Brown Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas
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Brown Cemetery
Brown Cemetery North of Bonham off hwy 898.  On the map look at where Cr2525 intersects hwy 898 and turn north instead of south on Cr2525.
Many unmarked graves in this cemetery

     In an old cemetery book written by Floy Hodge , she writes in the introduction this information about Brown Cemetery:"One such one (benefactor) was an Indian , Alex Codotte, who lived in the Brown Cemetery neighborhood and took it upon himself to get CSA Markers for all the old soldiers buried there and no relation to him. Even though he is  dead now he will be remembered for this kind service as well as his work with the Boy Scouts".

     If you have any other information on Alex Codotte Please contact me.

Adair, Homer Dee- Homer Lee Jr. "My Darling Brothers" Feb.1951
Adair, Marie Minnie Mae Boatwright 15 Aug.1924-15 Nov.1994
Adair, Thelma 1930-1996
Arledge, Bernard 26 Dec.1907-19 Aug.1977 TEC5 US Army WWII
Anderson, Henry S.  10 Dec.1874-9 Oct.1890
Anderson, John C. (or G ?) 28 Jul.1836-7 Nov.1885
Anderson, John William 10 Oct.1874-26 July 1941
Anderson, Mary  died 5 Nov.1890 age 18
Anderson, Matilda Adeline 19 May 1884-21 July 1962  on stone
       with John W.
Anderson, Nellie   11 Oct.1841-8 Nov.1906
Anderson, Walter L. TX PVT 76 Field Arty. died 11 Oct.1934
Anderson, William L.  18 Mar.1867-29 Oct.1890
Armstrong, Clder? D. 28 Sep.1825-22 Mar.1889
Arnold, Mrs. Louise ( unmarked grave) b. 13 Sep 1842 in Mo. d. 6 Jun 1916
Barnett, William Young 27 Jun.1922-4 Aug.1923 This is a memorial Stone
    reads   "Buried somewhere in this cemetery"  ( also record at Wise
     Funeral Home" order signed-  H.G. Barnett)
Bass, Melba Smith 2 Feb.1942-28 Apr.1988
Bassham , (Basham?) Lucretia L. wife of E.M.   28 Dec.1848-27 Nov.1903
Bingham, Naomi    20 feb.1830-14 Jun.1908
Birdwell, Lucetta E. "Babe" 9 June 1913-24 July 1986
Blakey, M.R. 1834-1898
Bledsoe, Harve buried unmarked , died Oct.1918 age abt.33
   "leaves a wife andthree children all of whom where ill with flu also."
Blount, Cassie P. 10 Aug.1902-2 Jan. 1979
Blount, Howard L. 17 Dec.1906-1 July 1985
Benton, John Wesley  15 Feb.1856-8 Nov.1948
Boatwright, C.C.   1866-1949
Boatwright, James C. Tx.PVT 134 Ord.MM6 WWII 9 Oct.1914-11 Apr.1968
Boatwright, Maude Lee   1889-1934
Bowerman, B.A.    1919-1919
Bowerman, Baby  25 Jan.1915-26 Jan.1915
Bowerman, Dave     1853-1917
Bowerman, R?? C.   16 Oct.1904-23 Dec.1904
Boyd, Infant dau. of J.T.& M.A. b & d   5 Oct.1882
Boyd, N.B. son of J.& M.A.  24 Sep.1886-14 Dec.1905 broken on ground
Bozeman, Jonnie Lee (sister,next to Clara Sutherland)
            8 Jan.1926-21 Feb.1944
Brinlee, John Henry 3 Jan.1919-29 Aug.1934
Brinlee, L.C. 29 Jan.1893-9 Apr.1953
Brinlee, LeRoy PEC US Army WWII 28 Apr.1923-2 Nov.1976
Brinlee, Lillie Fay   9 Jun.1921-23 Mar.1922 on stone with John & Poca.
Brinlee, Pocahontas   13 Nov.1913-27 Mar.1915
Brinlee, Sallie 5 Sept.1892-8 Dec.1984 wife of L.C.
