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Taylor Family Reunion, John L. Armstrong, Clarence Barnes,  James Robert Biard, Grandma Blat, Earl Clayton , Carl Coker, Mrs. T.J. Coonrod, Mrs. Emmet Cox, Jap Craig or Crain, Mrs. Julia Delaney, Mrs. Louisa Dodd, Oscar Everidge, Mr. R.L. Foster, Mrs. J.W. Fox, Mrs. Mary C. German, Ode Glass, Mr. Grimes, Mrs. J.D. Hardin, Mrs. S.M. Hanna, G.W.Harper, Mrs. Tom Herriage, J.T. "Tank" Hot, J.J.Jenkins, J.T. "Tank" Holt,  J.J. Jenkins, Mrs. Thomas Kincaid, Mrs. Joe Lawson, W.T. McGill, Eugene McKinzie, Mrs. Mollie Meredith, W.A. Orenduff, Mrs. William Roach, John W. Seals, T.M. Spurlin, James & W.Y. Steele, F.E. Tallent, Oscar Everidge, B.C. Vinson, P.B. Weeks, Rosa Lee White.


Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 9 Sept. 1919:  "REUNION of Taylor
Family in honor of Uncle Pate Taylor at Lowrey Residence": 
descendents of James Milton Taylor of Tennessee held reunion Sat. at
residence of Mrs. M.A. Lowrey on North Star St.;  J.M. Taylor was the
father of 12 children, 4 of whom settled in Texas; two brothers, the
late Frank K. Taylor and the venerable Peyton G. Taylor of Bonham
settled in Fannin Co.; brother  brother James settled in Hunt Co.,
another brother settled in Parker Co. who was the father of Dean T.U.
Taylor of the State University.; Mrs. James Bledsoe of Bailey and
Mrs. M.A. Lowrey are children of F.K. Taylor; Mrs. Dr. Boyd of Ector
is daughter of Peyton Taylor, the only living child of James M.
Taylor; Peyton G. Taylor is now one of the old men of Fannin Co.
having lived for 38 years near Taylorville and 22 yrs. in Bonham;
reunion inspiration of the younger grandchildren; dinner "a creation
in itself" was the work of Mrs. Lowrey

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 28 Oct. 1919:  John L. Armstrong
died at home of son George L. Armstrong near Ector, Sunday, 9 Oct.,
age 83; born Selma, Alabama 26 Nov. 1836; also resided in Oklahoma
for a time where his wife died; Confederate veteran; survivors:  R.W.
Armstrong,,A.H. Armstrong, Celeste; George L. Armstrong, Ector; Mrs.
W.A. Farrell & Mrs. J.H. Kendrick, Celeste; 7 children are dead;
services:  Methodist Church of Leonard, Rev. J.A. Thomas of Greenville & Rev. R.S. Kerr of Ector asst. by R.E. Porter (local pastor); Masonic rites; burial Leonard Cemetery.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 29 Aug  1919:  Clarence Barnes,
about 19, drown in Honey Grove natatorium sometime Thurs.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 8 Aug. 1919:  James Robert Biard
died Tues. at hospital in Oklahoma City; appendicitis; home in
Poteau, Oklahoma;  body to Bonham; services 1st Christian church;
buried Willow Wild;  2nd son of Eld. J.M. Biard, pioneer preacher of
Christian church in Texas in Lamar Co.; J.R. Biard born on farm ten
miles south of Paris 47 yrs. ago. To Bonham 1902; married Miss Lola
Truss, sister of Mrs. C.A. Wheeler; moved to Lamar Co. and stayed on
farm then he entered ministry; also lived and preached in Hugo and
other places in Okla.; survivors:  wife and son, mother Mrs. J.M.
Biard of Paris; one brother J.W. Biard of Biardstown; Mrs. W.R. Wood
of Paris and Mrs. Ashley Evans of Bonham. 

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 12 Sept.  1919:  "Bigbee News"
Grandma Blat of Lamasco died Tues. at home of Ben Medlin, home of

Abstracted from the "Bonham News 7 Nov. 1919:  "Town & Country News" 
Earl Clayton died, young man.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 14 Nov. 1919:  Carl Coker, age 8,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Coker, accidental gunshot, died Wed.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 16 Sept.  1919:  Mrs. T. J. Coonrod
of Leonard, over 80, taken to son’s home of H.A. Coonrod near Oakland.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 18 Nov. 1919:  Mrs. Emmet Cox died
Thurs. at Cache, Oklahoma of TB; sister of Mrs. Bud Pirtle of Bonham;
 Her mother resident of Petty was present; news received by J. M.
Lowrey ; Mr. Cox is uncle of Mrs. J.M. Lowrey.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 18 Nov. 1919:  "Leonard Graphic" 
Jap Craig died Wolfe City last Mon. of typhoid; son of Rev. & Mrs.
W.L. Crain; buried Wolfe City; survivors:  wife & 2 children.  [2
spellings of last name]

