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McFarlands in Ladonia Cemetery
  • Cyrus Sylvester (Bose) & Susie M. Lee McFarland , parents of Ethel Verda & William S. McFarland

  • William S. McFarland

  • James (Jim) Franklin McFarland

  • Born August 9, 1847 in Fannin County, eldest son of A. Jackson and Artemissa Pence McFarland. Married Mary Jane Harper on February 4, 1872. Jackson deeded 176 acres to James, the start of his eventual 3000+ acres. Besides farming, James Franklin helped found the First National Bank of Ladonia, and served as President. He also joined with other farmers to organize the Pecan Gap Cotton Oil Company. He and Mary Jane joined the First Christian Church in Ladonia. Politically, he was a Republican, like his father and grandfather McFarland. Around 1915, he fell ill and went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where he was diagnosed with “pernicious anemia.” Died February 4, 1917 and buried in the McFarland Lot, Section 2 of the Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Mary Jane Harper McFarland

  • Born February 26, 1852 in Knight’s Prairie, Illinois to George Washington and Elizabeth Crook Harper, both natives of Tennessee. The Harpers moved to Texas at the start of the Civil War. They settled in Fannin County, near the Bartley Schoolhouse in 1863. She married James Franklin McFarland on February 4, 1872, and gave birth to ten children, nine survived to adulthood and all attended college. She died of a heart attack on October 31, 1935, and is buried next to her husband in the McFarland lot, Section 2 of the Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Nancy Elizabeth McFarland Fuller

  • Born October 23, 1874, second child of James Franklin and Mary Jane McFarland. Known as Bettie, she graduated from Kidd-Key College in Sherman and taught kindergarten. She married Horton Edgar Fuller in 1907 in the First Christian Church in Ladonia, gave birth to Edgar McFarland Fuller, who died at three months. She and her husband lived in Ladonia, next door to her mother on Mill Street. She died in July 3, 1931 and is buried next to her child and husband in the McFarland lot, Sect. 2, of the Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Horton Edgar Fuller

  • Born December 1, 1870 to Jordan and Minerva Fuller. He taught school and was a banker. He survived his wife by many years, but never remarried. He died in Honey Grove in 1962 and is buried next to his wife and child in the McFarland lot, Sect. 2, of the Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Edgar McFarland Fuller

  • Born October 1907 in Oklahoma to Nancy Elizabeth McFarland and Horton Edgar Fuller. Died a few months later on January 19, 1908 in Ladonia. Buried next to his parents in the McFarland lot.
  • Rutha Tennessee McFarland Graves

  • Born August 22, 1881, fifth child of James Franklin and Mary Jane McFarland. Known as “Tennie.” Graduated from Carlton College in Bonham where she studied painting under Mrs. Carlton. She worked at the bank and the Oil Mill and taught a Sunday School class at the First Christian Church before she married Henry L. Graves on Dec. 26, 1918, a widower with two sons. After his death in 1924 she moved to Dallas with the two sons. She suffered ill health and had frequent hemorrhages which required blood transfusions. She died Dec. 22, 1933 and is buried in the McFarland lot, Sect. 2, of the Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Henry Lee Graves

  • Born July 23, 1872 in Whitesboro, Texas. First wife was Mamie Nunn of Ladonia who he married on January 1, 1901. He was a merchant in Ladonia in the firm of Graves-Moore Co. They had two sons, Will Nunn and Henry Jr. She died in 1916 and he married Rutha Tennessee “Tennie” McFarland. He had a stroke on June 31, 1919 and the next Easter he was baptized at the East Dallas Christian Church. He died May 31, 1924 and is buried in the McFarland lot at the Ladonia Cemetery, next to his second wife.
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  • James Robert McFarland

  • Jim was born November 27, 1886 in Ladonia where he went to school. Graduated from T.C.U. in 1909, while it was still located in Waco. In 1911 he began working at the First State Bank in Ladonia. In May 1918 he enlisted for service in WW I, and was sent overseas in October, 1918, just in time for the end of the war. He married Lyle Kean of Ladonia on Dec. 27, 1919. They had one daughter, Nancè Marie, in 1923. In 1927 he reorganized the Ladonia State Bank, however the crash of 1929 led to the closing of the bank, which reopened as the Farmers and Merchants State Bank in 1930. He was present at the bank hold up by “Machine Gun” Kelly in 1930. He was a member of the Ladonia Masonic Lodge #134 from 1911 to 1931. He moved to Dallas in 1934 where he lived the rest of his life. He died July 27, 1970 in Dallas and is buried in the McFarland Lot, Sect. 2, Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Lyle Kean McFarland

  • Born June 30, 1892 in Ladonia to Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Kean, one of eight children. Married James Robert McFarland on Dec. 27, 1919. She assisted Dr. Gordon B. McFarland in his office for several years, besides her work as a housewife and mother and caregiver to her older sisters. She died May 24, 1985 in Dallas and is buried in the McFarland Lot, Sect. 2, Ladonia Cemetery.
  • John Allen McFarland

