Erath County Photos

Erath County Photos

If you have any photos you are willing to share, please contact your county coordinator, Linda Blum-Barton

There are numerous photos submitted that are unidentified - if you can help the submitters identify these, please contact them or let me know and I will contact them!


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Photo submitted by Abby Honeycutt

Abby's Pickett family lived in Bluffdale and her dad believes this photo might have been taken "at the Paluxy river possibly in the late 1800s"

Photo submitted by Nancy Wofford

Photo taken in Erath County around 1920.  It was told to me many years ago that it was a church picnic.  I was wondering if someone might know what church it was. I can identify my husbands grandparents and great grandparents.  The first gentleman on the left is Elihu Hamilton Wofford and his father Jeremiah Elfonso Wofford is the gentleman.
In the row of seated ladies the second lady is Evaline Bigham Wofford (wife of Jeremiah) and the next lady is Mary Lutishey Worthington Wofford (wife of Elihu). 
I also have a group picture of the Jeremiah Wofford family taken sometime before 1920, if you'd like a copy I can e-mail that a descendant chart.  Family members are buried in the Cow Creek Cemetery if that could help identify the church.  Any help is appreciated.

Young People of Zion Hill Baptist Church ca 1942

The Zion Hill Baptist Church was located between Bluff Dale and Morgan Mill in Erath County.

Left to Right Mary Hyde, Dorothy Cantrell with arm around Mary; James Lothell Rogers, Junior Pearcy behind James Lothell; Calestine Rogers; Jim Rogers (with hat on);  Rev Coleman Turner; Hershel Watson;  Submitted by Calestine Smith


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unknown photo
Unknown Photo
Taken by Baxley Studios in Stephenville, TX
If you can identity this lady, please contact Shirley Cullum!

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