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Arthur, Don Carl 04 Apr 1902 22 Jul 1972 Cheryl Bada

Husband of Vera Ottice Burnett (daughter of William Calvin Burnett and Jane Ann McCurdy).

Barbee, Dee Rufus 01 Feb 1889 02 Feb 1964 Cheryl Bada
Barbee, Gayle Maxweldon 08 Sept 1916 07 Sept 1949 Cheryl Bada
Bettis, Effie Landrum Dorris 19 Oct 1882 01 May 1968 Cheryl Bada
Blackstone, Adelia Frances Burnett 06 Nov 1836 28 Feb 1919 Cheryl Bada
Notes on Adelia Burnett Blackstone:  Husband - John Blackstock; Father - Nathaniel Burnett; Mother - Elizabeth Ann Oaks
Bridges, Kit 06 Apr 1890 20 Nov 1970    
Bridges, Nathaniel S. 21 Jul 1853 06 Jun 1920    
Bridges, Thomas M. 27 Nov 1885 26 Apr 1967    
Bryan, Glendora Tava Burnett 22 Mar 1909 14 Oct 1962 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Alvie Columbus  18 Apr 1898 07 Mar 1966 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Alfred Haywood 18 Apr 1898 24 Jul 1975 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Alice Langston 23 Sept 1873 20 Oct 1958 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Annie Snead 07 Nov 1889 03 Dec 1970 Cheryl Bada
Notes on Annie Snead Burnett:  Wife of  Vernon Columbus Burnett.  Vernon Columbus, son of Pleasant Allen & Florida Jane Campbell Burnett.
Burnett, Asberry Lee 29 Nov 1885 12 Oct 1951 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Charlie Culberson 10 Oct 1896 23 Oct 1944 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Charlie Price 01 May 1896 13 Apr 1978 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Columbus Price   04 Apr 1911 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Damon Pete 29 Jan 1906 30 Jul 1966 Cheryl Bada

Born in Purves, Erath County, Texas.

Burnett, Ella Nora Jones 15 Apr 1875 06 Dec 1967 Cheryl Bada

Wife of Robert Lee Burnett (son of Pleasant Allen Burnett and Florida Jane Campbell).

Burnett, Ervin John 23 Aug 1905 09 Jul 1987 Cheryl Bada

He was the son of James Rufus Burnett and Lucy Knox and was born in Erath County.

Burnett, Ernest Price 01 Mar 1897 23 Oct 1968 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Florida Jane Campbell 04 Mar 1853 12 Dec 1938 Cheryl Bada
Burnett, Francis Marion 30 Jul 1871 11 Dec 1950 Cheryl Bada

Son of James H. Burnett and Mary Ann Stracener.

Davis, Beulah Louise White 23 Aug 1911 01 Dec 1976 Cheryl Bada

Daughter of Thomas Jones White (son of John Bradford White and Susan Frances Barbee) and Maggie Leana Durham.

Eades, Sarah Whatley April 1863 07 Jul 1904    
Glazier, Henrietta Horton 06 Mar 1868 16 Dec 1917    
Hammitt, Dollie Matilda White 20 Oct 1885 06 Sept 1930 Cheryl Bada

Daughter of John Bradford White and Susan Frances Barbee.  Born in Erath County.

Pittman, Emily Eliza Thornton 17 Dec 1886 02 May 1946 Cheryl Bada
Porterfield, Ella Armenia Burnett 29 Aug 1884 16 Jun 1968 Cheryl Bada

Daughter of Pleasant Allen Burnett and Florida Jane Campbell.  Husband of Blufford Rollen Porterfield (son of James Nelson Porterfield and Frances Irene Bettis).  She was born in Erath County.

Porterfield, Frances Irene Bettis 27 Sept 1861 27 Apr 1844 Cheryl Bada
Ray, Eda Frances Burnett     Cheryl Bada
Stephen, Alexander Hamilton     Cheryl Bada
Stephen, Charles Edmund 22 Aug 1875 29 Oct 1864 Cheryl Bada
Stephen, Dola Elizabeth Currier 16 Mar 1880 04 May 1970 Cheryl Bada

Wife of Alexander Hamilton Stephen.