  • “Doc” was born June 14, 1889 in Ladonia, the eighth child of James Franklin and Mary Jane Harper McFarland. He graduated from Ladonia High School, and then the University of Texas at Austin. He planned to study medicine, but when his father became ill, he returned home and took over managing the family’s businesses. He married Verne Cox in 1921 and had a son, John Allen, Jr. in 1922. Doc was postmaster in Ladonia until 1936. His family lived in Greenville and Dallas, and in 1945 they built their home on the Cox estate on Hwy. 34 coming into Ladonia. In retirement, Doc wrote a collection of tales about his early years in Ladonia, So Tales. After losing his son, and his wife, he lived with his wife’s nephew, Dr. E.R. Cox, and later his sister Lola until his death on March 13, 1983. He is buried in the McFarland Lot, Sect. 2, Ladonia Cemetery.
  • John Allen McFarland, Jr.

  • Born October 27, 1922 in Ladonia. Attended Ladonia public schools, graduated from Ghreenville high school in 1940, attended Texas Univ. and Southern Methodist Univ. where he played football. He earned his law degree from SMU in 1945 and was an assistand DA under Henry Wade in Dallas, before working in real estate. He died Jan. 12, 1955 and is buried in the McFarland Lot, Sect. 2, Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Verne Cox McFarland

  • Born Dec. 15, 1889 in Ladonia, daughater of Dr. and Mrs. A.B. Cox. Attended Ladonia High School and Texas Christian University. Married John Allen McFarland on October 14, 1921 and is the mother of John Allen McFarland Jr. She died June 30, 1949 at the family home on the Cox estate. Buried next to her husband and son in the McFarland Lot of the Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Lola Winifred McFarland Hill

  • Born at the family farm outside of Ladonia on April 17, 1895, the youngest of ten children of James Franklin and Mary Jane Harper McFarland. She also lived at their other home in Ladonia while attending high school and played the organ for the First Christian Church. She graduated from Texas Christian University in 1916, and married Joe Meredith Hill on October 24, 1918. They eventually settled in Dallas, raising three children, Elizabeth Jane, Anne Meredith, and Joe McFarland.  Lola inherited the family farm and spent several years living there in the 1950s during their early retirement. Always busy, Lola and Joe completed two massive family histories that they published in 1966. Lola died August 7, 1986 in Dallas, and is buried with her husband, brothers and sisters, and parents in the McFarland lot of the Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Joe Meredith Hill

  • Born September 21, 1888 in White County Tennessee to William Ransom Hill and Amanda Meredith Hill. After his father’s death, the family moved to Wolfe City, Texas where his mother supported the large family by operating a boarding house. He graduated from Wolfe City High School in 1907 and then worked his way through the Univ. of Texas and graduated in 1916 with a Law Degree. He served in WW I, marrying Lola Winifred McFarland during the war. After settling in Dallas, he was appointed City Judge in 1939 and remained in that position for 15 years. He also enlisted and served during WW II, and retired a full colonel. After retirement from the court, he maintained a busy, active life running a dairy farm at the McFarland homestead until its sale in 1958, serving as President of the Dallas, and then Texas, Sons of the American Revolution and then writing the Hill Family History in 1966. He died May 26, 1980 in Dallas and is buried next to his wife in the McFarland lot of the Ladonia Cemetery.

    Relations buried nearby:
  • Eldorado Harper Bartley

  • Born in Ellis County, Texas in daughter of George Washington and Elizabeth Crook Harper. Moved to the Bartley-Woods area during the Civil War. Married Robert Taylor Bartley in 1879 and is the mother of Samuel Edward, Hubert Douglass, and Robert Allen Bartley (husband of Medibel Rayburn, Sam’s sister) Rado died in December 1935 and is buried in Sect. 2, Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Robert T. Bartley

  • Born in Fannin County in 1858, son of Thomas Doane Bartley and Amanda Jane McMurtry from Tennessee. Married Eldorado “Rado” Harper in 1879. He was the postmaster of Ladonia for 18 years, appointed by Pres. McKinley. He died in 1938 and is buried in Sect. 2, Ladonia Cemetery.
  • Elizabeth Crook Harper Clark

  • Born March 25, 1831, youngest child of John Crook, Jr. and Mary Lee Crook in White County, Tennessee. Married George Washington Harper in 1847 in Tennessee before migrating to Hamilton County, Illinois in 1850. The family came to Texas in 1861, there were a total of seven children born to this family. After her husband’s suicide in 1866, Elizabeth raised the children alone until she married Elijah Clark, a widower with six children. She helped raise that family as well. She died in Ladonia on Jan. 15, 1913 and is buried beside her daughter Rado Bartley and near her other daughter Mary Jane McFarland in the Ladonia Cemetery.

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