Brown, Claudie A. son of W.W. J.B.   7 Sep.1895-25 Nov.1896
Browning, Mrs. Almina     age 77   9 Apr.1923 (order signed- W.H. Mathews)
Brummett, E.L. "Mother" 1 Aug.1861-??
Butler, Dona E.   17 Oct.1892-18 Apr.1983 on stone with R.
Butler, R.Moody  28 May 1888-7 Sep.1955
Cardwell, Wm.M.   16 Dec.1890-28 Jul.1891
Carter, David Leon    13 May 1934
Carter, Kenneth Ray  11 Aug.1924 on stone with David
Chaffin, Baby 15 May 1909- 25 May 1909 next to Magnolia
Chaffin, Genove 1926-1926
Chaffin, Infant son of A.& M. 9 Apr.-11 Apr.1902
Chaffin, Joe 1871-1944
Chaffin, Magnolia 1868-1961 wife of Wm.Jordan
Chaffin, William Jordan 1863-1932
Chrisham, Charles A. OKLA Fireman ICI US Navy 16 Jan.1942
Christopher, Dakota      died 7 Oct.2001 son of Shanon Dale Christohper and
       Connie Jean Coleman age 5 months
Cirkles, Annie Mae    28 Dec.1886-1 Apr.1971
Cirkles, Cecil 17 Oct.1906-11 Apr. 1995
Cirkles, Dan J.   24 Dec.1873-17 Jun.1954 on stone with Annie
Cirkles, Nelly Mae b & d 1 June 1968
Cirkles, Jack Russell    Pvt US Army WWII 19 May 1918-7 Jan.1988
Cirkles, Justin Earl   1995-1995
Cirkles, Mollie Lou   2 Jan.1910-20 Nov.1985
Cirkles, Neely Edith   1914-1994
Cirkles, Ray Lee     TEC5 US Army WWII 1920-1976
Cirkles, Sonny 1944-1999
Cirkles, Velma Lee        age 73 - 21 Aug, 2004  Wife of Cecil Cirkles; from obit.
Cobb, Elisha  1880-1933
Cobb, Sarah  1880-1945 next to Elisha
Coonrod, Bart    14 Oct.1885-5 Dec.1942
Coonrod, Uncle C. David   28 Aug.1896-19 Apr.1971
Coonrod, Glady dau. of J. & M. 27 Dec.1917
Coonrod, J.J.      25 Jul.1882-9 Jun.1974 with 4 unmarked bases next to it
  where 4  graves seem to match.
Coonrod, John     no dates, it has sunken down in the
       ground reads CORP on the top edge
Coonrod, Ruhamey elizabeth   11 Jul.1859-19 Aug.1952
Collins, F.  26 July 1873-6 May 1938
Copeland, Mattie    10 Aug.1870-21 Dec.1916
Cornett, Arbell     4 May 1880-17 Nov.1901
Cornett, Ora Delmar dau. of M.C. & A Cornett  28 Apr.1901-12 May 1901
Cox, Frances first wife of Hugh Cox  born in Ky 1812-15 Sep. 1864 on
            stone  with Hugh Cox
Cox, Hugh  born in Ky. 1814- died 23 Apr.1887 age 73 yrs
Daniels, Gladys M. 22 Oct.1915-7 Apr.1976
Daniels, I.V. 12 May 1911-3 Apr.1982 wed to Gladys 27 July 1936
Darwin, Lucie Allie West  2 Dec ,1892 d in childbirth 4 Apr, 1927 Sister of Joe E. West
Davis, Annie    6 Apr.1866-24 Sep.1893
Davis, George W.  11 Sep.1892-11 Nov.1892
Davis, Mary Julia "sister'  4 Jul 1870-28 Jan 1934 b & d in Bonham. Inf from Death Cert.
   Father was Jim Seal b. Sedalia Mo. -Mother -Mary Dyres  b. Sedalia Mo.  informant was Red Donald.
