1870 Mortality Schedule of Ellis County

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1870 Mortality Schedule of Ellis County, Texas

E. H. Bell, Marshal

Transcribed from microfilm by Barbara Knox


Persons who died during the year ending 1 June 1870 in Ellis County. Information includes name, age, sex, color, marital status, birthplace, occupation, month of death and cause. [The microfilm was badly damaged in some places, making a complete transcription impossible.  These have been so marked by the transcriber]

Page 1 Waxahachie Pct.

Sneed, Fleta 1/2 fw Tex Sept diarrhea
Gibson, John E. 42wf Tex Aprilo spinal affection
Siddons, John W. 11 wm Tenn July killed by machinery
Oliver, Caroline 30 wf Ga May measles
----Infant 1/12 wm Tex May measles
Fritz, Nancy 28 wf Tenn April child bed fever
Morris, Anna 1 wf Tex May measles
Neal, Julia 2Bf Tex Aug diarrhea
Rogers, Edward 27 wf Tex Aug consumption
Knowlen, Bryan T 19 wm Mo April measles
Lacy, Richard 18 wm Tex Aug remittent fever
Fields, Frances 67 wf widow Ky Feb liver disease
Templeton, Frederick 12 wm Mo April measles
Jackson, John 9 wm Tex May flux
Zummatt, James 8 wm Tex March pneumonia
Wilkerson, Sylvia 8Bf tex Sept typhoid fever
MacKey, Henry 22 wm Tenn Dec pneumonia
Hoskins, thomas 65 wm Ind Nov chronic diarrhea
Lunn, Ida 6 wf SC Dec pneumonia
----Mary Ann 3 wf SC Jan inflammation of brain
----Magus 1 wm SC Jan inflammation of bowels
Watson, Margaret R. 35 wf marr Ala May typhoid fever
Haynes, Samuel 35 Bm lbr Tenn May dropsy
Stevenson, James 2 wm Tenn Feb brain fever
Zackary, Henry 2 wm Tex June jaundice
[no name]Elias 4wm Tex May death by fall
Love, Anna 21 wf marr Ark Nov puepural fever
Davis, Thomas Paine 10 wm Tenn Aug inflammation brain
Stubblefield, Henry 8 wm Tex Jan pneumonia
Golding, William 18 wm; lbr Ark June fall from horse
Matthews, William 21 mw La Jan hemmorage of lungs

Page 2 Pct of Red Oak

Willis, Harriet                  15 wf Ky Sept          flux [marked out]
Caldwell, Ida 5 wf Ky Aug remitting fever
[illegible] Joseph 50 wm marr Mo June consumption
Johnson, Ellis 6/12 mw Tex May cholera infantum
Martin, Jane 67 wf wid Ky March pneumonia
Killan, Malinda 69 wf marr Ky March pneumonia
Killan, Theophilus 71wm widower Ky May [illegible]
Haynes, Sarah 44 wf Tenn Dec pneumonia
Butcher, David 28 wm Ind April typhoid fever
Rockett, Agnes 3/12 wf Tex Sept intermittent fever
Norris, Thomas 8 wm Mo Sept congestive chills [marked out]
Daniels, Helen 16 wf Tenn July remittent fever?
Woods, Richard 75 wm NC May rheumatism
Chapman,. Mary 4 wf Tex Oct diarrhea?
Ross, Ida 7/12 wf Tex Feb teething
Shaffer, Charles 22 wm Miss Nov disease of bowels
Foster, Frank 7 wm tex May cancer of stomach
Bowlin, George 3/12 mw Tex March [illegible]
Hale, Anna T. 7 wf Tex June remittent fever
Caldwell, Ida 13 wf Ky Oct consumption
Wheeler, Mollie 4 wf Tex March croup
Wright, Edwin 13 mw Miss Aug intermittent fever
Bachelor, Daniel 23 wm, marr farmer Ind Sept
Orr, Robert 6/12 wm Tex May teething
McClellan, william 50 wm Ala Jan pneumonia
Jones, Arthur 24wm laborer Tex Nov measles
Mays, George 27 wm laborer Ark March congestion of lungs
Dorsey, Milley 11 wf Ky Aug disease of brain
----James 27 Bm NC July inflammation of brain
Chandler, Abram 78 wm widower Ohio Aug heart disease
Gordon, Eliza 4 wf Tex Feb inflammation of bowels
White, Rollin 25 wm Mo Jan pneumonia
Benson, Henry 47 Bm Tenn Pct intermittent fever

Page 3 Pct. of Milford [ town crossed out - illegible]

Pannell. Sarah 7 f Mu Tex March poison
Furniss, Sarah 4/12 fB Tex Dec tetenus
Bell, Baby 3/12 Mu [sex not given] Tex March neglect
Bell, Baby 3/12 B [sex not given] Tex March neglect
Rusk, Mollie 3/12 Bf Tex June diarrhea
Enis, Hiram S. 35 wm fmr married Ill Aug inflammation of bowels
Turner, Samuel 6/12 wm Tex Nov suffocation
McNeal, James 7 wm Tex Feb inflammation of brain
Hamilton, Joel 5 Bm Tex April diarrhea
Brown, Susan 22 wf married Tex June remitting fever
Goodrich, Charles 35 wm farmer married N. Y. June disentary stomach
Anderson, James C. 6 wm Tex May diarrhea
McVey, Henry M. 24 wm laborer married Ga Sept intermitent fever
York, Emma 9 wf Ark Jan pneumonia
Brock, James H. 25 wm Mo Dec pneumonia

[There are 7 names at the top of the next page which the transcriber was unable to read because of damage to the microfilm - the following completes this enumeration]

Ward, Lizzie 7 wf Ala Oct inflammation of brain
Clay, William 17 Bm Miss June drowned
Porter, Thomas 4 wm Ark Feb consumption
Morris, Emaline 36 wf Tenn Aug inflammation of bowels
Williams, Harriet 35 wf Ala feb pneumonia
Dillehay, Van D. 23 wm Tenn April small pox
Davis, Eliza 6 wf Miss Sept intermittent fever
Ward, Elizabeth 5 Bf Tex Aug remittent fever

End of 1870 Mortality Schedule


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