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Allen's Chapel Cemetery 
Photograph by Beth Collyar
This cemetery is located just west of the crossroads of Cr2750 & Cr1396
Take 1396 North from Hwy.82. It is on the edge of Allen's Creek.
This cemetery and Allen's Point are both named for  Wilson Bruce Allen.
This area had the Nicholson Post Office and Store . The First Methodist
Church there was in 1842. First record of a School at Allen's Chapel was in 1852.

Allen's Chapel Methodist Church and Cemetery Historical Marker
Allen's Chapel Methodist Church and Cemetery In 1842, a Methodist Episcopal Church, South, congregation organized and built a log chapel on land given by Wilson Allen. Early leaders were the Revs. J.H. Graham and J.W.P. McKenzie; trustees and family names included Allen, Hamil, Ramsey, Wheeler, Spence, Stroud, Meade, Dutton, Johnson, Cobb, Massengale and Prickett. The settlement was called Allen's Chapel Community. Due to declining attendance, the church disbanded in 1916. Ministering again to the larger church community, former members gave the church and its fixtures to the local Vineyard Grove Baptist congregation in 1926. The graveyard, still used and maintained by a community cemetery association, remains a landmark to the early settlement. (2002)

          Allen, Dovia B. 27 Oct.1885-13 Apr.1886
          Allen, Issac F. 17 Nov.1888-8 Nov.1885
          Allen, Jack  4 Mar.1855-14 Nov.1900
          Allen, John Taylor 29 Oct.1848 -192?
          Allen, Martha P. Nicholson wife of W.B. 4 Mar.1824-16 Apr.1862
          Allen, Mary E. Hinch 1858-      ? wife of John Taylor Allen
          Allen, Wilson Bruce 1 Aug.1816 - 3 June 1900
          Baker, James S. b.NC 1791-1870 husb.of Susan   unmarked grave      --      Description of the Picture
          Baker, Susan Crutcher 1798-1858 b. Va. wife of James S.
                 unmarked grave
          Baker, Thomas C. son of J.H.& V.C.   6 Nov.1859-26 Nov.1862
          Bedford,        "Mother" 10 Feb.1871-11 Nov.1900
          Brewer, Birdie J. 29 apr.1919-ndd wife of Fred
          Brewer, Fred T. 6 Feb.1908-15 May 1967
          Brigance, John   unmarked no dates known
          Brown, Barbara Ozella 24 Mar.1931-9 Oct.1931 dau. of Raymond & Delia
          Brown, Cleopha  17 Dec.1896-22 May 1900 dau. of A.S.& E.L.
          Brown, Dave L. 1881-ndd
          Brown, Delia  18 Feb.1910-25 July 1980  wife of Raymond
          Brown, Infant b & d 3 Mar.1912 child of D.L.& M.E.
          Brown, John L. 15 Feb.1876-19 Jan.1953
          Brown, Lester  16 Jan.1886-17 Sept.1902
          Brown, Lizzie  30 Aug.1896-26 Mar.1897 dau. of W.F.& M.M.
          Brown, Mamie wife of Dave 23 Apr.1885-29 Oct.1932
          Brown, Mary M. "Mother"  26 Jan.1857-11 Oct.1897  wife of W.F.
          Brown, Raymond  3 Apr.1907-ndd
          Brown, W.F. "Father" 27 Aug.1858-30 Oct.1934
          Cantrell, Elizabeth  1828-1901
          Cantrell, Hugh  15 June 1833-7 Aug.1894
          Carpenter, Conrad  23 Aug.1799-15 Nov.1865
          Carpenter, Conrad H. 1837-1906
          Carpenter, Emeline M. 7 Nov.1806-17 May 1873
          Carpenter, George R. son of C.H.& H.F. 1864-1884
          Carpenter, Sarah D. wife of J.C. 1845-1875
          Carroll, W.P.  died of a stroke in March 1906
          Chandler, Sidney 24 Oct.1892 age 33 years
          Clark, James A. bin Mississippi 1833- died 1891
          Conyers, Earl  27 Nov.1908-10 Sept.1972
          Conyers, Ruby  10 May 1914-ndd???   wife of Earl
          Cook, Ellen wife of J.A. 22 Nov.1858-5 Oct.1885
          Cook, J.A.  1853-1888
          Crumpacker, Abrey B. wife of O.H. 18 June 1876-17 Aug.1897
          Crumpacker, Catherine J. 1848-1923
          Crumpacker, Granville B. 1844-1923
          Dutton, George H. died 1910
          Dutton, Elizabeth died 1921
          Edwards, Goldiah  29 Jan. 1896-23 Sept.1896 chid of Lawson & Estella
          Edwards, Infant  15 June 1897-30 June 1897 child of Lawson & Estella
          Edwards, Junie 23 Oct.1892- 23 Sept.1896 child of Lawson & Estella
          Edwards, Zula  21 Feb.1893-23 Sept.1896 child of Lawson & Estella
          Feemster, Robert Eli 1839-1921 CSA
          Feemster, S.E. 16 June 1875-2 May 1916
          Flatt, Cleode  1 Oct.1899-3 June 1900 son of C.A.& B.