Davis, William A.  22 Jul.1890-17 Feb.1893
Dement, Sally May   14 Jul.1897-25 Apr.1898
Dement, Theodosia Virginia  31 Jan.1865-24 Oct.1900
Dodson, Dennis Carrol US Army WWII 11 Oct.1912-2 May 1988
Duncan , Mary E. wife of J.W. b. ?..- 21 May 1881
Durham, Lee  15 Jul.1893-28 Sep.1918
      (John L. Durham, died in Camp Dix, NJ)
Echols, Hattie Jane   1 Sep.1871-3 Dec.1952
Echols, John Andrew  14 Jul.1886-13 Jan.1933
Echols, Myrtle B.  29 Aug.1909-26 Mar.1990
Echols, Russell   11 Aug.1909-21 Nov.1970
Echols, Walter R. 8 Dec.1902-5 May 1979 wed 14 Nov.1924 to Myrtle
Elrod, Bessie Dau. of ...& C. Elrod  11 Sep.188..-4 May 1890
Emmons, David R. 23 May 1874-4 Mar.1947
Epley, James W. 17 Feb.1948(this has a badly done correction
right over the   no.  I can't tell which is correct -1938?)-25 July 1950
Epley, Melvin Lee 11 Dec.1905-30 Jan. 1941
Essary, Joe Texas PVT 90 Div.345 M.G. BN 6 Apr.1935, The bottom is
    sunken so I can't read it.
Essary, Leroy Franklin 24 June 1916-30 July 1980
Essary, Lona K. 11 Aug.1903-10 Nov.1971
Essary, Loucindy 9 June 1885-27 Nov.1969 wife of Thomas
Essary, Robert Lee Texas PVT 3706 Base Unit AAF WWII
              9 July 1914-12 Aug.1970
Essary, Thomas F. 17 Nov.1880-20 Feb.1972
Essary, W.A. 9 Feb.1857-20 Oct.1940
Essary, Walter J. Texas PVT.Co.M. 4 Regt.Inf Texas N.G.
          2 Feb.1890-11 June 1966
Fairchild, Bennie Ray  16 Jan.1931-2 May 1932
Fairchild, Edd        11 Jun.1895-16 May 1908
Fairchild, John J. son of S. & ?? Fairchild  25 Feb.1887-19 Mar.1902
Fairchild, Samuel     30 Dec.1853-23 Jul.1930
Farris, J.P. 10 Dec.1900-2 Feb.1941
Farris, W.T. 1863-1946
Farris, Walter R. 25 Nov.1903-9 Dec.1994
Farris, Zena Mae 7 July 1908-24 May 1974 wife of Walter
Fitzwater, Earl S. 1903-1963
Fitzwater, Izora R. 1909-ndd  wife of Earl
Fitzwater, Wilma Joyce  31 May 1932-29 July 1939
Fleming, Jesse Sims 10 Jan.1889-26 June 1942
Fleming, Nancy Chaffin 8 Mar.1891-1 Dec.1992
Fogle, Andrew L.    24 Mar.1878-4 May 1947
Ford , (I think its ford) Minnie E.  wife of H?? 14 Feb.1881-28 Dec.1883
Foster, Lucy A.      22 Jun.1853-10 Jul.1935 on stone with T.N.
Foster, Robert L.    17 Jan.1876-14 May 1963
Foster, T.N.         22 Sep.1847-10 Jun.1916
Fuller, Jessie Mae 1910-1982
Gibson, Annie R.  1881-1959
Gibson, Randle J. 1902-1969
Gibson, Rannie M. Texas PVT US Army 29 May 1900-21 Mar.1973
Gibson, Mary Frances    1920-1920
Gibson, Nozy    1917-1917
Gibson, W.J.     1870-1937
Grace, Charles C. TX PFC US Army WWII 28 Dec.1900-15 Nov.1968
Green, Albert F.  24 Apr.1843-6? July 1897   badly broken
Green, Elizabeth wife of A. F. Green 15 Feb.1863- 2 Dec.1892 -
     badly broken
Griffin, Lillian J. dau. of J.W.& J.A. 1 Sep.1887-4 Dec.1891
Hallman, Billie Joyce 1934-ndd
Hallman, Bonnie Joe 1933-1999
Harvey, H...i.. Viola wife of T.E. died ..1901 age 22
Harvey, T.     1814-1900
Harvy, Joe     1927-1931
Hatcher, James S.  no dates
next to him a badly worn stone  Hat....  Soph....
