, Bobby Christian 5-3-1955 11-30-1984    
Biediger, Aug. 6-16-1849 12-7-1930   Shares headstone with Catharine Rihn Biediger
Biediger, Catharine Rihn 9-25-1857 9-2-1919 Wife of Aug. Biediger Shares headstone with Aug.Biediger
Biediger, Ed 1879 1932 �Father� Next to Naomi Biediger
Biediger, Ferdinand W. 1883 1969   Next to Mary Ola Biediger
Biediger, Joe Burton 11-3-1908 10-25-1994   Next to Mary Alice Biediger
Biediger, Lottie 12-13-1917 1-22-1922    
Biediger, Mary Alice 4-10-1911 4-12-1977   Next to Joe Burton Biediger
Biediger, Mary Ola 1884 1968   Next to Ferdinand W. Biediger
Biediger, Naomi 1881 1968 �Mother� Next to Ed Biediger
Biediger, William Moss 2-16-1907 3-25-1983    
Biles, Elbert B. 1893 1980   Next to Virginia Biles
Biles, Virginia 12-2-1892 4-25-1954   Next to Elbert B. Biles
Bippert, Charles Frederick 11-20-1908 3-16-1994 Married 12-28-1932 Next to Ethel Conover Bippert
Bippert, Ethel Conover 2-22-1910 11-19-1984 Married 12-28-1932 Next to Charles Frederick Bippert
Bippert, Fred Robert 124-1877 7-12-1959 �Woodmen� and �Father� Next to Rosa Obets Bippert
Bippert, Rosa Obets 12-4-1882 12-23-1941 �Woodmen,� �Mother� and �Wife of Fred R.� Next to Fred Robert Bippert
Blackwell, Albert G. 6-8-1855 6-5-1930   Next to Teresa Ann Norris Blackwell
Blackwell, Eula Mae 1919 1980 �Age 62� Small funeral home marker
Blackwell, Lottie May 5-11-1887 11-27-1957 �Mother� Born Anderson, Texas Next to Paul Bunyan Blackwell
Blackwell, Otto 10-9-1893 3-4-1916    
Blackwell, Paul Bunyan 10-8-1882 No date? �Father� Born Raleigh, Mississippi Next to Lottie May Blackwell
Blackwell, Teresa Ann Norris 2-12-1854 4-5-1934   Next to Albert G. Blackwell
Bneden, Thomas A. 1873 1969 �Father� Next to Eliza Jane Brieden
Bomba, Boniface D. 5-14-1892 1-30-1965 Married 9-26-1917 Next to Louise B. Bomba
Bomba, Louise B. 9-23-1896 2-13-1984 Married 9-26-1917 Next to Boniface D. Bomba
Bourgeois, John W. 1940 1999   Small funeral home marker (Porter Loring)
Boyd, Inez Loraine 8-29-1906 3-3-1943 �Mother�  
Brandt, Joe Day 1-19-1909 12-2-1988   Next to Mary Brandt
Brandt, Mary 10-22-1908 7-30-1988   Next to Joe Day Brandt
Braun, Fred Charles 11-26-1883 6-2-1954 �Father� Next to Ollie M. Harrison Braun
Braun, J. George 10-25-1837 10-29-1926   Next to Mary Braun
Braun, Mary 2-21-1854 2-25-1929   Next to J. George Braun
Braun, Ollie M. Harrison 2-28-1885 6-10-1928 �Mother� Next to Fred Charles Braun
Braun, Otto George 5-15-1875 10-14-1929 �Uncle�  
Brewer, Audrey Conover 11-26-1942 10-4-1995 Married 12-3-1967 Children: Nora Lynn, James B. and Suzanne E. Next to James Leo Brewer
Brewer, James Leo 1-19-1930 No date Married 12-3-1967 Children: Nora Lynn, James E.and Suzanne B.USAF and Bell System emblems Next to Audrey Conover Brewer
Brieden, Cecil Leonard 1928 1971 �Son�  
Brieden, Eliza Jane 1891 1973 �Mother� Next to Thomas A. Brieden
Brown, A. Cossette 2-24-1919 3-8-1998 Married 6-1-1946 Next to Charles F. Brown, Sr.
Brown, Baby Boy 1938 1938   1938 only date on the headstone; assume child was born and died in the same year.
Brown, Charles F. Sr. 7-28-1917 No date Married 6-1-1946 Next to A. Cossette Brown
Brown, Deborah 5-5-1870 12-7-1953 �Aunt Debbie�  
Brown, E.C. Sr. 10-7-1827 2-25-1917 �Father�  
Brown, Edward C. 6-2-1856 5-25-1904 �Father�  
Brown, Ernest C. 7-2-1896 3-14-1964 Tx PFC G141 InfWWI Ph  
Brown, Frances I. 7-20-1868 5-4-1906    
Brown, Mary E. 3-9-1835 6-1-1904 �Mother�  
Brown, Mary Jane 4-20-1857 4-4-1950 �Aunt Mollie�  
Brown, Robert C. 3-18-1901 2-10-1930    
Brown, William O. 8-5-1850 5-5-1934 �Uncle Bill�  
Buck, Thaddeus Farr 10-11-1889 7-22-1910 �Son of A.T. and Leada Buck� and �Born in Lexington Miss�  
Byrd, Evelyn Ricord 7-9-1951 No date Married 6-5-1970 Next to Richard E. Byrd
Byrd, Richard E. 10-20-1945 No date Married 6-5-1970 Next to Evelyn Ricord Byrd
Carroll, Walter Grady 2-22-1965 6-16-1997 �Our beloved son-brother�  
Ciavarra, Bernell Bomba 10-12-1924 6-27-1993 �Mother� and Children: Joe, Barbara, David and Michael Next to John Joseph Ciavarra
Ciavarra, John J. 12-2-1919 7-30-1990 SSgt US Army WWII Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for John Joseph Ciavarra
Ciavarra, John Joseph 12-2-1919 7-30-1990 �Father� and Children: Joe, Barbara, David and Michael Next to Bernell Bomba Ciavarra
Clifton, Billie Jo Conover 1-12-1922 4-7-1991    
Cochran, Addie Mae 3-15-1896 12-24-1990   Next to James Leslie Cochran, Sr.
Cochran, Cruce 1901 1975   Male. Double-headed headstone - No name on other side of headstone, for wife or husband. Grave is in front of Cude/Winters graves.
Cochran, Evart Batie 1-19-1887 1-19-1957 Tx Pvt 30 Co 165 Depot Brigade WWI  
Cochran, Frances R. 10-29-1870 2-26-1941 �Mother� Next to James S. Cochran
Cochran, James Leslie 7-18-1891 1-16-1964 Tx Pvt US Army WWI Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for James Leslie Cochran, Sr.
