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New Salem Cemetery:

Jones, William Craddock  Infant of J.W. & Mary H.02/00/1881-03/00/1881
Jones, Tammie  Dau. Of  J.W. & Mary H.  02/23/1864-08/26/1869

(Mary Hannah Craddock was the daughter of Thomas Elmore Craddock and Malinda Lanius.  She married John Watson Jones in 1860 in Fannin Co.  These two Jones Childen were theirs.  Malinda was already buried in this cemetery, so they must have decided to bury these children next to her.)

Craddock, Malinda  Wife of T.E.    11/16/1822-04/15/1859

(This is Malinda Lanius Craddock.  She was the daughter of Daniel Lanius & Mary (Polly) Butt. Malinda married Thomas Elmore Craddock in 1841 in Madison Co. Missouri. They located in Honey Grove, Fannin Co. about 1848-1849.  She died (apparantly) due to childbirth complications,with her last child,  George S. Craddock, born 2 days before she died.)

Oakwood Cemetery:

Craddock, Thomas E.  27 Jan. 1819-1 Mar 1883

(This is Thomas Elmore Craddock.  He was born in Fredericktown, Madison Co., MO, to Thomas Elmore Craddock (Sr) and Hannah Cook.  He married Malinda Lanius there in 1841.  They had 9 children together.  She died from childbirth with their last child in 1859, and he married Adeline Hawley 7 months later, on Nov 10, 1859 in Fannin Co.  They had two children together.  After he died, Adeline moved with her children to Seymour, Baylor Co., Texas, where she is buried)

Gwaltney, Elizabeth Colby  1845 - 1918

(Elizabeth P. Craddock was born in 1844 in Madison Co., MO to Thomas Elmore Craddock & Malinda Lanius.  She married Samuel Young Colby (no more info on him), who must have died, and then she married Francis Marion Gwaltney in 1866 in Fannin Co., Texas.  I have 8 children listed for them)

Gwaltney, F.M.                    16 Feb.1837-4 Mar 1888

(Francis Marion Gwaltney was born in Indiana to John Gwaltney, Jr. )

Gwaltney, Benjamin    2 Mar. 1882- 3 Oct. 1882 son of  F.M. & E.F.

(Benjamin Gwaltney was their infant son)

Trout, Elizabeth  died in  1866 age "about 75"
                   mother of P.C. & D.M.Trout

(Starting with the OLDEST, would be Elizabeth Trout, who died in 1866 about age 75.  I believe this to be the wife of Gideon H.Trout, who died in 1854.  She was the mother of Perry Green (P.G. 1815-1903), Oliver Henderson (not buried in Oakwood, but who was the father of T.W. Trout 1849-1938; George P. 1853-1869; Nancy Elizabeth Trout Hawley 1847-1932;)  (I am just listing those found in this cemetery)

Trout, P.G.                     1 Dec.1815 -5 Nov. 1903

(Perry Green Trout was born in SC to Gideon Trout & Elizabeth Unknown.  He married Cassandra McLain in 1840.  After she died, he married harriet Post in 1848)

Trout, Harriet         29 Mar. 1828 -6 Nov. 1872 wife of P.G.

(Harriet Post Trout, wife of Perry Green Trout)

Trout, Geo. P.               23 Jun. 1853-15 Jan. 1869

(George P. Trout was the son of Oliver Henderson Trout & Emoline Malissa McLain)

Trout, T.W.                    24 Mar.1849-24 Jul.1938  "Father"

(Thomas Warren Trout (TW) was born in GA to Oliver Henderson Trout & Emoline Malissa
McLain.  He married Catherine R. Craddock in 1870 in Fannin Co. Texas)

Trout, Katie                   1 Oct.1852-9 Feb.1908 "Mother"

(Catherine Craddock Trout (Katie) was born in Honey Grove, Fannin Co. to Thomas Elmore Craddock & Malinda Lanius)

Trout, Calvin B.           19 Oct.1871-30 Dec.1958
(Calvin Butler Trout was born in Honey Grove, Fannin Co., TX to T.W. and Katie Trout.  He married Hallie Logan Bollinger in 1895 in Fannin Co)
Trout, Hallie  B.            21 Oct.1874-20 Jul.1859
(Hallie B. Trout--wife of Calvin B. Trout)

Calvin & Hallie Trout

Trout, Luther                4 Feb.1875-26 May 1949

(Luther Warren Trout was born in Honey Grove, Fannin Co., TX to T.W & Katie Trout.  He
married Dupre Lane.)

Trout, Dupre                 10 Nov.1881-7 Jan.1961

(Dupre Trout, wife of Luther Warren Trout)

Hawley, Elizabeth Trout 1847- 1932

(Elizabeth Trout Hawley. born in GA,  was the daughter of Oliver Henderson Trout & Malissa
McLain.  She married Thomas E. Hawley in Fannin Co in 1865)

Hawley, Thomas E          May 1838-2 May 1908
                     Pvt Co F-11th Tex Cavalry-CSA

(Thomas E. Hawley was born in Illinois.  He was the son of Hiram Royce Hawley & Nancy Amanda Dunn.  He was the brother to Adeline Hawley, who was Thomas Elmore Craddock's second wife)

Hawley, G.T.     22 July 1878-18 Mar. 1904 son of  Thomas & N.E.

(G. T. Hawley was the son of Thomas E. Hawley & Nancy Elizabeth Trout)

Hawley, Leonard Warren 21 Aug. 1883-20 Jan.1967
                 son of Thomas E

(Leonard Warren Hawley was the son of Thomas E. Hawley & Nancy Elizabeth Trout. )

Hawley, Lee Oliver        8 Nov. 1885-ndd

(Lee Oliver Hawley was the son of Thomas E. Hawley & Nancy Elizabeth Trout)

Hawley, Dodie Arnold     18 Oct. 1888-ndd

(Dodie Arnold Hawley was the wife of Lee Oliver Hawley)

Leonard Cemetery:

Craddock, Infant Daughter of G.S. & A.      b & d 14 Nov.1900

(This is the daughter of George S. Craddock and Addie Correll.  George was the child of Thomas Elmore Craddock & Malinda Lanius)

Jones Cemetery.

The John W. Jones & Tamezine Jones (wife) were the parents of  John Watson Jones, Jr. who m.
Mary Hannah Craddock.

Oakwood Cemetery Interments
(Calvin Trout Book)

According the the Cemetery book written by Calvin Trout J.W. Jones, Sr. died July 2, 1918, and Mrs. John W. Jones died May 20, 1906.  I don't find them recorded as being buried in Oakwood in the regular cemetery listings. but this is no doubt John W. Jones (jr) (1838-1918)(he named a son Jr. which would have made him senior, and Mary Hannah Craddock (1842-1906) (dau of Thomas Elmore Craddock and Malinda Lanius, who as born in MO in 1842, and married John Watson Jones, Jr. in Fannin Co. in 1860).  John Watson Jones, Jr. was the son of John W. Jones and Tamezine Jones, of the Jones Cemetery.

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