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 17 Oct. 1919:  Mrs. Julia Delaney,
widow of Henry (Ben) D. Delaney died at family home West 4th  this
a.m.; buried Willow Wild; born Julia Ann Pierce 24 March 1845 North
Carolina; to Texas 1852 with parents; married 13 Sept 1863; member
Cumberland Presbyterian Church; survivors 2 sons:  S.O. & C.L.
Delaney; 3 daughters:  Mrs. J.T. Nelms; Mrs. J.B. Taylor & Mrs. W. F.
Burnett all of Bonham.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 2 Sept.  1919:  Mrs. Louisa Dodd,
long time resident, died yesterday at home.  Husband "Col."; member
Baptist church ; mother of 5 girls & 2 boys, all living; services: 
Rev. I.E. Teague; buried Sunnyside; from "Savoy Star"

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 14 Oct. 1919: Oscar Everidge  and
F.E. Tallent died 11 Oct., train accident in M K & T yards at
Dennison, Texas; carpenters for the Katy; while carrying beam, switch
engine backed up for coal and hit them; families in Denison.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 12 Sept.  1919:  Mrs. R.L. Foster
died at Harrisonville, Missouri; age about 83; a pioneer of sw
Missouri; son is C.E. Foster of Bonham; survived also by a son in
Harrisonville & one in Republic, Kansas.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 29 Aug.. 1919:  "In Memorium" Mrs.
J.W. Fox died 21 Sept.; survivors 2 sons, 5 daughters.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 22 April 1919:  From "Trenton
Tribune" Joe D. Garland, age 70, died Wed., struck by Katy Flyer
(train engine); resided Pilot grove; survivors:  wife & several grown
children.  [GRAYSON CO.]

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 7 Oct. 1919:  Mrs. Mary C. German
died Altus, Okla.; mother of Mrs. Arledge; daughters:  Mrs. Jno. F.
Arledge of Bonham & Mrs. Nannie Wasson of Waco; services Eld F. W.
O’Malley; buried Willow Wild; was Mary C. Thompson born Cedar Co.,
Missouri, 23 Oct. 1838, age about 81; married Frank German 22 Sept.
1858; husband Confederate; to Texas after Civil War; lived also at
Anson & Snyder; husband died about 6 yrs. ago; other daughter:  Mrs.
J.R. Carter of Altus; mother of 7, 5 surviving including Frank German
of Bonham, John Z. G. of San Angelo; deceased sons:  Jim B. & W.T.
while family lived in West Texas; member Christian Church.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 18 Nov. 1919:  Ode Glass, age 30,
died Tues. at home near T & P depot of abcess in head; very tall and
reasonably stout; only son of Mrs. J.A. Glass; survivors:  mother,
wife & 3 children, 2 sisters:  Mrs. Granville Melton; Mrs. Virgie
Stewart of Oklahoma; member Baptist church; buried Sunnyside

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 28 Oct. 1919:  "Savoy Star"  Old
Mr. Grimes of south of town died Tuesday; buried Whitt Cemetery "in
the community where he lived".

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 23 Sept. 1919:  Mrs. J.D. Hardin
died Sun. at family residence West 6th; services Rev. Ernest Quick &
Rev. F.W. O’Malley; buried Willow Wild; Cora Morton Hardin was
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Morton; born 52 years ago this county,
10 miles south of Bonham, near White Rock; married 36 years ago to
J.D. Hardin; survivors:  husband and 2 sons:  Forrest of Globe,
Arizona & Jeff Jr. & 1 daughter Miss Winnie of Bonham; member Baptist

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 24 Nov 1919:  Mrs. S.M. Hanna died
at her home in Bonham Tues.; body shipped to Mt. Pleasant her former
residence; resident of Leonard for a short time after living in
Trenton; husband employee of J.W. Woolsey & Son; survivors:  husband
and 2 small children.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 24 Oct. 1919:  G.W. Harper of Hail
died Mon.; buried Providence Cemetery.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 19 Sept. 1919:  Mrs. Tom Herriage
of near Dodd City died Tuesday; buried Dodd City Cemetery.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 9 Sept.  1919:  J.T. "Tank" Holt
died at his home in Mineral Wells, (Palo Pinto Co.), Thurs.;body to
Honey Grove; many year citizen of Honey Grove; folks early pioneers &
hewas associated with many businesses there.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 3 Oct.. 1919:  J.J. Jenkins died
Wed. near Savoy, age 85; 60 yrs. in Texas with 50 at Savoy;
Confederate; member Christian Church; buried Savoy cemetery; services
Eld. F.L. Young of Paris, Texas. 