Cochran, James Leslie Sr. 7-18-1891 1-16-1964   Next to Addie Mae Cochran
Cochran, James S. 3-4-1861 1-4-1942 �Father� Next to Frances R. Cochran
Cochran, Marcos Frank 10-22-1898 12-1-1955    
Cochran, Max V. S 1/c 1923 1942 Member of US Naval Flying Forces  
Conover, Ben E. 3-18-1882 6-18-1955   Next to Minnie Lee Conover
Conover, Ben Frank 12-6-1926 7-22-1982 �Brother� Next to Thera Conover Beasley
Conover, Benjamin Franklin 8-13-1858 12-6-1938 �Woodmen� Next to Virginia Catherine Conover
Conover, D. Katherine 1893 1994 Married 6-29-1919 Next to William O. Conover
Conover, Edith May 5-7-1884 11-28-1903 �Daughter of B.F. and J.C. Conover�  
Conover, Edna C. 6-10-1889 1-31-1975   Next to George W. Conover
Conover, Edwin Ray 4-29-1911 1-3-1984 Married 10-5-1940 Children: Edwin W. and Audrey E. Next to Nora Ware Conover
Conover, Fred N. 5-31-1909 10-19-1995    
Conover, Fred N. 5-31-1909 10-19-1995 PFC US Army WW1I Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Fred N. Conover
Conover, Freddie Marvin 1-5-1886 4-29-1959 �Woodmen� Next to Nannie Harris Conover
Conover, George W. 12-21-1888 5-7-1948   Next to Edna C. Conover
Conover, Hallie M. 11-20-1911 12-21-1997 Married 11-17-1945 Next to Kenneth C. Conover
Conover, Kenneth C. 8-2-1912 12-18-1995 Married 11-17-1945 Next to Hallie M. Conover
Conover, Minnie Lee 10-30-1884 3-23-1947   Next to Ben E. Conover
Conover, Nannie Harris 2-15-1883 2-16-1967   Next to Freddie Marvin Conover
Conover, Nora Ware 5-6-1920 11-14-1989 Married 10-5-1940 Children: Edwin W. and Audrey E. Next to Edwin Ray Conover
Conover, Virginia Catherine 4-12-1862 10-26-1918   Next to Benjamin Franklin Conover
Conover, William O. 1895 1970 Married 6-29-1919 Next to D. Katherine Conover
Conover, William O. 5-21-1895 10-29-1970 Tx Sgt Co A 132 MG BN WWI Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for William O. Conover.
Cook, J.W. �Wiley� 11-14-1909 11-30-1992 �Rancher,� �Builder� Married 2-8-1934 �Beloved parents of Janet, Nancy, Donna and Butch� Next to Kathryn E. Moore Cook
Cook, Kathryn E. Moore 11-7-1914 4-9-1991 �Homemaker� Married 2-8-1934 �Beloved parents of Janet, Nancy, Donna and Butch� Next to J.W. �Wiley� Cook
Cornelius, Eddie Mae 11-18-1922 No date Married 7-29-1939 Next to Johnnie R. Cornelius
Cornelius, John C. 5-22-1941 6-26-1968 Capt. US Air Force Vietnam
Cornelius, Johnnie R. 8-8-1915 No date Married 7-29-1939 Next to Eddie Mae Cornelius
Cote, D.E. 10-1-1926 No date   Next to Rae Milam Cote; family headstone.
Cote, Rae Milam 10-1-1931 No date   Next to D.E. Cote; family headstone.
Cox, Veda Outlaw 1911 1972    
Crain, Amanda Lovania 1861 1954   Next to Philo Mason Crain
Crain, Effie Eugene 4-14-1890 5-29-1936    
Crain, Henry Wilson 1895 1980    
Crain, John Wilson 3-11-1935 4-1-1935 �Baby�  
Crain, Philo Mason 1860 1948   Next to Amanda Lovania Crain
Cude, B.E. 11-16-1876 7-9-1913   Next to Lou J. Winters Cude
Cude, Benjamin F. 1-7-1874 11-3-1940 �Father� Next to Lena Cude
Cude, Bessie Frances 7-9-1905 7-18-1978   Next to Jack G. Cude
Cude, Infant Daughter 12-25-1904 12-25-1904 �Infant daughter of B.F. and Lena Cude�
Cude, Jack G. 11-19-1888 4-17-1971   Next to Bessie Frances Cude
Cude, James Edmond 1896 1951    
Cude, Lena 10-12-1875 8-11-1962 �Mother� Next to Benamin F. Cude
Cude, Lou J. Winters 2-7-1882 6-19-1970   Next to B.E. Cude
Cude, N.W. 6-3-1854 2-11-1908    
Cunningham, Callie W. 8-8-1894 6-18-1975   Next to James H. Cunningham
Cunningham, J.H. �Happy� Jr. No date 3-5-1976 �Age 58� Small funeral home marker
Cunningham, James H. 8-23-1890 1-5-1959   Next to Callie W. Cunningham
Davidson, Daisy Lorene 10-5-1904 12-5-1906 �Daughter of W.H. and Kate Davidson� There are 2 headstones for this person that read exactly the same; one is older than the other.
Davidson, Frances Maria 12-22-1898 2-28-1989    
Davidson, Julia Elizabeth 10-24-1908 4-5-1909 �Daughter of W.H. and Kate Davidson� There are 2 headstones for this person that read exactly the same; one is older than the other.
