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Miss Mae Hulsey


     When generations stop to think and try to figure out where we Ladonians learned the basics of math long before calculators and computers, many can remember Miss Mae. In her class is where you learned the multiplication tables which made working fractions, division, and percentages possible later on. She had a game of times we played. Back before everyone had electric refrigerators, we had the ice man who delivered each day. Every customer had a card to put in the window. The card had numbers and a metal spinner in the middle which you turned to the number of pounds of ice you wanted him to leave. Miss Mae used a similar card with numbers 1 - 12. She would spin, and whatever number it landed on-- you would give the answer to that,  times whatever number you were working on at the time. In this way, you couldn`t memorize the tables, you had to learn and know them. If you disturbed the class in any way, you had to stay after school. Miss Mae always had a project she was working on so you didn`t just sit there and waste time. Miss Mae was a dedicated teacher and a member of the First Christian Church.

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