Stephen, Edsel Wayne 06 Jan 1939 02 Jan 1959 Cheryl Bada
Stephen, Edward Marion Frank 20 Dec 1886 25 Apr 1941 Cheryl Bada

Son of Madison Leander Stephen.  Born in Erath County.

Stephen, Roberta Florence Capell     Cheryl Bada
Stephens, Almeda Jane Logan 07 Mar 1869 14 Jan 1944    
Stephens, Jackson Van 15 May 1840 28 May 1916    
Stephens, William Texas 14 Oct 1919    
Tackett, Alva Jackson 19 Jun 1891 18 Mar 1965 Cheryl Bada
Thornton, Clifford Henry 19 Feb 1893 29 Jun 1967 Cheryl Bada

Grandson of William Henry Stracener and Harriet Matilda Howard.

Treadway, Ada Nancy Burnett 16 Sept 1878 19 Sept 1948 Cheryl Bada
Treadway, Gilbert Henry 15 May 1869 03 Sept 1958 Cheryl Bada
Vann, Dallas Clifton 04 Jan 1899 20 Aug 1967 Cheryl Bada

Son of Allie Theresa Porterfield (daughter of James Nelson Porterfield and Frances Irene Bettis) and Jesse Samuel Vann.  He was born in Erath County, Texas.

White, Arizona Gilbreath 11 Sept 1881 09 Jan 1931 Cheryl Bada
White, Eva Hannon 28 Sept 1880 07 Jun 1938 Cheryl Bada

Eva was born in Erath County.  She was the wife of Leander Jackson White (son of Rufus Bean White and Emily Ann Howard).

White, John Bradford     Cheryl Bada

Notes:  John Bradford White is the son of Rufus White.  He was born on November 25, 1847 in Mississippi and died on August 22, 1905 in Dublin, Erath County.

Yarbrough, Amanda Melvina Burnett     Cheryl Bada

Notes:  Daughter of Nathaniel Burnett and Elizabeth Ann Oaks.  Married (1) William Martin in Harrison County, Texas and (2) John Glazier Yarbrough.  Born in Knox County, Tennessee.

Bridges, Kit, b. Erath Co., TX

State of Texas: 014-01-2   050-02  Certificate of Death  State File No. 76976

Place of Death: County - Bell; City - Temple: Length of Stay: 4 mos; Name of Hospital or Institution - Veterans Administration Center; 

Usual Residence:  State: Texas; County - Coryell; Town - Gatesville; Street Address:  207 N. 8th Street; Residence inside city limits?  Yes; Residence on a farm?  No;

Name of Deceased: Kit Bridges;  Date of Death - November 20, 1970;  Sex: Male;  Color or Race:  White; Married;  Date of Birth:  4-6-90;  Age - 79 yrs; Usual Occupation:  Mechanic - Mail Carrier;  Birthplace:  Stephenville, Texas, U. S. A.

Father's Name:  Nathaniel Bridges;  Mother's Maiden Name:  Maggie Phillips; 

Was deceased ever in U. S. Armed Forces?  Yes, WWI;

Informant:  Official Veterans Administration Records; 

Cause of Death:  Bronchopneumonia;  5 days;  Gastric hemorrhage site undetermined; 3 days; Other Significant conditions - Chronic Brain syndrome;

I hereby certify that VA attended the deceased from July 21, 1970 to November 20, 1970;  Death occurred at 7:35 a.m. on the date stated above and to the best of my knowledge from the causes stated.

Signature:  J. H. Kimmons, M.D.;  Address: VA Center, Temple, Texas; Date signed: 11-20-70;

Removal on 11/20/70 to Gatesville, Texas;  Name of Cemetery - Unknown; Funeral Director's Signature - H. Wade Sheffield [sig]; Registrar's File No. 987;  Date Rec'd by Local Registrar:  11-25-70;  Registrar's Signature - Claude H. Thompson? ;  B. Pietzach.

