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RABB, STEPHENS posted by Jacquelyn Fitzgerald on Sunday, November 2, 1997

I have been told by my family historians that Mandi/Mandy (Amanda?) RABB, who was reputed to be a full blooded Comanche was married to the STEPHENS for which the city of Stephenville is named. This statement has never been verified, and I hope to either dispell it or prove it. Can anyone answer this question? Was Mr. STEPHENS for which the town was named, ever married to a woman named Mandi/Mandy RABB? I would appreciate any assistance anyone can give. Sincerely, Jacquelyn Fitzgerald. E-mail:

WHITFIELD, WHITTON posted by Randy Johnston on Sunday, November 2, 1997

Archibald Newton WHITTON married a Racheal F. WHITFIELD in the 1898. They had two daughters and one son. Racheal [WHITFIELD] WHITTON is buried in the Upper Green Cemetery along with her daughter. Their son Archibald Vern Grady WHITTON was born in May 8, 1901 in Erath Co. He died in Tulsa, OK in Aug.1974. Would like to hear from any of his descent.

DAVIS, OSBORN posted by Charles A. Stephens on Monday, November 3, 1997

DAVIS, Wm. H. Ancestors and descendants. His wife was Sarah Ann OSBORN. Information to share. Charles A. Stephens

BOWERS posted by Gideon Mark Bowers on Monday, November 3, 1997

Looking for any information on BOWERS surname between 1883 and 1910; area -- Huckaby.

HANKINS posted by Jerre Gheen on Sunday, November 9, 1997

I am searching for the records of an Erath Cemetery. It is an old one located in what use to be the town of Thurber. It was locked when I was up there, however, I feel that somewhere there is a list of who is buried there. I believe my great grandfather and some of his children are in that cemetery. How can I get a list of them? I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me. The last name is HANKINS and the only name that I have for that great grandfather is "Ace" which I feel is a nick name. Is there anywhere on the internet that I can go to retreive this list? Thank you in advance. Jerre

EDWARDS, GARRISON, LEX, OGLESBY, ROBERSON, RUCKER, SHIPMAN posted by Scott McKay on Sunday, November 9, 1997

WANTED: Descendants of the 10TH TEXAS INFANTRY, CSA. I am researching for a regimental history of the 10th Texas Infantry, that served the Confederacy during the Civil War, and am looking for descendants of said regiment. The following members of the regiment were residents of Erath County: Joshua H. EDWARDS, Levi GARRISON, Conrad LEX, Francis M. McCOY, Reuben M. McCOY, Alexander M. McDONALD, William OGLESBY, Willis OGLESBY, James E. ROBERSON, James M. M. ROBERSON, James M. N. ROBERSON, Jeremiah T. RUCKER and William M. SHIPMAN. If you are a descendant of any of the above men, or any men that served in the 10th Texas Infantry, I would like you to contact me: Scott McKay / 167 Mtn. Park Rd. / Roswell, GA 30075 / 770-552-8828 /

BOUCHER, FORSHEA, SANDRIDGE, SMITH posted by Barbara Vanourney on Saturday, November 15, 1997

Searching for the parents of Effie Lee SMITH SANDRIDGE. Effie Lee was the 2nd wife of Gaberial BOUCHER of Stephenville, son of Judge Gaberial BOUCHER. Effie Lee SMITH was b.1865 in Cado Mill, now Morgan Mill, d.1953 in Jayton TX. Her father was Phillip SMITH b.1838? MS. d.1908, Morgan Mill. Mother, Eliza FORSHEA b. 1841 MS ? died 1900, Morgan Mill. They had 7 daughters, Anna Missouri, John Heneritta, Tennesse, Sarah Francis, Josphine, Katherine Elizabeth. Eliza was cherokee. Can anyone help me? email


