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  St Marks Cemetery
Dodd City
    This Cemetery is located on the East edge of Dodd City located on hwy 56. It is next to the Dodd City Cemetery This is an African-American Cemetery and nearby stood St.Marks Church and the school for the children.
    This Baptist Church was founded in 1882 in the neighborhood of the Vannoy Cemetery, east of where it was moved later
    on the East side of Dodd City. Early members were , Tob & Dave Johnson, Rev.Theodore Johnson, J.W.Woodward(Woodard) ,
    D.W. Holland  and others.
    Mrs. Vivian Caldwell deeded the land for the Church in 1893.
    The church building is no longer there. The School that served the children was located just south of the Church site.
      Allen, Leon           4 Dec.1855-16 Sep.1969
      Anderson, Harmon  .28 Nov. 1877-10 Aug. 1932
             unmarked , husb. of Willie B.
      Anderson, Willie B. Woodard ,27 Jul.1877-12 Apr.1945
             Wed  Sep. 1896, unmarked
      Arnett, G.             .......
      Austin, Christina  7 Jan.1906-20 Jan.1906 child of F.& B.
      Austin, Frank        8 Sep.1902-10 Feb.1975
      Austin, Gracie L.  25 Mar.1906-..Dec.1982
      Austin, Infant        b & d  1915 child of L.V.& J.A.
      Baird, Mollie        1 Feb.1861-5 Feb.1918 wife of W.A.
      Baird, Willie  ........
      Biggs, Minerva R. 14 Jan.1838-2 Apr.1899
      Bowers, Callie      28 Feb.1875-8 Dec.1961
      Bowers, Omer      22 Apr.1898-12 Dec.1949
      Briggs, Lou Ellen  9 Nov.1940-2 Dec.1978
      Bronaugh, Oaie    12 Sep.1892-16 Nov.1967 WWI
      Brown, Tommorris Deon "Dinky" age 13 d. 18 Apr.2000
        son of Briant Wilson & Yolanda Brown
      Burnaugh, Bud     1890-1977
      Burnaugh, Ophelia  1892-1963
      Carter, A.B.         1899-1971
      Carter, Benjmin   28 May 1862-29 Jan.1917  husband of
      Carter, Lem Henry  25 Feb.1900-16 Jul.1983
      Carter, Linnie       8 Aug.1873-23 Apr.1863
      Carter, Mamie L. age 8 Months    -(no date)
      Carter, Milton E.  1923-1975 WWII
      Carter, Morgan    7 Mar.1881-24 Jan.1936
      Carter, Nora         age 33 yrs, d. 28 Apr.1913
      Chaffin, Roy        9 Dec.1897-2 Sep.1960 WWI
      Collier, Anna Belle 21 May 1868-3 Sep.1895 wife of J.S.
      Couts, Anna         1885-1950 on stone with Tom
      Couts, John Thomas 25 Feb.1936-24 Sep.1982
      Couts, Tom          1874-1957
      Cyrus, Charles Henry  5 Sep.1930-27 Dec.1958
      Cyrus, Christina   19 Aug.1912-22 Aug.1912 child of M.A.
      Cyrus, Henry L. Sr. 17 Feb.1909-25 Nov.1968
      Cyrus, Jeff C.       5 Feb.1935-15 Dec.1978
      Cyrus, Lorean      5 Jul.1909-10 Mar.1994 on stone with Henry
      Denson, Charlie   no dates
      Denson, Christina 14 Jan.1912-5 Feb.1912 dau. of C.D.&H.
      Denson, Hannah   no dates
      Dodd, Willard      11 Jun.1924-9 Apr.1980
      Dunlap, James     8 Mar.1821-5 May 1912 Husband of Julia
      Elisher, Narvell    20 Aug  1935-9 Jan 2001 , husb. of Helen Bragg
      Fields, Robert      10 Oct.1896-5 Feb.1959 WWI
      Garrett, Dora       1873-1934
      Givens, Jimmie    14 Dec.1907-27 Jan.1980
      Givens, U.S.         30 Jun.1891-....1956
      Glazer, Johnnie   1911-1913 son of L.E. & Mary
      Henson, Rev. G.W. 1862-11 Mar.1926
      Herd, Rilla           15 May 1888-14 Nov.1981
      Higgs, Beatrice     4 Jan.1958
      Holland, D.W.     27 Aug.1858-1 Apr.1910 husb. of M.E.
      Holland, E.A.      1882-1956
      Hunt, Wesley       ....
      Johnson, Bruce K.   1881-1971
      Jones, Caroline    ...Jan.1877-.....1917 Wife of W.