Hayes, Bessie F. 1 July 1895-7 July 1984 wife of Sam.
Hayes, Hama J. 13 Dec.1861-1 Apr.1950
Hayes, Sam W. 13 Jan.1894-ndd
Hayes, Thomas Knox 23 Jan.1861-8 May 1938
Helton, John P.   1 Tenn. Mtd. Inf. CSA   11 Jan.1844-4 Sep.1942
Hill, Roy son of W.E.& T.C. 11 Apr.1903-18 Dec.1907
Hipp, Arnaud Rains PFC US Army WWI 10 Aug.1896-20 Apr.1978
Hipp, Virginia 18 Oct.1907-25 Dec.1971
Hod...,   ....Sel (Mansel? Edsel?   20 Aug.1918-7 Nov.1916
Holland, Bud    27 Sep.1903-age 55 yrs
Holland, Cecil  1894-1934
Holland, Clarissa H. wife of R.W. 20 Feb.1816-29 Jan.1878
         on stone with R.W.
Holland, R.W.    18 Jun.1815-19 Aug.1887
Holland, Tennie 1858-1928
Holmes, Mary Jemima          18 Sep 1913-20 Dec 2000
Holt, Charley Edwin 17 July 1869-?? 1888
Holt, Herbert Clyde 12 Mar.1900-1901
Holt, James Edward 17 July 1869-31 Mar.1927
Horton, Alfonso H. son of W.H. & E.M. 7 Jun.1862-4 Sep.1879
Howell, Charley son of E.B. & M?. 21 Oct.187?-2? Aug.1880 broken stone
Howery, Cordie Crisham  25 Mar.1912-20 Aug.1991
Hubert, Betty Ann 27 July 1932 -ndd wife of John
Hubert, John M. "Ted" 26 Oct.1931-31 May 1985
Huff, Benjamin W. 3 Mar.1894-15 May 1972
Huff, ....son of C.& P. Huff   15 Mar.1883-....5.....  broken badly
Huff, Cora  6 Nov.1904- 29 Jun.1996
Huffman, Willie Son of R.P. & M.J.    26 Apr.1882-10 Sep.1886
Huffmon, Joe Eller May dau. of J.B.& N.J. Huffmon  25 Sep.187..-...Mar..
Hunley, Laura L.   9 Jun.1886-24 Jan.1970
Hunley, Virgie  5 Jul.1910-17 Dec.1914
Hunley, W.S. "Shade' 3 Sep. 1879-27 Mar.1956 on stone with Laura
Irick, Leonia C. wife of Solomon 11 June 1834-26 July 1970
Johnson, Jim 1865-1952
Journey, Belle Moore  1867-1947
Journey, Dale 1941-13 Mar.1998
Journey, Jessie L. son of Israel & M.E. 11 Sep.1880-6 Oct.1881 on stone with  Thomas
Journey, Mollie wife of Israel   6 Jun.1853-29 Jan.1876
Journey, Nora E. wife of Israel 26 Sep.1863-9 Jan.1897 (she has two tombstones about 7 ft. apart.