Transcription provided by: Linda Blum-Barton


Bridges, Nathaniel S., b. Coweta Co., GA

Texas Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Standard Certificate of Death

Place of Death; County - Erath; City - Stephensville; Registered No. 131

Full Name: Nathaniel S. Bridges

Length of residence in city or town where death occurred - 45 years.

Sex:  Male;  Color or Race: White;  Marital Status - Widowed;

Date of Birth: July 21, 1853;  Age: 67 yrs, 10 mos, 17 days

Occupation: Farmer; Birthplace: Georgia

Name of Father: Tom Bridges;  Birthplace of Father: Do not know

Maiden Name of Mother: Moses;  Birthplace of Mother: Tenn.

Informant: Tom Bridges Jr.;  Address: SVille

Filed: June 7, 1920

J. J. Pate [sig] Registrar

Date of Death: June 7, 1920

I hereby certify that I attended deceased from [for 1 year] to June 6th, 1920.  that I last saw him alive on June 6th, 1920 and that death occurred, on the date stated above, at 4 a.m.  The cause of death was as follows:  Carcinomas Liver

Signed: J. B. Gurs???, M. D.; 6 - 7- 1920; Address: Stephenville

Place of Burial or Removal - West End Cemetery; Date of Burial: 6-8-1920;

Undertaker: F. C. McConkele?  Address: Sville, Tex.

Transcription & Additional Information provided by: Linda Blum-Barton

Nathaniel S. Bridges was one of 11 children born in Coweta County, GA to Thomas W. & Mary Elizabeth Moses Bridges. I have his birth date as 21 July 1851 according to his mother's Bible.  He was married in Erath County, TX on 18 Jul 1880 to Maggie or Mattie L. Phillips.  See more information and correspondence on my personal website - Blum-Barton

According to the 1910 Census, Maggie had 7 children with 4 living.  I have the following listed as their children: Unknown, died before 1910; Roscoe Bridges, d. Erath County, June 1883 - this is total supposition on my part that he may have been one of their deceased children - found a news article about his death but it did not list his parents;  Thomas M. Bridges, Louis Bridges, Kit Bridges, Mary Lee Bridges and Lena Bridges. 

Thomas M. Bridges - Have assumed this Thomas M. is Nat's son due to burial transcriptions found online at City of Stephenville's website. Buried in same plot as Nathaniel with his wife and children. He is not in Nat's 1900 Census HH in Erath Co. In 1910 Census, there is a male, age 24, his first name appears to end as ssa but could be Thomas and the middle initial looked like a W which is easily mistaken for an M. This son is working in retail at a drug store. Tom Bridges Jr. signed Nat's death certificate.

Louis Bridges - b. Nov 1885 - possibly died before 1910.

Kit Bridges - b. 06 Apr 1890 - d. 20 Nov 1970, Buried at Pearl Cemetery, Pearl, Coryell Co., TX with his wife, Lucy Kate Carpenter.  In 1910 Federal Census, is in HH of parents in Stephenville, Erath Co., TX as single.

Mary Lee and Lena Bridges are both in their parents' HH in 1900 & 1910.  Mary Lee b. Oct 1892 and Lena b. Nov. 1894.  No further information.


Bridges, Thomas M. b. 27 Nov 1885, Stephensville, Erath Co., TX

State of Texas: 072-01-2  072-01;  Certificate of Death - State File No. 30382

Place of Death:  County, Erath; City: Stephenville; Length of Stay:  75 yrs.;

Name of Hospital or Institution: Stephenville Hospital; 

Usual Residence:  State: Texas; County: Erath; City: Stephenville; Street Address: 720 N. Lillian; Residence inside City Limits?  Yes; Residence on a farm?  No;

Name of Deceased:  Thomas M. Bridges;  Date of Death:  April 26, 1967;

Sex: Male; Color or Race:  White;  Married;  Usual Occupation:  Pharmacist;  Kind of Business: Drugs;

Date of Birth:  Nov. 27, 1885;  Age 81yrs.; Birthplace: Stephenville, Texas., U. S. A.

