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The Ladonia Historical Preservation Society

Photographs by Debby Crofford

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Bricks and Buildings in Ladonia
 We are seeing some of the early brick walk come tumbling down. The Bill Burns building on the east side of the square is in the process of being demolished.
 From our records , the ones still standing were erected in the 1880's. The first one was on the west side of the square in about 1860. After the great fire on September 30, 1896, which destroyed much of the west side of the square. It was proof that brick was the ideal building material.
 With a building boom, it was evident that more and more bricks would be needed to provide for the steady influx of the many citizens seeking a new home.
  Joseph Lowry Boyd was a brick mason and made bricks fired in kiln. One kiln was located on the embankment of the Boyd Creek and two more were on the southwest corner of what is now Bishop Football Field. Many of the chimneys and buildings are still standing today. The Joe Haden home near the school is one of them with bricks made by Joseph Lowry Boyd.
 Through the years, Joseph Lowry and other members of the Boyd family have been and still are a ritual part of Ladonia.
 Information about Boyd family contributed by Muriel Burleson.


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