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Elwood Map Drawn by
Edgar McNabb

Sent by Mike Grissom  ,
It clarifies many things on the Cullen Richards Map.
Save the jpg image in your computer and then use your enlarge to make out some of the details. It is very interesting. Some names I found are Tom Baker Blums Ferry; Briley Place ;Carraways ;Cummins Mail Route Dell Tavern ;Ellers cotton gin and sawmill and 600!!!  Gallon Whisky Still; Dr.Curlee Gayle ;Forbes House ;Jim Hill ;Charley Hopper ;Jackson ;Keatons ;Lawrence ;Mr.Marle ;Doug McRae Milsap; Morphew home ;Old Mr.Ellege ;Fiddling John Patric's House  ( I think that is the last name); Richard's Home Richard's Old Red Store (Blew away in a cyclone) ; Rigney/Cunduff; Tichnor's Farm ;Tichnor's shop and Grist Mill
The Headline at the top reads: None of this sketch is to be scale or
completely authentic but gives you a general idea of of the old Elwood Plot
as it was in the early days 1960-1900s  Forest and Farms
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