1930 County Home Census- Fannin County Texas
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sent in by Patsy Finley Vinson

Taken 1 Apr 1930

Name, Relationship, sex, race, age at last birthday, married or single ,
school, able to read and write,Place of birth, place of birth of Father -  Mother , Employment

Fannin Co. TX 1930 Census, JP#1, ED 74-1 p. 141
Fannin County Poor Farm (31)

Smith, James B. head   no MW  75 m  32  no yes  TN TN TN  Supt. House
Smith, Laura  wife   no FW   64 m  21   no yes  TX TX TX   none

Lumley, Lilly
     inmate  no FW   40 D  24  no yes  OK US Us  none
Lumley, Dora
     inmate  no FW   13 S        yes yes  OK OK OK none
Lumley, Mamie B.
     inmate  no FW     8 S        yes         OK OK OK  none
Lumley, John H.
    inmate  no MW     7 S         yes         Ok OK OK  none
Lumley, Elmer
    inmate  no MW      5 S       No          OK OK OK  none
Young, Cynthia
    inmate no FW       44 D        No yes    TX VA VA  none
Young, Nellie
    inmate no FW       15 S        yes yes TX US US  none
Young, Venus
     inmate no FW      8 S       Yes           TX US US  none
Garnett, Martha M.
     Inmate no FW    75 wd 28  no yes    TN NC VA     none
Napiers, Zelena
     inmate no FW    18 S         no yes    TX US US      none
Ferguson, Nell
     inmate no MW     65 wd 27  no no    AR VA TN      none
Gurm, J.M.
     inmate no MW      59 wd 22  no        TN TN TN      none
Finley, Robert L.
     inmate           No MW     57 s   no no   TN TN TN   none
Miller, George C.
     inmate          No MW    76 wd 30  no yes   TX US US  none
Davenport, John
    inmate no MW      80 m   22  no yes      AL SC SC   none
Adair, Eola C.
    inmate no MW      56 S          No no      MS MS MS   none
Page, David
     inmate no MW      80 D    60  no no      AR AR AR   none
Storme, William
     inmate no MW   70 wd   20   no yes    GA GA GA     none
Oraan, Nabain L.
     inmate no MW     59 S  no yes TN TN VA  none
Gordon, I. Hortoa
     inmate no MW  56 wd   55    No yes SC IR SC  none
Hargrove, William
      inmate no MW  79 wd   30     No no TN NC NC      none
Nest, Harry
    inmate no MW  83 wd   33     no yes     KY KY VA   none
Stepp, Abe
     inmate no MW  69 m   no no MS MS MS     none
Henton, Dan
   inmate no MW  65 S   no no TX TX TX       none
Davenport, Mary
   inmate no FW  65 wd 22  no no Mo KY KY      none
Jones, Jim
   inmate no MW  33 wd 20        No no TX TX TX       none
Bodine, Marie
   inmate no FW  33   S  no no MO TX TX  none
Bass, Minnie
   inmate no FW  50    S           No no TX US US      none
Jackson, Jim
   inmate no MW  70 wd  no yes TX US US      none


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