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The Ladonia Historical Preservation Society
Robardy Family
From Zelma Scroggins
Ladonia was the new home for descedants of a Frenchman.
Joe Charles Robardy (b. 1825), a native of France, and wife Arminda Robardy were parents of August, who married Thera Forshee; Josephine; Joseph, who was married to Lura Mitchell; a grand-son Alf Jr. lives in Bonham; Charles; Augustine, who married Dr. Charles Adair of Bailey and were parents of Joe T., and Gertrude, who married Charles D. Smith (children were Horace and Geraldine).

Robardey Family buried in the Ladonia Cemetery

ROBARDEY  Alf         Lot  236  IOOF         Sect 2B
4/1/1900 1956

ROBARDEY Alf Mitchell Jr.     Lot 236  IOOF          Sect 2B
5/6/1924 2/12/1999

ROBARDEY Arietta A.     Lot 205 IOOF           Sect 2B
w/o Porterfield Robardey (Jessie P. Robardey)
1905 7/5/1992

ROBARDEY  Arminda     Lot  148  IOOF         Sect 2A
w/o Charlie Robardey
7/18/1843 9/3/1906 

ROBARDEY August E.     Lot C  IOOF  F.R.     Sect 1
11/11/1882 3/15/1959

ROBARDEY Ben Edgar      Lot  148  IOOF         Sect 2A
12/7/1912 5/9/1993 
s/o Joe Hayden & Lura Mitchell Robardey

ROBARDEY Charles R.     Lot  320  P               Sect 4
s/o C. & Arminda Robardy
1/26/1869 6/10/1870

ROBARDEY        Lot  320  P                Sect 4
3 markers unreadable

ROBARDEY Charlie      Lot  148  IOOF         Sect 2A
9/7/1825 7/29/1892

ROBARDEY Jessie P. [Port]    Lot  205  IOOF         Sect 2B
1905 1968

ROBARDEY Joe H.      Lot  148  IOOF         Sect 2A
1865 1928

ROBARDEY Joe H.            Lot  205  IOOF         Sect 2B
1898 1952

ROBARDEY Johnnie Earl Hilliard    Lot 236 IOOF           Sect 2B
9/22/1917 8/29/2002

ROBARDEY Laine         Lot  44 - 1 IOOF      Sect 3
1901 1947

ROBARDEY Lodamy A.     Lot  320  P                Sect 4
d/o C. & Arminda Robardey
dates unreadable

ROBARDEY Lois Bradshaw     Lot  236 IOOF          Sect 2B
1903 - 1998

ROBARDEY  Lura       Lot  148  IOOF         Sect 2A
w/o Joe H. Robardey
1868 1943

ROBARDEY Maye R.     Lot  205  IOOF         Sect 2B
1899 1968

ROBARDEY Thira       Lot C  IOOF  F.R.    Sect 1
9/29/1885 5/22/1961


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