Davidson, Kate Thompson 2-7-1875 9-12-1954 �Mother� Next to Willis Henry Davidson
Davidson, Willis Henry 7-29-1874 5-11-1957 �Father� Next to Kate Thompson Davidson
Deckert, Dellas B. 10-26-1899 4-28-1955   Next to F. Elizabeth Deckert
Deckert, F. Elizabeth 8-24-1909 8-30-1988   Next to Dellas B. Deckert
Delbrail, Baby (Boy) 7-4-1941 7-16-1941 �Son of Lester and Edith Delbrail�  
Delbrail, Lester M. 6-24-1908 1-28-1987 �Daddy�  
DeYoung, Charles H. 6-17-1897 3-25-1949    
Dickinson, Eliza Lee Thorp 6-22-1872 10-13-1968   Next to Lee Dickinson
Dickinson, Frank 8-10-1913 12-17-1988 SSgt US Army WWII  
Dickinson, Lee 7-16-1863 6-7-1950   Next to Eliza Lee Thorp Dickinson
Dickinson, Martin 3-12-1912 11-13-1989    
Dubose, Altha L. Brieden Whitwell 4-12-1925 5-6-2009 Married 1-26-1961 Next to Raymond Clyde Dubose - obit
Dubose, James Obie 1-7-1896 12-11-1971   Next to Ruth Naomi Dubose
Dubose, Raymond Clyde 12-12-1919 4-10-1987 Married 1-26-1961 Next to Altha L. Brieden Dubose
Dubose, Ruth Naomi 1-9-1897 8-16-1967   Next to James Obie Dubose
Dubose, Wade Leslie 8-25-1970 2-17-1979 �Our Leslie�  
Duncan, Ben F. 7-2-1871 5-3-1959 �Father� and �Woodmen� Next to Pearly D. Duncan
Duncan, Fred 8-14-1881 2-12-1926   Next to Kate Duncan
Duncan, Ida 2-1-1882 10-27-1966 �Mother� Next to Jess Duncan
Duncan, Jess 2-28-1877 10-4-1956 �Father� Next to Ida Duncan
Duncan, Kate 5-19-1887 No date   Next to Fred Duncan
Duncan, Pearly D. 5-16-1872 11-13-1957 �Mother� Next to Ben F. Duncan
Dunlap, Arch 6-28-1880 4-16-1937 �Daddie� Next to Eudora Ellen Dunlap
Dunlap, Arch Frank 7-28-1906 8-1-1932 �Brother�  
Dunlap, Clifton 1-25-1909 6-21-1932    
Dunlap, Eudora Ellen 8-13-1874 10-9-1937 �Mamma� Next to Arch Dunlap
Dunlap, Faye Marie 2-16-1918 3-14-1918 �Baby�  
Dunlap, Howard 10-28-1898 3-15-1930    
Dunlap, Irving 1-5-1905 1-20-1959    
Dunlap, James 10-29-1897 1-3-1898    
Dunlap, John H. 6-9-1869 9-15-1942   Next to Lucy A. Dunlap
Dunlap, Laura Lee 11-15-1933 9-27-1992 �In memory of our Mother� Next to Leroy Dunlap
Dunlap, Leroy 1935 1995   Small funeral home marker. Next to Laura Lee Dunlap
Dunlap, Lucy A. 12-15-1881 7-5-1963   Next to John H. Dunlap
Dunlap, Lula M. 2-11-1897 10-30-1976 �Mother� Next toW. Cleve Dunlap
Dunlap, Marrian Lafayette 9-26-1877 10-11-1918 �Woodmen�  
Dunlap, Robert 1837 1917 �Father� Next to Sarah D. Dunlap
Dunlap, Sarah D. 1845 1919 �Mother� Next to Robert Dunlap
Dunlap, W. Cleve 11-7-1885 1-14-1941 �Father� Next to Lula M. Dunlap
Dyal, Wilda Lanell 9-22-1924 11-11-1974    
Earp, Hattie Jane 5-9-1926 10-11-1992 Married 3-6-1943 Next to Jordan Clarence Earp
Earp, Jordan Clarence 6-29-1924 1-11-1992 Married 3-6-1943 Next to Hattie Jane Earp
Edwards, Eliza 3-22-1838 5-7-1922 �Mother� Next to L.J.W. Edwards
Edwards, John T. 5-12-1901 3-16-1954    
Edwards, L.J.W. 10-12-1828 1-31-1913 �Father� Next to Eliza Edwards
Edwards, Levi 12-3-1872 4-4-1953 �Father� Next to Lula Edwards
Edwards, Lula 8-12-1877 6-10-1965 �Mother� Next to Levi Edwards
Edwards, Theran R. 3-23-1910 11-25-1934    
Ellison, Adeline 12-16-1859 4-11-1943   Next to S.C. Ellison
Ellison, Al 2-28-1888 8-5-1966   Next to Velma Ellison
Ellison, Beauford Ray 6-8-1908 5-13-1910 �Son of M&M S.C. Ellison�  
Ellison, Chris 12-29-1885 12-14-1912 �Woodmen�  
Ellison, Dollie Loessberg 10-7-1910 No date   Next to Samuel Edward Ellison
Ellison, Eugene L. 1-21-1909 12-25-1970    
Ellison, Gladys M. 5-27-19 17 No date �Cap and Dolly� Next to Martin C. Ellison, born 3-5-1914
Ellison, John W. 10-3-1875 11-5-1918    
Ellison, Julia H. 12-12-1883 7-20-1959   Next to Martin C. Ellison, born 9-23-1877
Ellison, Martin C. 9-23-1877 4-24-1967   Next to Julia H. Ellison
Ellison, Martin C. 3-5-1914 7-3-1992 �Cap and Dolly� Next to Gladys M. Ellison
Ellison, Powell 12-15-1908 5-14-1910 �Baby� and �Age 17 months�  
Ellison, S.C. 3-11-1856 9-23-1905   Next to Adeline Ellison
Ellison, Sam C. 10-15-1883 12 15 1928    
Ellison, Samuel Edward 6-8-1906 12-22-1941   Next to Dollie Loessberg Ellison
Ellison, Tennie I. Orena 3-9-1905 2-16-1908 �Daughter of S.C. and A.C. Ellison�  
Ellison, Velma 2-2-1892 12-17-1973   Next to Al Ellison
Essary, Farrel L. 2-10-1920 4-21-1923    
Essary, Geoffrey W. 7-8-1891 10-14-1970   Next to Rosella Essary
Essary, Henry 11-1-1871 8-23-1917 �Father� Next to Maggie Essary
Essary, John H. 3-13-1925 No date   Next to Lydia J. Essary
Essary, Lydia J. 12-3-1933 No date   Next to John H. Essary
Essary, Maggie 10-25-1870 6-27-1914 �Mother� Next to Henry Essary
Essary, Rosella 1-1-1900 5-1-1963   Next to Geoffrey W. Essary
Fargason, Cloud Odell 11-25-1918 7-25-1981 Married 11-15-1941 Children: Nadine, David and Catherine Next to Jewel Viola Fargason
Fargason, Gwen P. 8-21-1949 11-26-1998 �Age 49� Small funeral home marker
Fargason, Harding M. 3-3-1920 8-9-1961 Tx Pvt Co A 777 Mil Police Bn WWII  
Fargason, Jewel Viola 8-30-1923 No date Married 11-15-1941 Children: Nadine, David and Catherine Next to Cloud Odell Fargason
Fargason, John Evens Sr. 1864 3-13-1937 �Father� Next to Julia Cloud Fargason
Fargason, Julia Cloud 1886 4-3-1973 �Mother� Next to John Evens Fargason, Sr.