Fathers Name:  S. N. Bridges; Was Deceased ever in Armed Forces?  No;

Mother's Maiden Name:  Maggie Philips; 

Informant:  Mrs. Allyne Bridges, wife.

Cause of death:  Cardiac Failure;  Due to Entercolitis - 4 mos.;  Due to Antibiotic Therapy; Other Significant Conditions contributing to death but not related to the terminal disease condition give, in part:  Gastric resection and jejunostomy for massive upper GI bleeding;  Was Autopsy Performed?  Yes

I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from 9/16/62 to 4/26/67 and last saw the deceased alive on 4/26/67.  Death occurred at 11:20 p.m.

Signature:  [can't read]  Address: Stephenville Hospital & Clinic; Date Signed: 5/8/67;

Burial; 4/28/67; Stephenville, Texas.  West End Cemetery;  Funeral Director - Stephenville Funeral Home - [sig] K. E. Jones;

Registrar's File No. 519; Date Rec'd by Local Registrar:  5-8-67; Registrar's Signature F. D. Hicks;

Transcription provided by: Linda Blum-Barton


Eades, Sarah Whatley

Erath County Record Book Located in Court House
Eighth person listed is Sarah (Whatley) Eades
Record reads:  Sarah Eades, White, Female, 41 years 8 months, nativity - American, Alien or Citizen - Citizen, Date of Death - 7 July 1904, Time - 9a, Place of Death - 5 miles W of Bluff Dale, Cause of Death - Measles, Physician - M L Holt (?) Bluff Dale
Sarah (Whatley) Eades was born in April 1863. She lived in Mississippi until moving to Texas in 1894 with her husband, family and mother - in - law.  They boarded the train at Winona, Mississippi to come to Erath County.  Sarah was the mother of 11 children Thomas, Odis, Oscar, Arizonia, Charlie, Elmer, Minnie, Noah, Mary, J. D. and Vernon.
William and Sarah are buried in Acrea Cemetery, Erath County, Texas with their son Charlie.

Submitted by - Brenda Bulin Hammons



Glazier, Henrietta Horton, wife of Thomas W. Glazier b. Pike Co., Ga

Collection: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976
Name: Henrita Glazier
Death date: 16 Dec 1917
Death place: Dublin, Erath, Texas
Gender: Female
Race or color (on document): white
Age at death: 49 years 9 months 10 days
Estimated birth year:
Birth date: 06 Mar 1868
Birth place: Pike Co., Ga.
Marital status: Married
Father name: Payton Horton
Mother name: Amelia Cook
Mother birth place: Ga.
Occupation: House Keeping
Cemetery name: Old Dublin Cem.
Burial date: 17 Dec 1917
Additional relatives: X
Film number: 2052018
Digital GS number: 4165778
Image number: 1793
Reference number: cn 34653
Collection: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976

Additional Information & Transcription provided by Valerie Johnson Freeman
Descendants of Henrietta "Etta" Horton

 1   Henrietta "Etta" Horton b: 6 Mar 1868 Pike Co., Georgia   d: 16 Dec
1917 Dublin, Erath Co., Texas Burial: 17 Dec 1917 Old Dublin Cemetery -
Dublin, Erath Co., Texas    Father: Peyton Flourney Horton   Mother:
Permelia Jane "Amelia" Cook
 +Thomas William Glazier b: Jan 1860 Texas (Wood Co.)  m: 31 Jan 1884 in
Pike Co., Georgia d: 8 Nov 1924 Gorman, Eastland Co., Texas Burial: 9 Nov
1924 Old Dublin Cemetery - Dublin, Erath Co., Texas  Father: Hiram F.
Glazier Mother: Jane ?_______ (Darnell?)

