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If not otherwise noted, all sketches were contributed by Jean Caddel.





Alexander, Arthur Jane Bell Smith
  Apperson, Peter  
  Aycock, Robert Tom Wardlaw
  Aycock and Sanford Information Mary Lou Wardlaw


Baxter, A. J.  
  Beauchamp, Jereboam Downing Charles L. Beauchamp
  Brock, E. M. Unknown
  Bundy, Dr. Zachary T. Debra Wilson
  Burleson, Hopson M.  


Campbell, Henry Harrison  
  Caudle, Georgia Ann Turner  
  Chandler, Robert Jack W. Hughes
  Chapman, Alexander Chapman  
  Chapman and Sanderson Families Pamela Bell
  Clardy, Jesse E. Joyce Terrana
  Clayton & Stoker Families  
  Cooke, William G.  
  Cunningham, George Unknown
  Curlin, Jesse H.  


Davis Family of Reagor Springs


Drummond, J. A. "Happy"

Kathleen Ellis

  Dubose, Edwin Anthony  
  Dunaway, Jefferson M.  


Edmondson, Y. C. "Tobe"  

Edwards, Major Thomas Coleman  



Fearis, Camillus U. Dr. David P. Fearis III
  Fearis, David Porteus Dr. David P. Fearis III


Finley, Olin Anthony  


Forrest, Captain Carr  
  Forrest Family Unknown


Forrest Family History  
  Fowler, J. J.  


Fuqua, Robert Henry  




Gailbraith, Hugh H.  

Garvin, Thomas Finn C. R. Fitch Sr.

Gideon, I. F.  
  Gilmore Family  
  Gober, Francis Marion Annie Freeman

Gould, Nehemiah  
  Green, Dora Eva Smith Cody Frances Smith



Hampton Family  

Hancock, William L.  

Hardeman, John Marr  

Harris, Frank S. Dr. David P. Fearis III

Henderson, James R.  
  High, Major H.  

Hines, Thomas Sr.  
  Hosford, William Unknown

Howe, William R. Family Granville D. Edwards

Howe, William Ross  
  Hussey, Dr. John Thomas  



Jackson, Thomas B.  
  John, William  



Killen, Theophilus and Malinda  
  King, John Thomas, II  

Kookin, Robert B. Virginia Taylor


Loggins, Dr. James Campbell Herman I. May
  Loyd Family  



Marchbanks, Boling Feltz Barbara Knox

Marshall, Josiah Archibald  

Martin, George W.  

Mayfield, Robert Myrl Ross

McCain, R. A. "Uncle Rufe" Karen Trouvat

McDaniel and Morrel Families  

McCulloch, Major Alexander & Frances  

McFadden, Dr. John Randolph  
  McNeill, Hector Steve Edgerton
  Miller, Thomas A. Unknown
  Mitchell, William L. "Brack" Jr. Granville D. Edwards

Moffett, John H.  

Morrison, William Coates Betty Clingman
  Moyers, Alfred Unknown



Neel, Thomas C.  
  Nelson, Lafayette S.  

New, Edward S. ndnblu



Patterson, James M.  

Paul, James P.  



Rogers, Emory W. Unknown
  Rosson, John W.  
  Ruffin, Henry J. Virginia Crilley



Sanderson & Chapman Families Pamela Bell
  Aycock and Sanford Information Mary Lou Wardlaw
  Seaboalt, William Riley, Jr. William D. Gorman
  Sims, Nicholas P. - death notice  
  Sims, Nicholas P. - sketch Unknown

Sims, Raleigh  
  Sims, Dr. William Pickney  
  Smith Families  

Smith, Hans Larry Amyett Jr.

Smith, Thomas Ingles Granville D. Edwards
  Smith, Thomas "Willow Pond" Frances Smith

Spencer, W. J.  

Stewart, William Thomas  

Stoker & Clayton Families  

Stokes, W. J.  

Stokes, Elder William H. Barbara Knox

Stout, Peter  



Tate, Lucy A. Whitefield  
  Treadaway, Joel D. Jane Bell Smith



Veal, William G.  
  Vickery, Richard Unknown



Wallace, Dr. W. B.  
  Warren and Allied Families Mrs. C. E. Moore
  Watson, Colonel Benjamin W. F.  
  Weir, James J.  
  Whitefield, George W.  
  Whitfill, William and Margaret (Durbin)  

Whitten, Nelson G.  
  Williams, Thomas Wilson Bible Record Dalina Morehead Crump

Wilson, Lunsford O.  

Woolsey, Josiah P. Faye Woods
  Wright, Thomas Gabe Jane Bell Smith



Youngblood, William Franklin Patricia Haile Kinsey



Ellis County Pioneers' Association  

Ellis County Doctors  


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