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Cummins/Cummens Family
Photographs by Debby Crofford

          On Jan. 1, 1845 the Cummins family left Missouri for Texas. James, Elizabeth, and 4 year old son, Edmund brought with them two nephews William C. and Robert F. Cummins.Texas land was plentiful and James had a land grant between Honey Grove and Ladonia. Family history recorded that in 1845 Fannin County was sparsely settled. Everyone had come from somewhere else but were noble energetic people. Their homes were log cabins taken from the woods and water was taken from the Sulphur River. There were few livestock because of the wild animals. The men spent a lot of time hunting as the whole country was full of bear, deer, turkeys, and other game. By 1850, they began to raise some wheat and corn as the land cleared. A few years later, cotton was raised in the southeast part of the county. Pecan and Bois D'Arc seed were the principal exports. Until 1850 there were few settlers south of North Sulphur because of the Jarnagon Thicket, which was a dense wilderness full of bears, wolves, panthers, and wild mustangs. The mustangs made fine saddle stock when caught and tamed. Oxen or mules were used for farming. Families were close knit, and had to depend on each other. They started churches and schools. Edmund W. Cummins and his cousins grew to manhood on the family farm. In the spring of 1862 Edmund went to fight in the Civil War. He enlisted in Co. L. 11th Cavalry which later merged with the Tennessee Army. He fought all the way to Savannah and would have kept on fighting if General Lee had not surrendered. His father died while he was away fighting at the age of 65. After Lee's surrender, he came home and married Drusilla J. Donaldson and reared three children, William, Ivy, and Edgar. Edmund lived out his life in Fannin County. He was admitted to the bar, served as Justice of the Peace, and later was involved in real estate. Edmund, Drusilla, and Edgar are buried in the Ladonia Cemetery Odd Fellows section. 

Edgar Wood & Leita Glyn Cummens

D.J. Cummens

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