~ 2   William Franklin Glazier b: 16 Feb 1885 Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia
d: 18 Jan 1954 Denison, Grayson Co., Texas (Res. of DeLeon, Comanche Co.,
Tx) Burial: 18 Jan 1954 DeLeon Cemetery - DeLeon, Comanche Co., Texas

~ 2   Mary Jane Glazier b: 6 Jul 1887 Macon, Bibb Co., Georgia   d: 2 Feb
1944 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas Burial: 4 Feb 1944 Mt. Olivet - Fort
Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas
~~  +?_______ Daniel       Father: Mother:

~ 2   Annie S. Glazier b: Oct 1889 Georgia

~ 2   Walter Glazier b: 27 Oct 1891 Georgia   d: 31 Oct 1904 Dublin, Erath
Co., Texas

~ 2   Clara Glazier b: Jul 1899 Georgia
~~  +Dixan Gilspey Turnipseed b: 30 Sep 1893 Ellis Co., Texas   d: 10 Aug
1936 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas Burial: 12 Aug 1936 Old Dublin
Cemetery - Dublin, Erath Co., Texas  Father: Edward Scott Turnipseed Mother:
Ellen Sims
~~~~ 3   John Scott Turnipseed b: 22 Dec 1916 Erath Co., Texas   d: 15 Dec
1920 Dublin, Erath Co., Texas Burial: 16 Dec 1920 Old Dublin Cemetery -
Dublin, Erath Co., Texas
1860 Census - Precinct No. 3, Wood Co., Texas; P.O. Quitman; pg. 48
HH as of June 1, 1860 - Enumerated July 3, 1860 - #247-242
H. F. Grazier, 22, M,  -- / $350, Geo
Jane, 22, F, Farmer, Geo
Thos, 5 mos, M, Tex
Thos F. Darnell, 19, M, Farmer, -- $600, Geo
1870 Census - Ninth District, Meriwether Co., Georgia; PO Greenville; pg.
HH as of June 1, 1870 - Enumerated July 4, 1870 - #190-190
Hiram Glazier, 34, M W, Farmer, Ga
Martha, 26, F W, Keeping House, Ga
Thomas, 10, M W, Ga, attd school
Joseph, 7, M W, Ga, attd school
Babe, 2 mos, M W, Ga, b. May
1880 Census - District 545, Pike Co., Georgia; pg. 22A
Hyrum GLAZIER   Self   M   Male   W   40   GA   Farmer   GA   GA
Martha GLAZIER   Wife   M   Female   W   35   GA   At Home   GA   GA
Thomas GLAZIER   Son   S   Male   W   20   GA   At Home   GA   GA
Joseph GLAZIER   Son   S   Male   W   19   GA   At Home   GA   GA
Charles GLAZIER   Son   S   Male   W   14   GA   At Home   GA   GA
John GLAZIER   Son   S   Male   W   8   GA   At Home   GA   GA
Whitfield GLAZIER   Son   S   Male   W   4   GA   At Home   GA   GA
Howard GLAZIER   Son   S   Male   W   3   GA   At Home   GA   GA
Sanford PUCKETT   Other   S   Male   W   22   GA   Farm Laborer   GA   GA
1900 Census - Hollonville Militia District 534, Pike Co., Georgia; ED 80;
pg. 5A/5B
HH as of June 1, 1900 - Enumerated June 6, 1900
Hiram Glazier, head, W M, May 1838, 62, Wd, Ga Ga Ga
John H., son, W M, May 1873, 27, S, Ga Ga Ga
Whitfield, son, W M, Nov 1875, 24, S, Ga Ga Ga
Howard, son, W M, Dec 1878, 21, S, Ga Ga Ga
Lyman, son, W M, Oct 1880, 19, S, Ga Ga Ga
Benjamin, son, W M, May 1882, 18, S, Ga Ga Ga
Hiram, son, W M, Feb 1884, 16, S, Ga Ga Ga
Lizzie, dau, W F, May 1887, 13, S, Ga Ga Ga

Thomas Glazier, head, W M, Jan 1860, 40, M 16 yrs, Tx Ga Ga, Farmer
Henretta, wife, W F, Mch 1868, 32, M 16 yrs, 5/8 children, Ga Ga Ga
William F., son, W M, Feb 1885, 15, S, Ga Tx Ga, Farm Laborer