Fargason, Millie 10-19-1917 5-23-1999 �Age 81� Small funeral home marker
Faw, Joyce A. Dubose 6-1-1919 12-20-1980    
Ferguson, A.O. 6-14-1858 5-21-1926 �Father� Next to Eliza Ferguson
Ferguson, Austin 3-6-1931 5-16-1998   Next to Ruby Ferguson
Ferguson, Ben R. 5-26-1925 6-9-1925    
Ferguson, Benjamin D. 6-14-1891 12-2-1959 Tx Pvt Btry C 345 Field Arty  
Ferguson, Bettie F. 8-8-1869 6-16-1960   Next to William T. Ferguson
Ferguson, Edward B. 7-26-1891 4-28-1922 �Woodmen�  
Ferguson, Eliza 3-25-1868 6-14-1948 �Mother� Next to A.O. Ferguson
Ferguson, Hatty Blackwell 8-24-1885 4-8-1929 �Mother� and �Wife of J.C. Ferguson� Next to James C. Ferguson
Ferguson, Hester Ellen 11-12-1924 3-9-1970 Married 1-19-1940 Next to Jesse Woods Ferguson
Ferguson, Homer K. 1-16-1903 10-15-1930    
Ferguson, James C. 2-28-1887 5-31-1963 �Father� Next to Hatty Blackwell Ferguson
Ferguson, Jesse Woods 6-24-1915 7-24-1984 Married 1-19-1940 Next to Hester Ellen Ferguson
Ferguson, Laura 6-11-1935 No date Married 6-11-1987 Next to Maxwell Ferguson
Ferguson, Lillie Mae 8-27-1879 6-4-1984    
Ferguson, M.N. �Pat�, Sr. 1900 1993   Next to Velma E. Ferguson
Ferguson, Machen 1908 1983 �Son� and �Husband� Small funeral home marker on same plot as headstone, for Machen O. Ferguson
Ferguson, Machen O. 8-23-1908 2-2-1983    
Ferguson, Maxwell 4-8-1934 No date. ** See military plaque for Maxwell Fergus Married 6-11-1987 Next to Laura Ferguson. Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Maxwell Ferguson
Ferguson, Maxwell, Jr. 1934 1988 Cpl US Marine Corps Korea On same plot as headstone for Maxwell Ferguson
Ferguson, Muriel L. 2-8-1905 9-26-1988 �Mother-wife-friend� Next to Machen O. Ferguson
Ferguson, Ruby 2-15-1935 No date   Next to Austin Ferguson
Ferguson, Thomas G. 3-21-1889 12-24-1961    
Ferguson, Velma E. 1899 1986   Next to M.N. �Pat� Ferguson, Sr.
Ferguson, William A. 12-24-1892 8-28-1918 �Woodmen�  
Ferguson, William T. 9-15-1856 7-8-1930   Next to Bettie F. Ferguson
Finney, Dennis H. 7-2-1947 4-21-1994 �Beloved son, husband and father�  
Fitch, Agnes 9-11-1883 8-6-1969    
Forester, Charles James 6-22-1867 7-2-1943   �Forester,� on front of headstone and �West� on back of headstone. Next to Lula Forester West
Forester, Edmund Beall 9-30-1920 1-24-1996   Next to Norma L. Crooks Forester
Forester, Edmund Beall 9-30-1920 1-24-1996 MSgt US Air Force WWII Korea Soldier�s Medal Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Edmund Beau Forester.
Forester, Lula Forester West 12-4-1885 10-7-1962   �Forester� on front of headstone and �West� on back of headstone. Next to Charles James Forester (1st husband?)
Forester, Norma L. Crooks 1-15-1921 No date   Next to Edmund Beau Forester
Forester, Walton Brown 11-12-1905 4-29-1922    
Fritsche, Vida G. 10-21-1910 7-5-1939    
Gaston, Donna 8-30-1905 2-11-1908 �Daughter of ? Gaston� Could not read because of moss.  
Gentry, Mark H. 10-14-1959 4-2-1976 �Beloved son of Betty and John�  
Geyer, Edmund F. 2-1-1921 1-8-1976 Tec 3 US Army WWII Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Edmund Ferdinand Geyer, Jr.
Geyer, Edmund Ferdinand Jr. 2-1-1921 1-8-1976 Married: Sunday 7-20-1947 Children: Margaret, Donald, Leonard and Edmund III Next to Helen Mann Geyer
Geyer, Helen Mann 3-13-1928 No date Married: Sunday 7-20-1947 Children: Margaret, Donald, Leonard and Edmund III Next to Edmund Ferdinand Geyer, Jr.
Glasscock, Alex Jr. 5-4-1919 9-15-1989 �Father� Next to Gladys B. Glasscock
Glasscock, Gladys B. 9-4-1920 No date �Mother� Next to Alex Glasscock, Jr.
Glasscock, Troy Jerome 6-29-1963 5-16-1990   Next to Kenneth Jones
Goodson, Roy L. 9-8-1932 12-19-1963 Tx Cpl US Army Korea SS and OLC  
Gordon, Foster A. 5-1-1917 No date Married 1-23-1943 Next to Martha J. Love Gordon
Gordon, Martha J. Love 8-15-1926 No date Married 1-23-1943 Next to Foster A. Gordon
Gray, Bertha Bippert 6-25-1905 3-21-1976    
Hall, Charles 11-15-1928 No date   Next to Faye Milam Hall; family headstone.
Hall, Faye Milam 10-1-1931 No date   Next to Charles Hall; family headstone.
Hamson, Paul T. 7-17-1907 10-23-1980   Next to Georgie C. Harrison
Hardt, Dixie Lee 9-8-1936 2-3-1991 �Beloved daughter, sister and mother�  
Hargreaves, Marie M. 8-7-1907 9-19-1980   Next to William Hargreaves
Hargreaves, William 9-29-1895 3-1-1979   Next to Marie M. Hargreaves
Hargreaves, William Jr. 1895 1979 Cem US Navy WWI Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for William Hargreaves
Harris, Alfred E. 11-16-1910 No date -but there is a fresh gravesite �Our beloved Daddy� Next to Wilda B. Harris
Harris, Bill Sims 6-15-1891 7-9-1969    
Harris, George L. 2-7-1887 1-24-1960 �Father� Next to Mamie L. Harris
Harris, Hiram E. 6-20-1872 2-14-1950   Next to Maud A. Harris
Harris, J.R. (Dick) 12-18-1896 4-14-1974   Next to Rainer M. Harris
Harris, Mamie 5-22-1905 6-14-1906 �Daughter of C.E. and Emma Harris�  
Harris, Mamie L. 5-15-1899 12-24-1975 �Mother� Next to George L. Harris
Harris, Margie L. 1-6-1886 3-28-1978    
Harris, Maud A. 5-27-1876 4-7-1968   Next to Hiram F. Harris
Harris, Nannie E. 1850 1931 �Mother�  
Harris, Railer, M. 2-13-1897 10-13-1973   Next to J.R. (Dick) Harris
Harris, Wilda B. 2-12-1913 8-10-1979 �Our beloved Mother� Next to Alfred E. Harris
Harrison, Ben Cohen 5-11-1946 6-8-1946    
Harrison, Emily C. 1887 1956    
Harrison, George C. 11-5-1857 7-12-1953   Next to Mary C. Harrison
Harrison, George K. 10-12-1903 4-19-1986 Married 11-2-1937 Next to Lora D. Harrison
Harrison, Georgie C. 9-11-1910 4-7-1970   Next to Paul T. Harrison
Harrison, Gracie Jewel 7-13-1904 9-2-1917    
Harrison, Julia 7-17-1905 1-28-1906 �Our baby�  
Harrison, Lora D. 12-12-1917 2-25-1974 Married 11-2-1937 Next to George K. Harrison
Harrison, Lula T. 7-28-1881 6-3-1973 �Mother� Next to Paul K. Harrison
Harrison, Mary C. 5-28-1867 8-30-1943   Next to George C. Harrison
Harrison, Mollie J. 1863 1904 �Mother� Next to Thomas J. Harrison
Harrison, Paul K. 1-1-1883 1-3-1932 �Father� Next to Lula T. Harrison
Harrison, Thomas J. 1855 1954 �Father� Next to Mollie J. Harrison
Hemming, Helen Ruth Ferguson 4-15-1943 4-26-1983 �Ferguson� is on back of headstone  
Hennessey, Clarence Thomas 11-7-1908 1-18-1991   Next to Marian Teresa Hennessey
Hennessey, Marian Teresa 1-27-1912 No date   Next to Clarence Thomas Hennessey
Henson, Ben Frank 9-19-1947 7-14-1994   Small funeral home marker
Henson, Jepp 10-1885 3-1942    
Henson, Lucile C. 1911 1981   Next to Win. Frank Henson
Henson, Mollie Cude 1866 8-1949    
Henson, Tracey Lynn 8-25-1978 8-25-1978   There is only one date on this headstone.