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 24 Oct.  1919:  Mrs. Thomas Kincaid
died Mon. Ravenna; buried Ravenna Cemetery  (IOOF Cemetery)

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 2 Sept.  1919:  "Danner Items" 
Mrs. Joe Lawson died Sat. at home in Lannius of paralysis; buried
Dodd City cemetery  Mention in issue of 9 Sept also.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 26 Sept. 1919:  W.T. McGill died at
home in nw part of Bonham this a.m.; poor health for last 20 yrs.;
born in Lee Co., Mississippi 15 Feb 1858; joined Baptist Church age
21, after hearing  Rev. McIntosh here joined Methodist church;
married Sherman, Texas 31 March 1895 to Miss Laura Newland whose home
was in French Lick Springs, Indiana; survivors:  wife, son Scott
McGill of Bonham and daughter Miss Ethel attending State Normal at
Denton; 3 other children deceased; farmer—"Thursday’s Favorite"

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 3 Oct. 1919:  Eugene McKenzie age 6
son of Mr. & Mrs. Dave McKinzie died Mon.; struck by auto Sun.;
buried Dodd City.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 16 Sept.  1919:  Mrs. Mollie
Meredith, age 76 years 7 months, 25 days, died 11 Sept. at home of
sister Mrs. Gains at Vernon, Texas.  Body to home of son Ed in
Bonham.  Had lived in Vernon last 2 yrs.; services 2nd Baptist
church, Rev. H. Fount Jones assisted by Rev. Tarpley & Ball; buried
Arledge Ridge Cemetery; born Georgia; to Fannin 1875 for 23 yrs
before move to Bonham; surviviors:  11 children:  6 sons: Joe of
Vernon, Walter & John of Dennison; Bacon of Paris; Ed & Homer of
Bonham; 6 daughters:  Lizzie Arledge of Bonham; Maggie Skeen and
Savannah Phillips of Knoxville, Tenn.; Mrs. Gains of Vernon; Callie
Cook of Oklahoma City; member of Baptist church since 19 yrs. old.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 11 Nov. 1919:  W.A. (Arba)
Orenduff, age 54, died Monday, Bonham; to Bonham 8 years ago from
McKinney; harness maker of Chas. Davis Hardware Co.: raised
Collin Co., resided Denison; father was pioneer settler of Collin Co.;
survivors:  wife and adopted daughter Mrs. Herbert Norman of Tulsa,
Okla.; brother Monroe Orenduff of Bonham Wholesale Grocery Co.; body
to Denison; services:  Rev. E.B. Fineter of McKinney & Rev. F.W.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 24 Nov 1919:  Mrs. William Roach of
Lane died in the sanitarium at Greenville, last Tues.; pioneeer; many
Leonard friends at funeral.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 21 Nov. 1919:  John W. Seals died
at home of brother J.T. Seals, on West 8 th; stroke; services:  Rev.
Ernest Quick of 1st Baptist church; buried Inglish Cemetery; born
Madison, now Iron, Co. Missouri 1832; to Bonham then to California
1849 (goldrush); Confederate in Duff’s Cavalry; never married;
survivors:  brother and a sister in Missouri; member Presbyterian

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 5 Sept.  1919:  T.M. Spurlin died
yesterday, Allen Hospital, stroke; taken to home of J.K. Platt;
services:  Rev. F. W. O’Malley; buried Willow Wild; to Texas from
Minden, Louisiana in late 1860’s; Confederate; back to La. then back
to Texas in 1870’s; mercantile business at Tulip as Pope, Spurlin &
Co.; age 77; never married; niece Mrs. Mendenhall of Plano; member
Baptist church.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 19 Sept. 1919:  Executor James
Steele of Randolph for estate of W.Y. Steele who died 3 Sept. 1919.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 14 Oct. 1919:  F.E. Tallent and
Oscar Everidge died 11 Oct., train accident in M K & T yards at
Dennison, Texas; carpenters for the Katy; while carrying beam, switch
engine backed up for coal and hit them; families in Dennison.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 9 Sept.  1919:  "Leonard News" 
B.C. (Uncle Bart) Vinson died at his home, nw of town Sun.; sudden.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 12 Sept.  1919:  P.B. Weeks died
Wed.; buried Willow Wild; born Morehouse Parish, Louisiana 10 July
1846; grew up on plantation; Confederate; spent most of life in
Monroe and Shreveport, La. until 1900; married 2 times; one son E.P.
Weeks of Jackson, Mississippi who is son of 1st wife; in 1880 married
Georgia Stockslager at Shreveport; she was native of Bonham; their 2
children:  Brevard P. & Miss Sadie Weeks; survivors also 1 brother
Capt. James C. Weeks, 1 sister Miss Adeline Weeks of Monroe, La.;
J.B. Walters, wife’s brother, lived with P.B. Weeks; member of
Methodist church.

Abstracted from the "Bonham News" 14 Nov  1919:  Mrs. Rosa Lee White
died at home of parents Mr. & Mrs. Jim Murphey of typhoid, 31 October


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