Journey, Robert Franklin   1864-1933 wed to Belle 1890
Journey, Rosa E?  10 (18?) Oct.1888-24 Sep.1889
Journey, Thomas N. son of Israel & M.E. 6 Jan.1882-2 May 1884
Kernes, Nancy Ann Underwood      9 Apr 1855 - 15 Mar 1937, unmarked
Kerr, Emily                 5 Feb.1854-8 Feb.1936
Kerr, Eva Lee          19 Aug.1895-18 Jun.1986 next to Henry
Kerr, Henry Steve   27 Sep.1897-20 Jan.1933
Kerr, James Andrew   2 Jul.1869-18 Mar.1931 (there is a single grave in
     his plot with flowers, no marker)
Kerr, James L.   6 Jan.1902-20 Dec.1993 on stone with Maggie Fennel
Kerr, Infant of J. L. age 1 day , unmarked grave. He died 20 Mar 1926, Wise Funeral
     Home Rec. signed by J.L. Kerr
Kerr, Maggie   29 May 1873-7 Aug.1951 on stone with James
Kerr, Maggie Fennel 12 Mar.1902-19 Jun.1999
Kerr, Merkel Frances 18-??  19, 1926
King, James E. TEC5 US ARmy WWII 3 Aug.1916-4 Jan.1984
King, Lillie P. 1 Nov.1929-24 Nov.1998
Kinkead, Orville son of S.A.& S.A.?  16 Oct.1893-1 Oct.1895
Ledbetter, Mrs. Tennie  3 Aug.1881-30 Jun.1942
Lee, Gilson 3 Nov.1939-4 Nov.1939
Leverton, Emmer Lou  29 Feb.1897-18 Aug.1930
Lewis, Mary E.     28 Feb.1896-22 Aug.1911
Light, Minnie Jewel  no dates
Lovelace, ....dau. of A.H. & A.??? 19 Jan.1867-18 Jun.1867
Lovelace, A.M.     25 Oct.1825-18 Jan.1888
Lovelace, Anna N.   dau. of C.B.Lovelace 28 Dec.1856-28 Feb.1858
Lovelace, C. 12 Dec.1796-11 May 1872
Lovelace, Charles 16 July 1853-3 Aug.1910
Lovelace, Charley N.  3 Dec.1869-13 Sep.1878
Lovelace, Infant son of J.R.??   18 Feb.1872-25 Feb.1872
Lovelace, Lucy E. dau. of A.M.& S.A.  6 Feb.1861-28 Feb.1867??
Lovelace, Luemer A. son of C.D.& L.A. 21 Mar.1879-28 Aug.1880
Lovelace, Rebecca wife of C.  25 Dec.1798- 10 Dec.1853 on stone with C.
Mann, M.A.  wife of T.B.    13 Jun.1865-21 May 1883
Marion, Walter H. son of S. T. & S.E.   14 May 1871-17 Dec.1890
Mason, Baby son of T.B.& S.M.   23 Dec.1887-12 Sep.1901
McCain, Florence G. 18 Sept.1898-9 May 1977
McCain, Hugh M. 29 Nov.1894-11 June 1958 wed to Florence 20 Sept.1919
McCarter, A.    15 Jun.1827-14 Feb.1901 several broken stones around it
McCarter, Elbert  7 Jan.1893-9 Jan.1893 unmarked today
McCasland, Louisa J. 1884-1935 wife of Robert
McCasland, Robert J. 1881-1954
McClain, Thomas H. TX PHMI US NR WWII 17 Feb.1921-17 Aug.1969
McClanahan, Lula Marie Inf. of A.R. & Florence  4 Sep.1913-12 Sep.1913
Meadows, John V. 21 July 1859-7 Oct.1942
Miller, Infant of L.P. & L.M.  24 Dec.1891-3 Jan.1892
Miller, Lydia Maggie Dau. of Abram & Marie wife of L.P. Miller
  (maiden name Miller) 29 Aug.1857-11 Jan.1892
Monks, Blanche Mae 1881-1960
Monks, Glady Kinnifred  1920-1931
Monks, J.T. 1867-1933
Monks, J.W. 1875-1952
Monks, Johnie 1923-1992
Monks, James R. TX AS US Navy 27 July 1912-6 Jan.1973
Moor, Dialtha J. wife of H.T. 24 Apr.1844-25 Jun.1877 (correct spelling)
There is a small stone that matches the material of the Monroe Children
  Perhaps marks a baby lost in miscarriage? nothing on it and its half the
  size of the others.
