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01 Jan 2017

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05-15-2014 Added:   Texas Historical Markers Pages
04-10-2014 Updated:   All Floyd County Pages
04-07-2014 New County Coordinator - Larry "Joe" Reynolds
05-30-2007 Added:   Harmony School House photos - Photographs
03-03-2007 Added:   U.S. Senators for Texas & U.S. Rep. for Floyd County to Addresses
03-03-2007 Added:   Texas Governors from 1846 to the Present to Texas Government
03-03-2007 Added:   Texas Government
03-03-2007 Added:   Floyd County History
01-11-2007 Added:   Surnames - Anderson, McMannis, McMannus, Siddens, and Siddons
06-20-2006 Added:   1900 Floyd Co. Census - Dist. 1, E.D. 26 to Census Records
04-28-2006 Added:   1880 Floyd Co. Census - E.D. 194 to Census Records
04-28-2006 Added:   Floyd County Census Page
03-28-2006 Added:   Floyd County Query Page linked to Surname Index
03-28-2006 Added:   Surname - Battle
03-21-2006 Added:   Surnames - Courtney, Sanders, Shearer and Smith
2006 New County Coordinator - Clarissa Loyd


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