Lindsey Cemetery , Randolph, Fannin County , Texas
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Lindsey Cemetery 
also called Randolph Cemetry in some records.

 Photograph by Sandy Denney

Lindsey Cemetery at Randolph is actually a combination of two tiny cemeteries grown together.The Randolph Cemetery and the Lindsey family & Slave graves. Then in a space of a few years the Blanton Infant was buried nearby and that started the community Cemetery at Randolph. There are many unmarked graves.
This Cemetery is located north of Randolph just to the East of hwy 121 on  Business Loop of Highway 121.
There are hwy signs pointing it out.
This is an annotated list with additional information added..

Photograph by Sandy Denney
Historical Marker Reads:
Tennessee native Thomas Lindsey (b. 1794) brought his family to this part of Fannin County in 1837. In the late 1840s, Lindsey donated four acres of his farmland for a school and cemetery.
The first burial in the cemetery was for one of Lindsey's slaves.
The one-room school house built next to the graveyard served as a community church where funeral services were held. Over the years, this cemetery has served residents of the surrounding area, including the community of Randolph, which was founded in 1887 on the Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas Railroad. The main street  in Randolph was located about 3/4 mile southwest of the Lindsey School and cemetery, and a wooden sidewalk connected the two. In the middle 1890s, the Lindsey School was moved to Randolph, and the original school grounds were added to the cemetery. Among those buried here are Thomas Lindsey and his wife, Rebecca, and their son-in-law, the Rev.Burwell Cox, 
who organized several Presbyterian churches in the area. Other graves located here include those of businessmen, farmers, doctors, pioneer citizens and their descendants, and veterans of several wars.