          Fortenberry, B.W.    July 1857-30 Jan. 1938
          Fortenberry, Louisiana King , wife of B.W.  20 July 1856-22 Dec.1940
          Fortenberry, S.W.   1851- 1933
          Franklin, Gus  d. 22 Dec,1980
          Franklin, Ila    d. 25 Oct,1990
          Fry, Ahab (Adah?)  11 Apr.1880-20 Oct.1907 dau. of M.A.& Mary
          Fry, Infant dau. of Jerry & Adelia b & d 23 Dec.1917
          Fry, W.A.  1 May 1851-23 Nov.1917
          Fry, William A. b & d 30 Oct.1915 child of Jerry & Adelia
          Hamil, Mary A.  20 Nov.1819-13 Nov.1892
          Hintz, Ida M. 11 May 1901-26 June 1973 wife of Paul
          Hintz, Paul J.  31 July 1893-26 June 1970
          Hoskins, Margaret wife of J.H.  3 Sept.1854-10 Mar.1893
          Howell, Ida E.    Apr. - 31 Dec.1945
          Howell, Lula May 18 Feb.1919-20 May ??
          Howell, ? M. 5? June 1871-13 Sept.19??
          Hughes, John T.  3 Nov.1844-4 June 1899
          Johnson, Bettie Lou 4 Dec.1882-1 Mar.1885
          Johnson, Catherine 1827-1894
          Johnson, Hughes  1840-1899
          Johnson, Philip H. hus. of H.c. 1814-1878
          Jolley, Infant of J.B.& Lizzie b & d 1892
          Jones, Aubry child of A.L.N. Jones no dates
          Jones, Infant  7 Nov.1899-24 Nov.1899 son of O.& M.E.
          Jones, Lola  child of A.L.N. Jones no dates
          Jones, M.Winnie dau. of J.N.& M.R. 20 June 1889-27 Oct.1890
          Jones, Martha R. 7 Apr.1872-27 Oct.1890   wife of J.N.
          Jones, Ridley child of A.L.N.Jones no dates
          Kerr, C. J. 1852-1899
          Kerr, Mary 1801-1893
          Kerr, Virginia E. dau. of C.J. & L.  4 Apr.1876-16 Jan.1892
          Kerr, William D. son of C.J.& L. 14 Feb.1870-9 Feb.1890
          Kirkpatrick, L.A. 1861-  20 Jan.1894
          Lamb, Chester R.  19 June 1887-6 June 1904 son of E.J.& S.E.
          Lehtiner, Oina K.  20 Aug.1921-27 Aug.1980 WWII vet
          Lehtiner, Oppie M.  4 Apg.1921-12 Oct.1981
          Massengale, D.T. 6 Sept.1844-10 Jan.1888
          Massengale, Louisa M.M. 17 May 1842-16 May 1872 wif of W.Y.
          Massengale, Margaret B. wife of W.Y  9 Nov.1814-13 July 1856
          Massengale, W.Y  6 Eleven 1814-22 Sept.1883
          McClendon, Harris   1820-1871 CSA
          McElwee, A.E. wife of J.J. 21 Sept.1854-5 Sept.l888
          McKeel, Boyce Edwards 11 Feb.1896-18 Feb.1896
          McKinney, Parilee  8 Aug.1846-29 May 1892
          McLendon, J.Harris b. Sumner Co. SC 19 June 1820-14  Apr.1871 CSA
          Meade, Frances E. wife of J. M. 25 Jul.1828-25 Aug. 1893
                (same stone with J.M.)
          Meade, J. M. born 3 Nov. 1821-23 died Apr 1896 (same stone with Frances E.)
          Meade, Middleton 17 Aug 1857-5 Aug 1887
          Moore, Alice  wife of Isham  wed 1909 died 1910
          Moore, Elizabeth J. wife of J.H. 10 Jan. 1837-12 Dec.1872
          Moore, G.A. 1844-1923
          Moore, Sallie 1845-1903 wife of G.A.
          Nance, Susie E. Meade wife of W.S. 6 May 1867-9 Oct.1896
          Neeley, Clayton 23 Feb.1900-8 June 1964
          Neeley, Floyd Milton  10 Mar.1917-15 Mar.1918
          Neeley, Marie  26 July 1904-19 Nov.1969
          Nelms, Kenneth Eugene 17 Jan 1936-9 Dec 2000  son of Reginald Raymond & Delia Ann Brown Nelms.
