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1860 Mortality Census

    The year covered would be mid 1859 through mid 1860
    name               age/sex  ,month of death, where born, cause of death/Job 

    Austin, M.A.              28 F   ,Feb.,        b in Mo.    ,Typhoid Fever 
    Baldwin, E.E.           30 F   ,Sep.,        b in Tn.    ,Typhoid Fever 
    Barns, Mary F.           7 F   ,Jan.,        b in Tx.     ,Typhoid Fever 
     ? ,Biggerstaff  1 month, M, Apr.,     b in Tx.     ,unknown 
    J.M., Biggerstaff     3  M   ,Mar.,         b in Tx.    ,Poison 
    Braly, Virginia    11 months F,Dec.  b in Tx.    ,Croup 
    Brown, Leon          50 M   ,Jul.           b in Tn.    ,Unk.     /Farmer 
    Butler, Christiania  24 F   ,Aug.        b in Tn.    ,Consumption 
    Caldwell, H.B.     1 Month M,Feb.     b in Tx.    ,Unk. 
    Caldwell, S.H.    2 Months M,Mar.         b in Tx.    ,Croup 
    Carter, C.A.                7 F   ,Dec.         b in Mo.    ,Unk. 
    Chadwell, N.M.          8 F   ,Dec.         b in Tn.    ,Typhoid Fever 
    Cleavland, L.            1 M   ,May          b in Tx.    ,Flux * see notes 
    Compton, S.E.              5 M   ,..           b in Tx.    ,Conjestion 
    Covington, J.M.       46 M   ,May        b in Tn.    ,Typhoid Fever 
    Crawford, S.A.         5 M   ,Nov.         b in Tx.    ,Pneumonia  
    Delk, Mary                28 F   ,Feb.         b in SC     ,Apoplexy 
    Erving, C.B.              2 M   ,Sep.         b in Tx.    ,Flux 
    Foster,W.J.                2 M   ,Oct.         b in Tx.    ,Croup 
    Hackley,Thomas   14 M   ,Jan.         b in Ky.    ,Unk. 
    Hendricks, R.A.      15 F   ,Nov.         b in Ill.   ,Typhoid Fever 
    Henry, Texana        22 F.  ,Nov.         b in Tx.    ,Typhoid Fever 
    Henslee, Mary A.  1 month F ,Aug.  b in Tx.    ,Unk. 
    Hobbs, John           20 M   ,Jan.         b in Ill.   ,Congested Brain 
    Inglish, James       15 M   ,Jan.         b in Tx.    ,Unk. 
    James, William       63 M   ,Oct.         b in Tn.    ,Typhoid Fever 
    Leek, James L.   4 Months M ,Nov.   b in Tx.    ,Croup 
    Light, Amanda        45 F   ,Feb.         b in Tx.    ,Unk. 
    Lyday, Mary C.       16 F   ,Nov.         b in Tx.    ,Fever 
    McClure, Rebecca    75 F   ,Nov.     b in NC     ,Inflamed Lungs  
    McDonald, D.     8 Months F ,May   b in Tx.    ,Unk. 
    McPhail, Mary        18 F   ,Jun.         b in Tn.    ,Fever 
    Moore, Curtis        60 M   ,Jan.         b in NC     ,Consumption /Farmer 
    Morris, Nancy        63 F   ,Dec.         b in Ky     ,Pneumonia 
    Routh, Henry W. 4 Months M  ,May  b in Tx.    ,Congestion of Bowels  
    Self, Catherine      77 F   ,Feb.         b in Pa.    ,Kings Evil*(see notes) 
    Sloan, E.       3 Months F  ,Sep.         b in Tx.    ,Unk. 
    Stewart, L.P.           38 F   ,Sep.         b in Tn.    ,Flux 
    Story, May W.        30 F   ,Dec.         b in Tx.    ,Heart Disease 
    Sylvester, J.W.       64 M   ,Oct.         b in NY     ,Unk. / Farmer 
    Underwood, E.        21 F   ,Feb.         b in Tn.    ,Flux 
    Usher, C.M.              21 M   ,Apr.         b in Mo.    ,Consumption/ Printer 
    Webb, Eliza              40 F   ,May          b in ?      ,Consumption 
    V.C.Whedbee             7 F   ,Jul.         b in Mo.    ,Cholera 
    Wilson, Eliza C.      27 F   ,Sep.         b in Ky     ,Pneumonia 
    Woodfin, M. I.          21 F   ,Dec.         b in Tn.    ,Pneumonia 
    Woods, Levi H.       11 M   ,Apr.         b in Tx.    ,Inflamed Brain 

    * kings Evil is Primary tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands, 
     especially those in the neck.The name originated in the time of  
    Edward the Confessor, with the belief that the disease could be 
    cured by the  touch of the King of England or by drinking the  
    water in which the king  had washed his hands. 
    This usually is a disease of Children or teens so it makes you wonder what she had. Perhaps Lumphatic Cancer. 

    * Flux is dysentery

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