Searching for any information on: ROACH/ROCHE: Great-Great-Grandfather: Thomas ROACH (Ire) wed Ann CAMPBELL b: New Haven, CT , Note: Thomas ROACH could have had more siblings, I am just starting! (Son to Thomas)Great-Grandfather: Patrick ROACH b:N.Y.C. wed Mary FITZGERALD b: New Haven, CT. Patrick Roach's Offspring: 1.) Anna MCANDREWS (Roach) b:1891 d:1993 wed Anthony John MCANDREWS b:1879 2.) Edward ROACH b:1892 d:1972 wed Katherine FITZGIBBONS (No Dates) 3.) Frank ROACH b:(no dates) wed Margaret MURPHY (Roach) b: (No Dates) 4.) Alice MCCLELLAND (Roach) b:1905 d:(???) wed Thomas MCCLELLAND b:1910 d:(???) 5.) Grace COSTELLO (Roach) b:1907 d:(???) wed John COSTELLO (No Dates) Grandfather: 6.) Raymond Gerald ROACH b:1897 (NYC) d:1981 wed Mildred Elizabeth WARING b:1903 (Delhi, NY) d:1963 Raymond ROACH's Sr. Offspring: 1.) Raymond Gerald ROACH Jr. b:1924-now (NYC) wed Helen STOTT (Roach) b:1927-now (Andes, NY) Raymond ROACH's Jr. Offspring: 1.) Paul ROACH b:1953-now (Delhi, NY) wed Tish GAYDOSH (Roach) b:1952-now. 2.) Carol KELLY (Roach) b:1955-now (Delhi, NY) wed William KELLY b:1935-now. 3.) Mark ROACH b:1963-now (Delhi, NY) wed Lisa HOSSANN (Roach) b:1963-now. My Father: 2.) Clyde Duane ROACH b:1927 d:1986 (Delhi, NY) wed Angelina Mary W(V)RABEL (Roach) b:1928-now (NYC) Clyde ROACH Offspring: 1.) Duane Martin ROACH b:1951-now (NYC) 2.) Thomas Patrick ROACH b:1956-now (Tampa, FL) wed Cheryle DUNCAN (Roach) b:1957-now (Clinton, OK) 3.) Daniel Clyde ROACH b:1957-now (Tampa, FL) wed Colleen BAILEY (Roach) b:1955-now (Jersey City, NJ) Any information would be appreciated... Husband Surnames: Roche/Roach(e), Campbell, Fitzgerald, Waring, Wrabel, McAndrews, McClellend, Costello. Wife Surnames: Bailey, Cullen, Tyne, McGorty, Kile, DeForge.

EMERSON, KEHEY, MONTGOMERY, RAGSDALE, ROBERSON, SUMRALL posted by Ann Donovan on Sunday, November 16, 1997

Martha E. ROBERSON was born in 1844 in Tippah Co., Mississippi, and moved to the central Texas area of Duffau/Dublin in 1859. She was married to a Mr. KEHEY. She was the sister of my great grandmother, who was Elmina Frances ROBERSON (b. 1837 d. 1917), daughter of Thomas W. and Margaret Ann (EMERSON) ROBERSON, from the Dublin/Duffau area. Martha E. ROBERSON'S brothers were called Matthew Newton, James, William, and Thomas W. Jr., and sisters were Margaret, Addeline (married F. M. MONTGOMERY), Elmina Frances (married John M. RAGSDALE), and Malinda/Lucinda (married William SUMRALL).

ALLEN, CREIGHTON posted by Paul & Marj Rigney on Sunday, November 16, 1997

We are doing research on my wife's GGrandfather, Drury ALLEN, b. 20 May 1806 d. 13 Apr 1908 in Stephenville. He moved to that area around 1880 from Thomasville AL. Drury is buried in the Pilot Knob Cemetery outside Stephenville. His daughter, Amanda ALLEN CREIGHTON, is my wife's grandmother. We are interested in any other possible info you may have on the ALLENS in that area. We have no idea why he moved there at 74 years of age or who he stayed with until his death. We are also trying to determine his place of birth. If you can help with any of this information it would be appreciated. Paul & Marj Rigney Sarasota Fl.

ALEXANDER, HARVEY posted by David S. Harvey on Saturday, November 29, 1997

Searching for information on George Barnett HARVEY and L.W. HARVEY. It's believed that these two were brothers. L.W. HARVEY was a Primitive Baptist preacher of the Hopewell church. George Barnett HARVEY b.March 2, 1819 in Kentucky, married Emily in Mississippi, moved to Texas about 1874. George and Emily had the following children: John W., Emma Caroline, Almyra Elizabeth, William Beauregard, Jasper Joel, George Roy, Lewis Franklin, Martha, Jemina, Polley, James M. F., Ellen L., and Attazary. All of the children except 2 were married by L.W. HARVEY in Erath County or Mills County. William Beauregard HARVEY married Nancy Paralee ALEXANDER in Erath County on July 20, 1884 and helped found the first school in Clairette, founded the Primitive Baptist Church known as the Ebbeniezer Church in 1896 (3 miles from Hico, TX.) Searching for any and all information on L.W. HARVEY & wife S.A. HARVEY as well as George Barnett HARVEY. Willing to share any and all information that I have to date. Contact David Harvey at

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