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Merry Christmas
Fannin County TXGenWeb
The Ladonia Historical Preservation Society
Merry Christmas 1944
Photographs by Debby Crofford
     The Christmas edition of the Ladonia News 1944 carried a front page message from editor John Kean to Ladonians around the world.

 "Hello - Tom Cain in France! - Hello - Edwards in Italy! - A.B. Bartley in England - all of you everywhere- Gather round for a visit with your home folks- Hello! Is that you J.W. Hudgins and the boys in New Guinea? Hello, all you in London - Hello Mollie Pichard, riding the high seas of the Pacific- Hello, Sgt Sebastian in Belgium and we are not forgetting you Jack Hill in that lousy Jap prison! - our prayers go out for you!  - and stay in there Rub Partain- hold that New Caledonia! Hello Pensacola, San Diego, Seattle? - New York ? - Are you all tuned in ? - on the battle wagons, in the training camps and schools, shore stations, submarines, cruisers and flat tops - Are you wathcing and listening in the dugouts, jungle shacks, tanks, jeeps, Red Cross canteens, front lines and foxholes? - You tuned in Preacher Osborne with the boys of Formosa and the Phillippines? - You in the bomber and fighter commands over France, Germany and Italy - are you with us? - Are you listening Ben Ed Fry? Hello Sailor! - Hello Soldier! - Hello Merchant Marine! - Hello Leatherneck! - Hello Seabees! Hello Army, Navy and Marine Air Force pilots and mechanics, Hello Waves and Wacs and Spars and Nurses and Medics! - Stand by Gwyndoline Abernathy and Anna Lou Bishop - All set now? All you guys and gas- in every single branch of the services - Well - hold everything - here's hearts and handshakes across seas and lands and oceans to each of you from hundreds and hundreds of us - town and countryside - Hear us? We are all shouting it;
      Hello, ----And Merry Christmas!
from the people in the greater Ladonia vicinity - your moms and dads and wives and sisters and brothers and friends- the people who live in the towns and villages and on the highways and farms and the streets and roads you know so well. Down to the last Tiny Tim our thoughts are with you!
We'll be singing the old songs in the spirit of Christmas - There'll be prayer for Peace on Earth - and someday Peace will come. Keep your faith and your spirit high- Sing with us- we'll be singing with your who are our friends - sons and daughters, and fathers and sisters and brothers and nephews and niecs and pals - all over this world! Yes, our hearts go out to you across the many miles between us. After you have finished your jobs we want you to hurry back to ladonia - down in beautiful Texas where all are your friends."
                                            John Kean
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