Henson, Wilbur Clayton 3-24-1963 12-13-1981 �Beloved son and brother�  
Henson, Win. Frank 1908 1971   Next to Lucile C. Henson
Hicks, Fredrick W. 1-14-1937 5-15-1983 �Father�  
Hokit, Benjamin R. 3-15-1929 11-16-1954 Texas Cpl Artillery Korea  
Hokit, Rebecca D. 4-1-1905 4-19-1986   Next to Richard C. Hokit
Hokit, Richard C. 12-10-1895 9-24-1980   Next to Rebecca D. Hokit
Holstein, H. Dewitt 6-24-1896 5-29-1982   Next to Myrtle Holstein
Holstein, Myrtle 11-27-1897 8-2-1991   Next to H. DeWitt Holstein
Hunter, Ruth C. 3-16-1912 9-10-1929    
James, Eula Lee Fullerton 12-12-1878 6-22-1907 �Wife of F.W. James� A footstone reads �EU� Headstone actually reads, �Eula Lee Fullerton,� for her name.
Jay, Thomas Edwin 3-31-1932 11-10-1998    
Jensen, E.? 8-30-1848 3-16-1915    
Johnson, Elizabeth P. 2-16-18__ 2-15-1910   The last two digits of birth year never there.
Johnson, H.E. 11-24-1865 3-23-1924 Married 5-20-1891 �Early settlers and community leaders� Next to Lula Lee Johnson
Johnson, Kizzie Outlaw 12-25-1872 11-28-1958    
Johnson, Lula Lee 3-13-1866 1-24-1944 Married 5-20-1891 �Early settlers and community leaders� Next to H.E. Johnson
Jones, Aaron 6-13-1842 1-8-1923 �Father� Next to Sophia Jones Next to J. Otis Jones
Jones, Edith 1-1-1907 2-15-1970    
Jones, George F. 11-24-1918 No date   Next to Kathryn A. Jones
Jones, George F. Jr., �Bubba� 11-1-1950 3-14-1987    
Jones, J. Otis 1-26-1904 1-5-1988   Next to Edith Jones
Jones, Jerry 10-6-1926 9-17-1940 �Daughter of J.O. and Edythe Jones��  
Jones, Kathryn A. 9-26-1932 No date   Next to George F. Jones
Jones, Kenneth 12-1-1936 7-26-1964   Next to Troy Jerome Glasscock
Jones, Levie D. 2-7-1893 4-16-1983   Next to William E. Jones
Jones, Martha 2-4-1859 5-22-1953   Next to William E. Jones
Jones, Sophia 11-5-1848 2-7-1930 �Mother� Next to Aaron Jones
Jones, William E. 10-26-1882 1-28-1963   Next to Levie D. Jones
Joyner, Baby 6-14-1935 6-14-1935 �Son of L.A. and T.A. Joyner� Next to Teresa Ann Dunlap Joyner
Joyner, Teresa Ann Dunlap 4-1-1914 6-17-1935 �Sister�and�Wife of L.A. Joyner� Next to Baby Joyner
Kendrick, Charley Harold 8-2-1915 3-23-1992 Age 76 Small funeral home marker
Kennedy, Oliver 6-27-1897 5-14-1899 �Son of R. and Julia Kennedy�  
Kennedy, Robert 2-21-1896 2-27-1896 �Son of R. and Julia Kennedy�  
Kennedy, Robert A.J. 2-21-1896 2-27-1886   On same plot as Robert Kennedy.
Kinsel, Katie 12-7-1885 12-11-1892   Same headstone as T.W. Kinsel
Kinsel, T.W. 3-31-1880 10-30-1892   Same headstone as Katie Kinsel
Kirkwood, Edith W. 3-20-1908 3-23-1991 �Mother� Children; Janice, Buddy, Poppy, Betty, Billie, Laurel and Baby Boy I believe Edith was married to Lester M. Deibrail before she became Edith Kirkwood.
Klein, Goe 8-29-1827 12-29-19 16 �Husband of Lucinda D. Klein� Next to Lucinda Klein. (Believe this should be Geo. for George)
Klein, Lucinda 11-19-1844 10-8-1932 �Wife of Geo. W. Klein Next to Goe (George) Klein
Laird, Cathryn B. 1910 1974    
Laird, Elgar F. 1898 1986 �Katy�  
Lantzy, Ralph C. 2-20-1926 12-30-1996   Next to U. Joan Lantzy
Lantzy, Ralph Charles 2-20-1926 12-30-1996 Cpl US Marine Corps WWII Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Ralph C. Lantzy
Lantzy, U. Joan 8-29-1929 No date   Next to Ralph C. Lantzy
Lawson, Ida 11-7-1882 12-6-1967 �Mother�  
Lawson, Jerry Lee 3-10-1867 7-19-1952 �Father�  
Lawson, Roy William 7-9-1911 12-10-1993    
Lay, Harry W. 8-10-1894 10-15-1953 Tx Pvt Btry B 132 Field Arty WWI Next to Mary Thurmond Lay
Lay, Mary Thurmond 1904 1966   Next to Henry W. Lay
Lay, Sarah Moss 1868 1965   Next to Thomas H. Lay
Lay, Thomas H. 1936 1969    
Lay, Thomas H. 3-26-1859 8-1-1929   Next to Sarah Moss Lay
Lee, W.C. Mrs. 4-8-1829 3-2-1900 �Mother�  
Lester, Frank R. 2-2-19 14 5-25-1997    
Lester, Frank T. 12-24-1861 4-12-1934    
Lester, G. Jewel 12-4-1914 5-30-1998   Next to Owen E. Lester
Lester, Ione Oliver 1936 1997 Children: Beth and Lori Ann. Married 1956 Next to Winston Wayne Lester
Lester, Lula J. 11-23-1881 9-6-1967    
Lester, Owen E. 4-27-1911 7-23-1984   Next to G. Jewel Lester
Lester, Winston Wayne 1936 1985 Children: Beth and Lori Ann. Married 1956 Next to Ione Oliver Lester
Lewis, D.L. 1-10-1907 1-14-1928    
Lewis, Max 11-24-1908 2-28-19 12 �Son of A.L. and Mable Lewis  
Littleton, Beulah Cook 1925 1992 Married 9-14-1940 Next to Elmer W. Littleton
Littleton, Elmer W. 1920 No date Married 9-14-1940 Next to Beulah Cook Littleton
Littleton, Jay E. 1910 1987 �Pa� Next to Nellie Elizabeth Littleton
Littleton, Jay E. �Jay� Jr. 1933 1988    
Littleton, Nellie Elizabeth 1914 1972 �Ma� Next to Jay E. Littleton
Littleton, Ora C. 8-8-1891 1-28-1875   Next to Sam C. Littleton
Littleton, Sam C. 7-30-1890 10-19-1957   Next to Ora C. Littleton
Littleton, Sam C. 7-30-1890 10-19-1957 Tx Pvt Co H 359 Infantry WWI Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Sam C. Littleton.
