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Transcribed from a letter in my possession

Erath County Correspondence - Bridges/Phillips Family


Transcribed from a letter in my possession. Linda Blum-Barton

Stephenville, Texas

July 9th, 1881

Dear Mother & Sisters:

It has been some time, about three weeks, since I received your last letter: but you know procrastination is thief of time.

When I wrote last Ben had gone to the ďrail roadí he only stayed one week, said the water was so bad he could not drink it. He is with us now and will stay until fall. I donít know how much longer his leg is swollen some at present and somewhat painful. Ma you told us not to let Ben see your letter, but we could not avoid it, he was sitting in the hall with me when I read it and of course wanted to see it, he wrote to you a few days after and if he said anything about it I hope you will not think hard of us. I talked to him and told him he must not get mad as it was natural that you should want to know something of him. He has been here since April and so far he has been as steady as anyone could wish; I donít think he is at all dissipated, works well and stays at home most of the time.

Our crops are tolerable good. Corn will be light owing to dry weather cotton not suffering as yet, we had a very good rain of the 1st.

I am afraid it come too late to do my garden any good. We have plenty of roasting ears have had a few small watermelons, it looks something like rain now, hope it will.

The schools round here and in town closed Friday. They had a Picnic out here in the country and a concert in town. I went to the concert.

We get the ďSenoiaĒ paper every week like it very much. You must all answer this.

With much love I remain...........Your affectionate

Daughter & Sister

Maggie Bridges

Additional Comments:
A letter written to Mary Elizabeth Moses Bridges (Coweta Co., GA)  from her daughter-in-law, Maggie Phillips who married Nathaniel S. Bridges (Erath Co., TX) , son of Thomas W. & Mary Elizabeth Moses Bridges.

Transcribed from a letter in my possession. This letter has some holes in it so will try to get as much as possible out of it. It was mailed to Mrs. Elizabeth Bridges in care of Lewis McLane in Woolsey, Georgia. Linda Blum-Barton

Stephensville, Tex

March 1 , 1903

Mrs. Elizabeth Bridges

Dear Mother,

I received your most welcome letter, to say I was glad but feebly expresses myself. We are all in good health, hope this will find you in your usual health.

We are having lots of wet weather farmers all behind no corn plaanted not much ground broken.

Ma you wanted to know how my troubles came about. I hardly know how to tell you only that I bought land and lands went down before I got it paid for. I bought cattle and they went down, then we have had three dry years and no feed stuff made and money went so high I could not get it and it just ruined me. My land that was worth $15 dollars per acre went at $5 and did not leave me anything to buy me a home as you know things do (Page 3 is missing......continue to Page 4 -)

able to M. Baker Phillips who is Maggies brother. the reason I want it sent to him, I am still in debt and I want this money ______ pay on my home. I do not want these people in Stephensville to know I get it. And donít let Mr. Waltonís people in Senoia know you send it if you can help it. If you cant get this exchange I speak of do not send it till you write me again.

I wrote to Ben before I did you but have not heard from him yet hope to in a few days if he has left Miss when you hear from him please let me know his P. O. Ma how would it do to get the money and let Lewis send it from Atlanta. I wish I was able to come to see you and talk _____ trouble _____ over with you in time of trouble there is no one can be like Ma. Write soon to your loving son,

N. S. Bridges

P.S. ________________ note and I will sign it and send it back. Your son, N. S. B.

Additional Comments:
Nathaniel S. Bridges was the son of Thomas W. Bridges of Coweta County, GA.

Transcribed from a letter in my possession. Linda Blum-Barton

Stephensville, Tex

March 13, 1903

Dear Mother,

I mailed you a long letter this morning in it I told you how to send me _____money if you could_______ me have it. No _______ do not send me _________money till I tell you to in the summer. My affairs are in such a shape I can do till then; the reason I want to wait that long is this - there is a law in this state that when a man fails in business his creditors can put him into bankruptcy and get all the money and stuff he has.. This is done in court. If my creditors were to do this they could take the money if I get it before June....after that which is four months I can keep and pay it on my home then. Iíll be sure to want it in June, or July. Iíll be depending on you. write soon to your loving son

Nat Bridges

Just as you get this and let me know.

Transcribed from letter in my possession. Linda Blum-Barton

Stephensville, Texas

March 28, 1903

Dear Mother,

I just received your of 18 this eve. Am glad to hear you are in your usual health and sorry your eye sight is so bad. Mine is failing me so ______ lately I canít see well at all. the health of the family very good; I thought I sent all my letter but you keep the money for me till about the first of June as I will certainly need it about paying out my home. I have still got my house and lot - 1 mile from Stephenville but owe on it yet. My farm and pasture I had to let go but with your help and Benís, he has promised to let me have some money, I can straighten up and make some money. I will send you how, when, and to whom to send the money in June. I have not had a word from Ben in a month, am getting anxious to hear from him. I wrote to him a ďReganton Miss. got one letter from him - answered it but have not heard from him. if you hear, tell him to please write to me. I want you to let me hear from you soon. I wish I could see you and talk to you.

Your loving son,

Nat Bridges

Dear Mother,

I have written you for Mr. Bridges now Iíll write a little for myself. He tells you he has lost everything he had, but donít say how near killing him it is. Ma sometimes he is almost crazy, he is a little better since he heard from you and that you would help him some. I wish Ben would write to him again before he heard from Ben the first time there was times I was almost afraid to leave him alone for fear he would harm himself. Since hearing from you he is some better. I try to console him, I tell him it does not hurt me like it does him that we have failed. But you know it is hard on the children. But I trust in God and we will come out all right. We are having cold weather, no garden up nor big frost this morn. Give my love to Mollie and family. Tell her to write.....Much love for you......Maggie

Transcribed from a letter in my possession. Linda Blum-Barton

Stephensville, Texas

Aug 23, 1903

Dear Mother

I received your letter yesterday was glad to heare from you and you was well. I got home a few days ago and found all well I found that to be the finest country that I ever saw you spoke of me moving to the Territory. I would like to the best kind if I was able but I will stay here until I get my business fixed up. I donít know how I will come out. If Ben comes to see you tell him if he can help me I would be glad and I will pay his money back to him as soon as I can get everything strait. Our crops are very good. Mr. Walton moved from heare to North Texas. Write Soon. Love to you all....

Your son,

N. S. Bridges

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