Monroe, Alven Vernon son of A.R. & M.E. 25 Mar.1893-26 Jan.1899
Monroe, Emory Shermon  son  of A.R. & M.E.23 Feb.1888-3 Feb.1899
Monroe, Jennie May dau. of A.R. & M.E. 16 May 1878-8 Aug.1880
Monroe, Josephene dau. of A.R. & M.E.25 Mar.1890-27 Mar.1892
Monroe, Oden  son  of A.R. & M.E. 5 Aug.1895-18 Aug.1896
Monroe, Robert son of  A.R. & M.E. 28 May 1885-2 Nov.1886
Mullins, Anson H.  10 Apr.1870-8 May 1945
Mullins, Clyde T.  SGT. US Air Force WWII  1911-1978
Mullins, Margaret F. 9 Jun.1878-15 Feb.1970
Norman, Sara Jane   14 Feb.1855-25 Apr.1937
Norman, William H.  19 Dec.1859-15 Mar.1939 on stone with Sara
Omert, Ezra Alonzo  1851-1920 on stone with Mary
Omert, Mary Jane    1885-1899
Page, Nancy J. 27 Jan.1895-15 Jun.1920  WOW stone there is a stone next to  her almost unreadable John .. 1911?? could be a Winkler though
Pearson, A.J.     5 Jul.1959-18 Sep.1921
Pearson, Infant son of A.J.& Ollie Pearson 1 Mar.1906-4 Mar.1900
Pearson, Ollie    1866-1936
Pena, Valera J. 16 Apr.1948-15 July 1976
There is a stone that only reads Herbert  R...H....broken and very worn
Ramsey, Baby A.L.   21 Jul.1916-17 Dec.1916
Ramsey, Ellie E.    1890-1925
Ramsey, James F. 9 Oct.1847-9 May 1927 next to Nancy
Ramsey, John D.    31 May 1879-6 May 1960
Ramsey, Baby M.R.  2 Jun.1918-3 Jun.1918
Ramsey, Nancy E.   30 Apr.1852-26 Apr.1904
Reeves, Emma Echols     7 Jul.1894-19 Feb.1918 Wife of Roy
Richmond, Henry  died  5 Jul.1892 aged 62 yrs
Richmond, James H. son of H. & S.A.  6 Oct.1860-28 Feb.1883
Richmond, John W.  son of H. & S.A.  8 Sep.1854-17 May 1879
Richmond, Lillie L. wife of Thomas B.  17 Nov.1872-4 Jul.1890
Richmond, Myrtie May dau. of T.B. & Lillie L. 1 Jul.1890-8 Aug.1890
Richmond, Sally A. wife of Henry  27 Nov.1835-5 Nov.1923
Richmond, Velma E.    1901-1905
Ridings, Elizabeth Boyd 1 Dec.1857-9 Feb.1936
Ridings, N.H. 26 May 1854-3 Dec.1942
Ritzlan ? , Arveal son of J.S. & E.M. 24 Feb.1885-28 Dec.1886
Roberts,  Vera  23 Feb.1904-24 Nov.1998
Robertson, Blanche 5 Sept.1914-21 Aug.1982
Robertson, Lillie 3 Dec.1900-10 Mar.1938
Rucker, Inf. Son of W.T. & L.T.   15 Jan.1882-16 Jan.1882
Ruth, J.N.   23 Feb.1855-6 Feb.1917 on stone with Prudie
Ruth, Prudie Armstrong  12 Jan.1871-10 Feb 1917
Sansub? I can hardly read this stone    Ula S. Sansbub?
             12 Sep.1887-12 Mar.1891
Sanders, Archie L.    1889-1940
Sanders, Mrs. Jewel   7 Jan.1894-26 Feb.1966
Sanders, Roy A.   1915-1917
Seal, James T.    1834-1922
Seal, Mary J. dau. of J.M. & Sallie  20 Dec.1890-2 Jul.1891
Seal, Mary Lucy   7 Jul.1845-16 Apr.1918  ( Mary Lucile Seal , was born in Pettus Co. Mo.)
