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    An Alternative Theory for the Naming of Windom, Texas

    Settle Store
    Parrish, Miles Alvin
    Parrish Family
    McDow Family
    Lee Family 
    Settle Family and Store
    Windom Graduating Class of 1932
          Windom is located on state highway 82 between Honey Grove and Bonham. Windom is known as the highest point in altitude between Texarkana and Fort Worth. Some say that the name of the town came from the the windy nature of the rolling plains. Others claim the town was named for a train conductor .
        Early settlers include families of:
             Nancy FITZGERALD
             Abraham McCLELLAN
             Jacob BALDWIN
             James DONALDSON
             Billy LONGMIRE
             and others
             These early settlers staked claims on land
        granted or sold to John BOLSER, Nancy FITZGERALD ,William PERRY, and Jeremiah PENNINGTON. The Texas & Pacific Railroad came through Windom in 1872 & these early settlers would sell meat, pies, cakes, butter, & eggs to the railroad workmen.
             In 1876-1877, the town was laid out in blocks based on the survey of John BOLSER. In 1890, the population was 100 residents. There was a post office run by J. F. STEELMAN who was also the rail agent for the rail station. Lumber could be purchased from B. J. CAGLE. The gin & grist mill were run by the HOOPER brothers. Doctor J. M NEEL tended to the
        injured and ill of Windom.
        There were two grocery stores run by the SMITH & SETTLE families. Windom was established in 1880 and incorporated in 1918. The first school was a one-room building built in 1884.
               The Baptist Church was built in 1886 & the first pastor was Reverend E. OWENS. Annie WRIGHT and Dr. George W WHITLEY were the first couple to be married there.
             The Presbyterian Church was built in the 1890's & remained until 1930.
            The Methodist Church was built in 1891 & the first pastor was Thomas LOWELL. Betty ROBERTSON and Wiley HULSEY were the first couple to be married there. The Christian Church was built about 1897 or 1898. Elizabeth "Lizzie" BALDWIN (Nancy FITZGERALD's grandaughter) and Fred WILLIAMSON were the first couple to be married there.

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