             He wed Jesse Brown
          Parker, Nancy A. 9 Jan. 1849-21 Apr.1897
          Parrish, Ann M. 1827-1908
          Pettigrew, Mattie Lee dau. of W.C. & M.N. 1876-1879
          Pinson, Ethel  16 Feb.1892-5 June 1892 son of B.F.& Mattie
          Pinson, Mattie A. wife of B.F. 26 Feb.1874-25 Feb.1892
          Poeck, Esther F.  24 Mar. 1912-ndd wife of Rudolph
          Poeck, Rudolph W. 12 Aug.1912-22 Nov.1974
          Quarler, J.J. died 9 Oct.1895 age 95 years
          Quarler, Mary died 12 Mar.1893 age 73 years
          Sanders, Dica A. wife of J.L. 25 Dec.1859-12 Apr.1887
          Scott, ? 10 Aug.1891-8 Jan.1906 child of J.B.& J.
          Scott, Alvin Raymond 29 Mar. 1902-30 Apr.1926
          Scott, DeWitt Robert    19 Aug. 1895 - 29 Mar 1934
          Scott, Henry Herbert
          Scott, Lula Kate  10 Jan.1891-28 Feb.1926
          Scott, Martha Hattie (Nash) Peterson Scott: 20 Aug. 1964 - 11 Nov. 1923  (3rd wife of James Robert)
          Scott, James Robert 20 Aug, 1864-6 Jan.1904
          Spence, Ann Eliza  wife of W.M. 14 Apr.1833-26 Sept.1857
          Spence, R.Earl 1894-1904
          Spence, J.P. 14 Apr.1809-11 Dec.1875
          Spence, Virginia C. wife of W.M. 1838-1903
          Spence, W.M. 1833-1905
          Stevens, Elizabeth  20 Apr.1807-1 Feb.1866
          Stevens, Emmett 5 Aug.1843-6 July 1884
          Stevens, Lewis 14 Feb.1800-15 Sept.1877
          Stroud, Mary  wife of T. W.  1851-1885
          Ramsey, Betty  18 mar.1838-26 Mar.1932
          Ramsey, Betty Maurene 25 Jan.1909-19 Oct.1910
          Ramsey, Lemuel 24 Aug.1824-1 Sept.1910 Co. C, 16th TX Cavalry CSA.
          Ramsey, Thomas M. 4 Dec.1874-7 May 1942
          Sanders, H.N. 7 Mar. 1856-30 Nov.1902
          Shepard, Mary A. 1 June 1848-22 Jan.1908
          Sneed, M.J. 10 Dec.1860-9 Apr.1903
          Stevens, Elizabeth  1807-1866
          Stevens, Emmett 1843-1884
          Stevens, Lewis 1900-1877
          Stoehner, Herbert  24 Jan.1903-5 Jan.1972
          Stoehner, Lydia   24 Jan.1909-10 Mar.1982
          Stroud, Infant  9 Aug.1886-18 Aug.1886 child of W.E.& J.Anna
          Stroud, Maggie  8 Jan.1843-26 Nov.1933 wife of T.M.
          Stroud, Mary J. wife of T.M. 16 July 1851-4 June 1886
          Stroud, Ralph  25 Mar.1902-28 Aug.1902 son of N.A.& Viola
          Stroud, T.M.  19 Sept.1847-30 Apr.1928
          Stroud,  Viola 15 May 1881 - 5 March 1910  wife of Noah Stroud
               (daughter of James Robert SCOTT and his 2nd wife
          Summers, Infant 7 Sept.1900- 8 Sept.1900 child of A.J.& Annie
          Summers, Infant 12 July 1899-13 July 1899 child of A.J.& Annie
          Summers, Infant 3 Nov.1897-10 Jan. 1898 child of A.J.& Annie
          Tidwell, Susan  21 Apr.1858-9 Dec.1937
          Watson, James E. 1 Sept.1890-27 June 1891 son of R.W.? & M.E.
          Watson, W.R. 1866-1894
          Weaver, Celia A. wife of J.R. 1869-1901
          Weaver, J.R. 1866-1939
          Wheeler, Fannie A. dau. of Peyton & M.J. 1866-1867
          Wheeler, Mary Jane 12 Apr.1871-4 Mar.1896
          Wheeler, Nancy J. 28 Sept.1814-21 Dec.1888
          Wherley, Martha wife of W.W. 1850-1902
          Wherley, Mary A. 7 Oct.1902-25 Aug.1908 dau. of Minnie Wherley
          Wilson, James son of William & L. C. 1868-1887
          White, John 1873-1919
          Williams, Eddie 12 May 1902-25 Sept.1960
          Williams, Fannie 1879-1962
          Williamson, Allen son of R.T.& M.L. 1878-1879
          Wilson, James A. son of W.M.& L.G. ?? 21 Nov.1868-26 May 1887
          Winchester, Cora L. wife of Bob 17 Sept.1877-16 Mar.1894
          Wright, Jasper 22 Nov.1852-26 Nov.1933
          Wright, Victoria M. 23 Sept.1851-4 Feb.1938


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