Loessberg, Carol Joan 1956 1964 �Daughter� Six members on one headstone, died 1964
Loessberg, Daniel 1961 1964 �Sons� Six members on one headstone; died 1964.
Loessberg, Erwin E. 5-4-1905 2-10-1995 Married 8-17-1929 Next to Lois M. Loessberg
Loessberg, Lois M. 11-26-1909 8-9-1998 Married 8-17-1929 Next to Loessberg family headstone and Erwin E. Loessberg
Loessberg, Mark B. 1958 1964 �Sons� Six members on one headstone; died 1964.
Loessberg, Matthew 1962 1964 �Sons� Six members on one headstone; died 1964.
Loessberg, Robert E. Jr. 1955 1964 �Sons� Six members on one headstone; died 1964.
Loessberg, Robert E. Sr., Capt. 1933 1964 �Father� Six members on one headstone; died 1964.
Love, Edna 8-19-1897 8-28-1970    
Love, Elizabeth M. 8-12-1915 3-15-1917   There is an additional stone which reads �E M Love�
Love, Price 9-23-1889 6-19-1955    
Magill, Janice Delbrail 9-15-1942 2-27-1997 Children: Buddy, Terry, Brett, Bevan and Stacey  
Manor, W.A. 12-24-1823 12-26-1900 �Age 77 years and 2 days�  
Margan, Sannie 8-3-1866 4-23-1925   Next to J.L. Morgan
Massengale, Tennie 6-15-1879 5-3-1929 �Mother�  
McCain, Agnes Littleton 8-10-1907 3-1-1986 �Mama� Next to Imon P. McCain
McCain, Doyle B. 1-26-1925 2-14-1995 �Husband� Married 1-7-1950 Next to Ruth Oliver
McCain, Imon P. 10-1-1898 3-6-1992 �Daddy� Next to Agnes Littleton McCain
McCain, Ruth Oliver 5-8-1920 9-3-1989 �Wife� Married 1-7-1950 Next to Doyle B. McCain
McCalister, Charles Frank 10-27-1870 12-22-1954    
McCalister, Herman H. 1-14-1899 4-27-1969 Tx Tec4 318 Service Gp AAE WWI and WWLI  
McCarty, John Patrick Jr. 9-20-1920 4-9-1992 1st Lt US Army WWII  
McClean, Sammie K. 8-4-1943 12-30-1962    
McCulloch, Annie 12-12-1896 2-4-1923 �Beloved wife of A.W. McCulloch�  
McCulloch, Arthur Wayne 3-5-1887 10-28-1961    
McCulloch, Arthur Wayne 3-5-1887 10-28-1961 Tx Pvt 27 Co 165 Depot Brigade WWI Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Arthur Wayne McCulloch
McCulloch, David Curry 7-2-1939 3-15-1941 �Son�  
McCulloch, Dora L. 10-12?-1851? 3-13?-1935? �Mother� Difficult to read
McCulloch, Sandra Lynn 6-16-1952 5-18-1998 �Mother�  
McCullocli, Ben F. 8-20-1876 5-13-1944 �Woodmen�  
McMonagle, Charles 2-1-1853 11-20-1922    
McMonagle, Emma Renie 4-17-1863 5-19-1920    
McMonagle, Frances 3-31-1901 5-4-1901 �Daughter of Charles and Renie McMonagle�  
McMonagle, Francis M. 12-26-1904 2-23-1922    
McMonagle, Mary D. 9-12-1889 10-8-1898 �Daughter of Charles and Renie McMonagle�  
McWhorter, Edna Lee Mrs. 6-30-1909 9-12-1995 �Age 86� Small funeral home marker (Hurley)
McWhorter, Thurston R. 3-11-1932 1-30-1982 A3C US Air Force  
Meeks, Albert F. (Frank) 2-28-1893 11-26-1970   Next to Delta Mae Meeks
Meeks, Delta Mae 10-31-1902 08 Dec 1928 Death date supplied by family. Next to Albert F. (Frank)Meeks
Messec, Cecil Jr. 1-17-1931 11-26-1985 Married 12-24-1949 Next to Peggy Pruitt Messec
Messec, Peggy Pruitt 2-23-1932 No date Married 12-24-1949 Next to Cecil Messec, Jr.
Milam, Ellen 1885 1982   Next to O.E. Milam
Milam, Jas. F. No date No date 1st Sgt Co C 2 Ark Cav  
Milam, John 3-9-1934 No date   Next to Judy Laack Milam: family headstone.
Milam, John Franklin 1-15-1918 12-12-1954   Next to Lillie Clay Milam
Milam, Judy Laack 3-15-1941 No date   Next to John Milam; family headstone.
Milam, Lillie Clay 1-1-1914 No date   Next to John Franklin Milam
Milam, Loys O. 11-27-1906 8-7-1990   Next to Norma Weathers Milam; family headstone.
Milam, Norma Weathers 4-29-1912 No date   Next to Loys O. Milam, family headstone.
Milam, O.E. 1880 1926   Next to Ellen Milam
Miller, Frank Olin 1-12-1889 9-25-1962 Tx Sgt Co A 132 Machine Gun BN WWI Next to Ivy Sue Miller.
Miller, Ivy Sue 7-7-1906 7-24-1998 �Age 92� Small flineral home marker. Next to Frank Olin Miller.
Miller, Marcus Paul 4-25-1890 11-29-1903    
Miller, Robert Price 11-25-1944 12-1-1944 �Son of M&M V.R. Miller�  
Miller, Virginia Tyler 3-18-1896 11-30-1903    
Minica, Jeff Nelson 2-3-1888 7-29-1945 Tx Pvt 141 Field Arty 39 Div Next to Nancy A. Minica
Minica, Nancy A. 7-9-1894 12-24-1964   Next to Jeff Nelson Minica
Moore, Cook Easton 9-9-1887 12-13-1946   Next to Sadie Tilley Moore
Moore, Cook Easton Jr., �Cookie� 9-7-1937 4-25-1945    
Moore, Eula 1881 1921   Next to Jacob Moore
Moore, Herbert W. 1-19-1914 5-20-1972 �Woodmen� and Four sons - Herbert Neil, James W., John Franklin and Jack Easton Twin daughters - Ruth Marie and Ruby Mae Next to Ruby E. Dubose Moore
Moore, Jacob 1872 1925   Next to Eula Moore
Moore, Nettie 12-24-1878 5-18-1957    
Moore, Ruby E. Dubose 2-1-1917 No date Four sons - Herbert Neil, James W., John Franklin and Jack Easton Twin daughters - Ruth Marie and Ruby Mae Next to Herbert W. Moore
Moore, Sadie Tilley 8-31-1889 3-13-1950   Next to Cook Easton Moore
Morgan, J.L. 11-1-1851 3-28-1905   Next to Sannie Morgan
Mott, Albert Lee 5-17-1885 3-6-1942 �Husband� Next to Hattie Ella Mott
Mott, Hattie Ella 12-26-1887 1-9-1966 �Wife� Next to Albert Lee Mott
Oberlander, Howard 9-16-1936 2-29-1988 �Our loving Dad�  
Oberlander, Richard 4-13-1899 12-28-1964 �Our Daddy�  
Oberlander, Richard L. No date No date Pvt 1 Co Field Hosp Colo NG  
Obets, ____? K.? 1-17-1854? 11-13-1903? �Wife of ___ ? Obets� Difficult to read.