Mary J., dau, W F, July 1887, 12, S, Ga Tx Ga, at school
Annie S., dau, W F, Oct 1889, 10, S, Ga Tx Ga
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Walter, son, W M, Oct 1891, 8, S, Ga Tx Ga
Clara, dau, W F, Jul 1899, 10 mos, S, Ga Tx Ga
1910 Census - Justice Precinct No. 2 - Dublin City - Ward 3, Erath Co.,
Texas; ED 23; pg. 1A
HH as of April 15, 1910 - Enumerated April 15, 1910 - #10-10
Thomas W. Glazier, head, M W, 50, M 1x for 26 yrs, Tx US Ga, carpenter -
Henrietta, wife, F W, 42, M 1x for 26 yrs, 4/8 children, Ga US US
Clara, dau, F W, 10, S, Ga Tx Ga
1920 Census - Justice Precinct 5 - DeLeon, Comanche Co., Texas; ED 82; pg.
HH as of January 1, 1920 - Enumerated January 23, 1920
Navarro St -  HH #61-81
William F. Glazier, head, M W, 25, M, Ga Ga GA, engineer - locomotive
Madie, wife, F W, 23, M, Tx Tx Tx
Hortense, dau, F W, 7, S, Tx Ga Tx
W. F., Jr., son, M W, 5, S, Tx Ga Tx
Claunese, dau, F W, 2 y 8 m, S, Tx Ga Tx
Tom, father, M W, no age, Wd, Ga Tx Tx
Frank, nephew, M W, 16, S, Tx Tx Tx
Texas State Board of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Standard Certificate of Death #35001
Death place: Gorman, Eastland Co., Texas
Name: Thomas J. Glazier
Death date: Nov 8, 1924
Gender: Male
Race or color (on document): White
Marital status: Widowed
Birth date: Feb 1858 (s/b Feb 1860)
Age at death: 66 years
Occupation: Carpenter
Birth place: Texas
Father name: H. Glazier, b. don't know
Mother name: Don't know, b. don't know
Informant: Tom Glazier, DeLeon, Texas
Burial place: Dublin, Texas
Burial date: Nov 9, 1924
Undertaker: S. R. McLean - Gorman, Texas
Recorded: 12-1-1924 by Earnest H. Jones
Additional relatives:
Film number: 2113742
Digital GS number: 4165527
Image number: 7
Reference number: v X cn 35001
Collection: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976


Stephens, Almeda Jane Logan

Submitted by - Brenda Bulin Hammons


Stephens, Jackson Van

Erath County Record Book Located at the Court House
Fifth person listed is Jackson Van Stephens
Record reads:  Jackson Van Stephens, White, Male, 76 years 13 days, Nativity - Morgan Co. Ala, Alien or Citizen - Citizen, Date of Death - 28 May 1916, Place of Death - Stephenville Rural, Cause of Death - Cirrhosis of Liver, Physician - M. L. Strickland, Stephenville.
Jackson Van Buron Stephens was born 15 May 1840 to Benjamin and Anna (Maxwell) Stephens.  He moved to Erath County, Texas in 1858 with his brother Benjamin F.. He was a member of the Texas Rangers during the war between the states controlling the Indians in Erath and surrounding counties.  He married Olive Wilkins on 10 January 1866 in Hunt County, Texas.  He was a farmer and cattle rancher.  Jackson was also a proud Democrat.
Jackson was the father of 11 children William, Melvina, Martha, Zoe, Lucy, George, Lillie, Benjamin, Alice, Leonora, and Thomas.
Jackson and Olive are buried in Indian Creek Cemetery, Erath County, Texas.

Submitted by - Brenda Bulin Hammons


Stephens, William

Submitted by - Brenda Bulin Hammons

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