      Jones, Paul         15 Sep.1880-20Aug.1937
      Jones, Vester R.  23 Jul.1916-8 Mar.1983
      Lawrence, Rose Mary  18 Sep.1941-28 Feb.1978
      Lewis, Sheila M.  7 Apr.1962-30 May 1979
      King, Emma        15 Jan.1902-22 Mar.1981
      Maloney, Frank E. 12 Jan.1946-20 Oct.1957
      Maloney, Milton E. 14 Oct.1944-10 Apr.1960
      Martin, Malinda  2 Feb.1873-24 Feb.1908 wife of W.
      Mason, Wilburn  ...May 1912-15 Jun.1912 ....of ? & Mae
      McFail, Curtis Lee 29 Dec.1928-23 Jul.1976 WWII
      McFail, Ruby Geraldine 20 Oct.1932-16 May 1971
      McNeal, Hillard    9 Jul.1919-13 Apr.1955 WWII
      McNeal, Ideller     8 Dec.1882-5 May 1962 on stone with Jim
      McNeal, Jim         26 May 1880-7 May 1962
      McNeal, Othella Shaw  Wife of Hillard McNeal  - unmarked grave
      Mickens, Tommie Mary Carter 2 Oct.1920-21 Apr.1977
      Milles, Herman    22 Mar.1878-15 Aug.1916 son of Mrs. Willie
      Morris, Jimmie    1877-1904 son of M.M.& N.
      Morris, Nancy     1850-1932 wife of W.W.,on stone with
             her son  W.E.
      Morris, W.E.        1892-1934
      Mundine, Evy      12 Jun.1900-31 Jul.1980
      Nash, Susie          1877-1954
      Nelson, Emma     died age 75 yrs ,1913
      Nelson, Jerry          1 Mar.1827-6 Mar.18??
      Perry, Ronny Dean  b & d  7 Mar.1963
      Purdue, Lizzie        1874-1951
      Rayford, Dewey      9 Sep.1901-31 Oct.1948
      Releford, Flora       28 Jul.1901-7 Jan.1966
      Releford, Harrison  20 Jun.1898-13 Oct.1977
      Roberts, Charlie     31 Aug.1917-1 Jun.1966
      Robinson, Mattie    27 Mar.1878-23 Feb.1924 wife of J.
      Ryan, Addie J.        26 Mar.1872-23 Jan.1962
      Ryan, Baby Sister   16 Jul.1912-4 Nov.1912
      Ryan, Clate L.        19 Jul.1862-15 Jan.1948 on stone with Addie
      Ryan, James M.      21 Feb.1894-17 Jun.1972
      Ryan, Rosie Alberta  11 Oct.1890-12 Sep.1968
      Ryan, Roy L.          17 Nov.1897-2 Jun.1971 WWI
      Settles, Baby Burnett         .......
      Settles, Baby Vena             .......
      Shaw, Annie
      Shaw, C.B.                    died 5 Mar.1940
      Shaw, Earnest L.           1936-1957 Telephone Texas
      Shaw, Luvena               23 Aug.1880-..Apr.1922
      Shaw, William C.          31 Dec.1886-17 May 1960 WWI
      Smith, Elnora               1879-1960 on stone with Vernon
      Smith, Eva                   10 Apr.1922-28 Mar.1935
      Smith, Vernon             1878-1956
      Spoon, Lula Roberts    8 Aug.1908-28 Jan.1968
      Stewart, Ethel Marie    14 Nov.1914-30 Dec.1962
      Thomas, Joe Floyd       ..................
      Vance, Katie M.           26 Dec.1880-25 Jul.1965
      Walker, C.N.                1863-1942
      Walker, Georgia           1893-1941
      Walker, Sarah              1866-1948
      Walker, Mrs. Sarah      age 81 yrs  ,1962
      Walker, Willie              died 1976 age 75
      Ware, Victoria             died age 56  yrs ,5 Dec.1901
      Wash, John                  ..................
      Wells, Isom                  4 Sep.1886-14 Oct.1956?? WWI
      Williams, Cora            11 Feb.1909-24 Sep.1953
      Williams, Willie           29 May 1912-4 Apr.1974
      Woodard, Annie Belle   15 Jun.1856-11 Jun.1913 Eastern Star
             wife of J.W. Woodard
      Woodard, Elvira Dinson (2nd wife of J.W.) died 1932
      Woodard, J.W.           1851-1930 a Mason (Jack)
      Woodard, Jacob  4 Jul.1921-31 Oct.1947 (son of J.W. & Elvira)
      Woodard, Jennie        23 Jun.1835-30 Aug.1908
              wife of Presley
      Woolridge, William H.       27 Mar.1892-8 Jan.1968 WWI
      Woolridge, William Henry 20 Dec.1927-23 Nov.1982


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