Obets, August 7-1-1885 6-15-1967    
Obets, Edgar 4-16-1896 4-23-1946 �Brother� Next to Frank Obets
Obets, Frank 1-23-1893 2-6-1951 �Brother� Next to Edgar Obets
Obets, Mary 9-26-1879 4-16-1964    
Obets, Willie P. 12-11-1883 11-24-1908    
Oliver, Claudie Elizabeth 10-13-1888 3-26-1985 �Mother�  
Oliver, Fannie 12-19-1858 7-21-1921 �Wife of John G. Oliver� and �Mother� Next to John G. Oliver
Oliver, John G. 1850 1927   Next to Fannie Oliver
Oliver, Robert Wallace 4-19-1880 6-14-1928    
Oliver, Thomas Hoskins 1-21-1894 3-13-1949    
Oppelt, James A. 9-4-1929 No date   Next to Laurel Delbrail Oppelt
Oppelt, Laurel Deibrail 10-2-193 5 No date   Next to James A. Oppeft
Outlaw, Addie 2-10-1880 4-28-1977   Next to Erskine Outlaw
Outlaw, Celestia E. 8-4-1838 5-18-1928 �Mother� Next to Young P. Outlaw
Outlaw, Erskine 12-18-1876 4-24-1939   Next to Addie Outlaw
Outlaw, Evart 2-3-1903 4-14-1985   Next to Inez Outlaw
Outlaw, Inez 12-28-1910 6-20-1995   Next to Evart Outlaw
Outlaw, Young P. 4-15-1817 8-18-1905 Born in Emanuel Co, Georgia Next to Celestia E. Outlaw
Park, Connie R. Milam 7-19-1909 No date Married 1-26-1929 Children: David Jr. and Polly Beehive on back of headstone Next to Raymond D. Park, Sr.
Park, Raymond D. Sr. 2-13-1908 No date Married 1-26-1929 Children: David Jr. and Polly Beehive on back of headstone Next to Connie R. Milam
Parker, A.C. (Cliff) 2-19-1906 9-1-1972    
Parker, A.L. (Shorty) 10-16-1904 7-9-1984    
Parker, Bonnie 2-25-1911 12-30-1986    
Parker, J.A. 4-18-1872 10-25-1903    
Pepper, Elvious 8-4-1911 12-3-1997 Married 8-27-1938 Children: John Morgan, Elvious Truett and Wanda Lanell Next to Letha Estelle Pepper
Pepper, Elvious �Truett� 3-7-1942 9-12-1997 �Dad� Married 10-9-1965 Children: Tina Sue, John Timothy and Theresa Lea Next to Nancy Sue Pepper
Pepper, Letha Estelle 9-25-1915 No date Married 8-27-193 8 Children: John Morgan, Elvious Truett and Wanda Lanell Next to Elvious Pepper
Pepper, Nancy Sue 4-18-1945 No date �Mom� Married 10-9-1965 Children: Tina Sue, John Timothy and Theresa Lea Next to Elvious �Truett� Pepper
Pepper, Wanda Lanell 6-22-1946 2-4-1998    
Phillips, Mary Frances Allie 4-18-1869 6-21-1940   Next to William Henry Phillips
Phillips, William Henry 10-12-1868 2-26-1941   Next to Mary Frances Allie Phillips
Pluminer, Faye Milam 10-13-1903 10-13-1991   Next to W.H. �Bill� Plummer
Plummer, W.H. �Bill� 3-27-1895 6-10-1985   Next to Faye Milam Plummer
Pruitt, William Sim, Sr. 6-27-1905 12-12-1995   Next to Peggy Pruitt Messec
Renfro, Daniel F. 10-23-1858 8-23-1911 �Father�  
Renfro, Katie B. 9-21-1890 4-20-1900 �Daughter of D.F. and M.E. Renfro�  
Ricord, Allen Ray 4-11-1955 3-30-1977 �Beloved husband of Karrie� Married 8-11-1974  
Riddle, Pete Jr 1-22-1938 6-11-2011   obit
Rollins, Ruby B. 10-27-1906 12-7-1985    
Saathoff, Charles A. 9-6-1922 9-25-1977   Next to Louise H. Saathoff
Saathoff, Charles Adolph 1922 1977 SSgt US Army WWH Military plaque on same plot as headstone, of Charles A. Saathoff
Saathoff, Infant Daughter 8-18-1949 8-19-1949 �Infant daughter of M&M Charles A Saathoff�
Saathoff, Louise H. 1-21-1927 No date   Next to Charles A. Saathofl�
Schumann, Bettye Evelyn 6-5-1933 6-14-1971    
Shepherd, Harold 1916 1991 Ssgt US Army WWII Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Harold Shepherd
Shepherd, Harold 10-29-1916 8-6-1991    
Snicker, Maurice E. 7-24-1950 9-17-1994    
Snicker, Roy L. 2-2-1925 12-31-1989 PFC US Army WWII Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Roy L. Stricker.
Stewart, Estelle Gentry 1909 1971    
Stewart, Evret W. 2-23-1886 5-11-1968 �Our Papa�  
Stricker, Maurice E. 7-24-1950 9-17-1994 BM3 US Navy Vietnam Military plaque on same plot as headstone, for Maurice E. Stricker
Stricker, Roy L. 2-2-1925 12-31-1989 Married 8-2-1947 Next to Wonda J. Stricker
Stricker, Wonda J. 4-12-1932 No date Married 8-2-1947 Next to Roy L. Stricker
Swearingen, Clara I. 1858 1914    
Tate, Arnetta 7-20-1907 3-10-1996    
Tate, Harold Glen 2-28-1920 5-30-1998   Next to Maxine Gray Tate
Tate, Maxine Gray 5-1 1-1923 No date   Next to Harold Glen Tate
Tate, Ralph Homer 1900 1972    
Tate, Ralph Homer Jr. 1-11-1923 5-26-1942 �Son�  
Terry, Madison Tyler 12-25-1996 12-27-1996 �Age 2 days� Small funeral home marker. Wooden name plaque, �Madison.�
Terry, Sarah A. 12-6-190 1 8-2-1992   Next to Thomas E. Terry
Terry, Thomas E. 9-28-1896 2-13-1978   Next to Sarah A. Terry
Thomas, Helen M. 1909 1910    
Thomas, Ila W. 1855 1936   Next to John J. Thomas
Thomas, John J. 1855 1955   Next to Ila W. Thomas
Thomas, Maud A. 1888 1958   Next to Rufus Watson Thomas
Thomas, Rufus Watson 1864 1951   Next to Maud A. Thomas
Thompson, Craig A. 3-14-1961 4-7-2013    
Thompson, Richard 7-28-1881 1-27-1898    
Thompson, W.A. 8-25-1859 2-1-1929    
Towey, Emelia 1-12-1842 3-12-1902 �Wife of Hugh Towey�  
Townsley, Corine Elizabeth 1930 2-16-1976    
Turner, Bobbie Allen 8-10-1935 No date Married 1-5-1956 Children: Barbara, Wesley and Billy Next to William Earl Turner, Jr.