Sherer, W.E. 23 Nov.1879-23 Feb.1967
Skipworth, Bell   1869-1932
Skipworth, Tom    1859-1939
Smith, Albert 27 Mar.1886-10 Dec.1969
Smith, Alice 13 Jan.1889-11 Aug.1982 wife of Albert
Smith, Infant sons of Troy & Ruth Smith 23 July 1940
Smith, Martha A. Richmond  4 Nov.1858-10 Oct.1937
Smith, Rueben Infant, death Wize Funeral Home record. Says died
    weed of 9 Jun.1916 bur. in Brown's Cemetery.
Smith, Troy L. 6 Apr.1916-19 May 1964 (he is next to Melba Bass)
Smith, Uriah   3 Mar.1856-9 Oct.1935 next to Martha
Smith, Willie  son of U. & M. 7 Apr.1882-6 Feb.1884
Smithy, S.E.   18 Mar.1841-1 Mar.1911
Smithy, Wm. 16 Tex.Cav.Co.CSA    no dates  {additional notes: W. M. Smithy (correct spelling
   is Smithey, but Bonham papers never got it right)  William was born Jan 15, 1835.  He worked
   in the Cottom Mill in Bonham past age 74.   He fought in the Confederate Army under Capt
   Coffee of the 16th Texas Cavalry.  He fought Kiowas and Comanche Indians while driving
   an ox team to Santa Fe, N.M.  He drove a stagecoach from Pettis County to Henry County
   in Missouri.   Came to Collin County, Texas in the Fall of 1857 and married iin 1858."
Snead, Bertha 30 June 1888-15 July 1975 wife of John
Snead, Catherine Monroe  23 Sep 1855- 24 May 1941 wed 21 Feb. 1882
  on stone with Henry Alexander Snead (stone overturned)
Snead, Charlie Edward 18 Jan.1899-20 Feb.1975
Snead, Frances Naomi 28 Jan.1899-19 Apr.1997 wife of Charlie
   19 Jan.1918
Snead, Henry  A. Texas Cpl. Btry A. 633 AAA AW BN CAC WWII
  12 Nov.1914-25 Aug.1953
Snead, Henry Alexander   b 1841 d Mar 12 1908
Snead, John C. 10 June 1884-31 Dec.1966
Starnes, Andrew Jackson 22 Jan.1836-3 Dec.1905
Starnes, Annie L. no dates
Starnes, Baby Sister no dates
Starnes, Bessie   15 Mar.1891-24 Apr.1892
Starnes, Clarence J. "Pat"  no dates on stone with Baby, Annie, and Mary
Starnes, Eva H.    9 Jun. 1848-15 Apr.1901
Starnes, Grover Cleveland  12 Apr.1885-16 Mar.1967
Starnes, Inf. son of A.J.& L.E.  22 Mar.1876-5 Apr.1876
Starnes, Jinnie     21 Mar.1882-18 Mar.1882
Starnes, Mary Ann    13 Mar.1845-4 Jul.1920  This stone is turned over
Starnes, Mary Moore  no dates
Starnes, Thomas Jefferson    27 Oct.1847-4 Jan.1888 on stone with Mary Ann
Stubbs, Maggie    12 Apr.1890-13 Jun.1960
Sutherland, Brad David son of Mr.& Mrs. David Sutherland 28 Feb.1969
Sutherland, Clara Lee 13 Aug.1903-30 Aug.1953
Sutherland, Freddie Geo. 7 Nov.1925-9 Nov.1942
Sutherland, Garland G. 19 Sept.1899-8 Sept.1964
Sutherland, Garret M. 4 Dec.1902-19 Jan.1957
Taylor, Inf. of C.E.& M.E.   b & d 16 Jul.1882
Thornton, Roy Earl 28 July 1905-4 May 1974
Thornton, Margaret A. 5 Feb.1906-30 Oct.1994  wife of Roy
Trout, Billie R.   17 Mar.1848-26 Nov.1920
Trout, Nancy J.    26 Jan.1854-12 Jul.1924 next to Billie
Ussery, C.R.   26 Sep.1864-10 Jul.1897
Ussery, J.G.   31 Aug.1835-2 Jun.1884
Ussery, Maud M.  19 Dec.1885-1 Jan.1886
Ussery, Robert Lee   son of J.G.& M.M.  12 Nov.1878-10 Feb.1879
Ussery, Walter 1888-1918  (Wise funeral home rec. says he died 16 Jun.1916,has a brother  ,  a wife and two children.)
