Dublin Historical Museum

Dublin Historical Museum

Hours 1-5pm daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Located at 126 W. Blackjack in Dublin, TX 76446 Phone - (254) 445-4550.

Items found at the museum on an earlier visit by Annette Burns & Janice Curtis.

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J. B. Alexander Hymn book & little New Testament
Dr. T. F. Bryan Medical diploma, award, letter from him to his parents during Spanish American war dated Jan. 6, 1899 (with photo in uniform), photo of him, bookcase he owned, medical instruments, and medical books
C. F. Ulmer & family Photo
Dr. O. O. Gaines M.D. Photo
Dr. W. A. Guy M.D. Photo of him, medical nameplate, photo of the Guy medical clinic, medical instruments
Dr. R. A. Miller Photo, medical bag, ledger of accts. 1915-1916 with patients listed. He was the first Dr. of Dublin. b. Augusta, GA 8-5-1853 d. in Dublin 2-20-1934
Dr. W. B. Goodner Photo of family in 1897 in Harbin, Erath Co., TX
Dr. E. S. Winters Sr. Medical bag, he practiced in Dublin 1904-1923
W. E. (Ed) Bryan Four paintings by him: Two full length portraits of two ladies, measuring approx. 3 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall; Portrait of Samuel Lee Wolfe b. 1889 d. 1928 He was the school superintendent who drowned while attempting to rescue a little girl named Larve Schillingburg. Also portrait of the "woman at the well".
Samuel Lee Wolfe Carnegie medal, scrapbook of clippings, letters, cards his wife rec'd.
Willie & Emmet Salyer 1940's console radio bought from Cowan electric.
Dublin Women's Thursday Club Large photo of charter members -

1. Miss Emma Perry
2. Miss Pearl Moore
3. Mrs. R.A. Miller
4. Mrs. S. C. Lattimore
5. Mrs. J.S. Daley
6. Mrs. Wasson
7. Mrs. Tom L. Higginbotham
8. Mrs. Sally Herndon
9. Miss Coda Caswell
10. Mrs. John Read
11. Mrs. S.A. Green
12. Mrs. W. C. Ackard
13. Mrs. J.L. Latham
14. Mrs. R.W. Higginbotham
15. Mrs. R.B. Spencer
16. Mrs. Ada Rew
17. Mrs. J.M. Higginbotham
18. Mrs. Flack
19. Mrs. J.R. St. Clair
20. Mrs. T. J. Farmer

May 1913 Map

Lists family names and locations in Dublin - Davis, Lewis Stewart, W. B. Scott,   B. M. Utterback, J.G. Harris, Hickey, Mrs. McCain, W. S. Floyd, Bob Snead,           O. F. Lyles, Mann Pittman, C. B. Potts, Clay, J. Harris, R. Higginbotham, J. Higginbotham, T. Higginbotham,  R. B. Spencer, H. Pear, J. P. White,
Christian, Barker, George Clarke, R. B. Moore, C. G. McCord, Lee Carlisle, Mrs. J. C. Harber, McCommon Heirs, J. D. Hampton, Webb, Vernon Moore, S. C. Jones, J. J. Easley, Berson, Ingrham, Hargrove Estate, J. J. Shelton, Compress, Dr. O'Brien,  Sterkey

Gospel Primer Book

by Will Palmer and Edson White

Walter Hamilton, 1895

Walter Hamilton, 1895

Pamphlet of the First United Methodist Church

Member Directory
Bishop - W. Kenneth Pope
District Superintendent - Wm. M. Greenwaldt
Minister - Eugene B. Robertson
There is a beautiful table display set up in the front window that has the following on it:  Table and Chairs - of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Bailey;  Dishes 1928 - of Mrs. Fannie Bolinger and her sister Mrs. Frances Turney; Drinking Glasses - Mildred Vickers; Organ - of Miss Bertha Ross and sister Miss Virgie
Stephens Family Photo John M., William F. and wife Mary C. Stephens, James, Charles, Lora, A.H. (Tobe), Arizona, Tomas B. and Tinnie
Wedding Slipper of Emaline Jeffery, wife of Hiram Barbee, mother to John F. Barbee and grandmother of Walter H. Barbee.
1903 Wedding Dress of "Mrs. Lula Cook" Hickey
Stove from home of late Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Prim, parents of Grace Lyon
Spinning Wheel of R.D. Ross and wife Anna Howell. He came to Erath County in 1865 and married her in 1876
Boy Dress of Walter H. Barbee, worn about 1884. Dress made by Mary Ellen Thornton, his aunt. He was born Oct. 19, 1883
Photo of believed to be William Roberson and Joanna Wood Oakley, married Sept. 26, 1875.
Hand Knitted Mittens made by Mrs. Bill Roberson for daughter Mrs. Maude Rustin.
Marriage Certificate of Mr. L. E. White to Miss M. V. Osborn in Comanche County on Feb. 7, 1891.
Marriage Certificate of Mr. Walter A. Hamilton to Miss Annie Bee Barron on June 15, 1915 in Erath County.
A short write-up on Thomas "Crockett" Capell and Mary (Barbee) Capell.
1874 Quilt/Spread made by Mary Jan Duncan Rustin
Photo Kight home
Photo Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Jones
Baby Shoes of Arvizine Monroe, age 3
Home Portrait Bill Cowan
1915 Cash Register Walker - Smith Grocers. It was bought by W.B. Stockton who had it for 25 yrs. in his shoe shop, and then Grady Roberson had it for 31 yrs. when he bought the shop. [ Visit Stockton & Stewart Family Website with photos of W. B. Stockton's Shoe Shop ]
1930's Electric Radio belonged to Bessie Cowan and was bought from Edmond's Electric
1930's Battery Operated Radio belonged to Sam Gilbreath, donated by his nephew Tom Rogers in 1997
Photo of William T. Miller, owner/operator of 1882 Grist Mill.
Dobkins Photos  

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