Turner, William Earl Jr. 6-3-1933 11-3-1996 Married 1-5-1956 Children: Barbara, Wesley and Billy Next to Bobbie Allen Turner
Tyree, L.F. 12-18-1874 2-1-1910 �In memory of L. F. Tyree, by his son Commodore�
Vau an, James W. 5-17-1859 2-10-1906 �Father� Next to Parlee Vaughan
Vaughan, Edgar W. 2-11-1893 1-30-1918 �Brother�  
Vaughan, Parlee 5-2-1861 3-1-1917   Next to James W. Vaughan
Vaughan, Samuel L. 5-10-1897 12-21-1905 �Brother�  
Wade, Hattie 4-16-1863 8-31-1955   Next to J.D. Wade
Wade, Hubert 7-18-1887 No month or date, just 19 �Husband� Next to Irene Wade
Wade, Irene 2-25-1890 7-8-1941 �Wife� Next to Hubert Wade
Wade, J.D. 3-14-1861 5-15-1951   Next to Hattie Wade
Wadsworth, Dean A., Capt. 11-30-1930 10-8-1963 �Age 33� Small funeral home marker
Walsh, Kate Offer 5-23-1883 9-10-1971    
Watson, Charles Elbert 10-25-1901 9-21-1981 �We love you.� Son - Sgt John W. and twin daughters - Wanda and Charlene  
Weathers, Annie Belle 11-2-1892 6-11-1985 �A devoted wife and mother, a friend to all� Next to Shearrer A. Weathers
Weathers, Murel A. 8-18-1916 10-16-1917   Next to Ray M. Weathers
Weathers, Ray M. 1914 1936   Next to Murel A. Weathers
Weathers, Shearrer A. 3-6-1888 3-24-1975 �A loving husband, father and friend to all� Next to Annie Belle Weathers
Wells, Alva Richard 7-21-1897 5-27-1968   Next to Vina Anna Wells
Wells, Vina Anna 1-5-1904 3-2-1975   Next to Alva Richard Wells
Wight, Martha G. 1846 1904   There is a small stone on the same plot, �Laddie� -- her dog??
Williams, Scott �Scottie� 1-21-1886 6-20-1960    
Williamson, Elvira F. 10-28-1907 8-23-1996 �Mama� Next to Floyd D. Williamson
Williamson, Floyd D. 2-4-1902 9-2-1982 �Daddy� Next to Elvira F. Williamson
Winters, A.O. 2-16-1875 8-11-1899 �Wife of B.F. Winters� Next to B.F. Winters
Winters, Allie L. Brown 4-17-1879 10-2-1964    
Winters, B. Taylor 1-24-1847 8-16-1914 �Father� Next to Mary J. Winters
Winters, B.F. 2-4-1849 9-3-1907   Next to A.O. Winters and E.J. Winters (wives)
Winters, B.T. 8-12-1824 3-28-1901   Next to Mrs. T.A. Winters.
Winters, Bernie 2-14-1887 12-24-1925 �Wife of E.C. Winters� Next to Edgar C. Winters
Winters, E.J. 5-21-1854 10-5-1893   Next to B.F. Winters
Winters, Edgar C. 3-3-1888 4-28-1952   Next to Bernie Winters
Winters, Evelyn 1913 1914 �Infant daughter�  
Winters, H.A.J. 3-12-1858 11-6-1903    
Winters, Infant Daughter 1909 1909 �Infant daughter of Oscar and Ruby Winters�  
Winters, J.G. �Speedy� 6-17-1916 4-14-1992   Next to Marcelle Dion Winters
Winters, J.W. 10-20-1868 5-11-1940    
Winters, Jasper N. 10-16-1883 12-29-1951 �Father� Next to Mollie C. Winters
Winters, Jasper Newton Jr. 12-11-1912 12-23-1997 US Army SFC WWII Next to Mary Cloud Winters
Winters, Malisa Elender 11-9-1885 10-27-1918   Next to William Franklin Winters
Winters, Marcelle Dion 9-8-1929 No date   Next to J.G. �Speedy� Winters
Winters, Mary Cloud 1-16-1927 No date   Next to Jasper Newton Winters, Jr.
Winters, Mary J. 10-5-1847 10-1-1926 �Mother� Next to B. Taylor Winters
Winters, Mollie C. 3-2-1891 2-21-1966 �Mother� Next to Jasper N. Winters
Winters, Nancy E. 3-22-1877 5-20-1933    
Winters, Oscar R. 1-25-1887 3-18-1964   Next to Ruby H. Winters
Winters, Ruben 5-17-1915 12-6-1979 US Navy WWII  
Winters, Ruby H. 8-29-1884 1-19-1974   Next to Oscar R. Winters
Winters, Sarah S. 1887 1983 �Mother� Next to Wiley O. Winters
Winters, T.A. Mrs. 8-31-1829? 3-14-1896 �Wife of B.T. Winters� Next to B.T. Winters
Winters, Tiney W. 8-26-1933 2-23-1968 Sgt Co B 7 Cav 1 Cav Div  
Winters, Wiley O. 1885 1959   Next to Sarah S. Winters
Winters, William Franklin 2-11-1886 10-19-1918 �Woodmen� Next to Malisa Elender Winters
Winters, William Franklin Jr. 2-27-1913 6-2-1994 �Son�
Wofford, Clifton Earl �Cowboy� 1926 1986 �Son� Small funeral home marker. Wooden marker �Cowboy� 1926-1986; on same plot.
Wofford, Laura E. 11-28-1910 8-1-1964 �Mother� Married 12-2-1925 Next to Maurice S. Wofford
Wofford, Maurice S. 2-20-1903 1-30-1962 �Daddy� Married 12-2-1925 Next to Laura E. Wofford
Wood, William Dean �Denny� 7-18-1975 8-17-1979 Father � Travis Dean Wood, Mother � Thera Jeanice Conover. �Son�  
Young, Amanda 1848 1936   Next to Ben C. Young
Young, Ben C. 1862 1947   Next to Amanda Young