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"Bois D'Arc" became county seat in turn on January 16, 1843, apparently for two reasons: the Indian threat at Warren, and a shift in political power that strengthened the Bois D'Arc community. Fort Warren ( located in the far NW corner of today's Fannin County) no longer wielded significant influence on the development of the county after this move. In 1844 Bois D'Arc was renamed Bonham in honor of James Butler Bonham,qv a defender of the Alamo. The inhabitants wanted the name to be changed to Bloomington, but the Texas legislature wanted to honor a war hero. Bonham has continued to be the major center of commerce for Fannin County."
From the Handbook of Texas - Online

The Courthouse burned on New Years Eve 1929. 

This photograph is from Debbie Crofford. It shows the courthouse with the fire out. Either on 
New Year's Eve 1929 or New Years Day 1930.
In 1930 the courthouse was rebuilt keeping the exterior and some of the lower sections still intact.
Few records were lost.

The 1930's version included four clocks and a modernized exterior.
Later in the 1960's, the 1930's decorations were removed and the colored panels affixed to
make it look "Mod" . By the late 1970's, the people wanted the courthouse returned to the 1930's design and the clocks were found intact in the courthouse. Money was raised to restore them and they were taken somewhere. However this never was completed. The location of the clocks is unknown.
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For some reason the decorative clocks and decorative pieces on this building
were removed in the 1960's, leaving it a plain undecorated building today

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Today-Jun 2007, a move is afoot to restore it to its originial 1800's splendor.
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