Alice Medora McCown Long  

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Alice Medora McCown Long


Alice Medora McCown Long

Andrew & Alice Long

Andrew & Alice in their Old Age

Alice, back right. Andy, bottom right.

Alice Medora McCown was a great grandaughter of Captain John Moore, a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Her grandfather , William McCown, continued the family record by serving in the War of 1812. Alice Medora McCown, native of Rockbridge Baths, Virginia, retained through a long lifememories of associations with the Robert E. Lee family, who often spent vacations in Rockbridge Baths. She married Andrew D. Long in October 1872. In November 1873 the Longs arrived in Ladonia, Texas. Professor and Mrs L.F. Redner who also came from Virginia, located an eighty acre farm of rich land, east of Ladonia which they purchased and erected a dwelling in which they raised their children. 

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Photographs by Debbie Crofford
Biography by L.H.P.S.


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