Vaguis, Pasqual    died in 16 Oct.,1918 unmarked today
Vincent, Mrs. Ola    13 Feb.1899-26 Nov.1946
Wells, Rutha wife of J.L.   18 Apr.1860-21 Feb.1895
West, Eugene Lee  son of S.J.& W.P.  18 Oct.1884- age 10 months
West, Hiram Pearson  died  June 17, 1900 son of W.P. & Sarah West  unmarked
West, Joe   1891-1966
West, Sarah Juliana Womack , wife of W. P. West  5 Jan ,1859 -24  Nov ,1926 unmarked
West, W.P.  PVT 1 BN Ark. CAV. CSA  died  23 Apr.1908
Westmorland, Scotty 31 Mar.1933-1990
Westmorland, Julise 17 Dec.1913-10 May 1940
Westmorland, Zollie E. 2 Dec.1907-3 Feb.1980
Wheeler, S.R. 7 Dec.1844-19 Mar.1915
Whilley, J.C. 1883-1941
Whilley, J.W. 1849-1933
Whilley, M.O. 1861-1934
Whiting, Mollie C. "Mother"  1848-1920
Williams, John B.    1 May 1840-25 Feb.1896
Wilson, M.G.   11 Aug.1860-12 Nov.1933
Winkler, Carl A. son of C.C. & A.G. 19 Feb.1906-6 Aug.1906
Winkler, Harry  17 Jan.1917-18 Dec.1919
Winkler, Henry Clay 2 Sept.1908-10 Apr.1943
Winkler, Isaac F.   8 Oct.1885-23 Nov.1904
Winkler, ...J. ... Apr.1899- 14 Dec.1906
Winkler, J.C.      25 Aug.1890-18 Sep.1901
Winkler, Jacob    25 Feb.1878-16 Feb.1901
Winkler, John      Co.5 9 Tenn Cav. 25 Feb.1846-18 Jun.1926 ,Wise Funeral Home
    Rec. signed by S.N. Winkler
Winkler, John     1911??
Winkler, John Lee    28 Nov.1904-25 Mar.1959
Winkler, Lonnie  "Son"  27 Dec.1922-12 Apr.1938
Winkler, Margaret 1 Feb.1940-25 Mar.1941
Winkler, Mary I. 25 Feb.1905-18 Aug.1995
Winkler, Ola May "Mother" 9 Apr.1900-28 Aug.1938 on stone with son- Lonnie
Winkler, Sam 20 Nov.1901-29 Apr.1943
Winkler, Sethie R. 28 Nov.1894-14 Sept.1972
Winkler, Sid   18 Oct.1875-20 May 1950
Winkler, Steller   17 Feb.1888
Winkler, Tennie 20 Dec.1870-22 Nov.1959
Winkler, Verna Jewel 11 Apr.1909-14 Jan.1965
Winkler, W.G.   11 Jul.1868-31 Jan.1884
Wright, Henry L. 7 Aug.1901-23 July 1978 wed 4 Jan.1939 to Queenie
Wright, John William 8 Oct.1852-8 May 1938  same stone with Margret
Wright, John William 23 Mar. 1943-1 Nov.1985
Wright, Margret Standifer 3 Jan.1875-12 May 1957
Wright, Queenie C. 18 Oct.1910-3 July 1978 wife of Henry

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