1850 Mortality Schedule of Ellis County

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1850 Mortality Schedule of Ellis County, Texas

Copied  from microfilm by Barbara Knox


The 1850 Mortality Schedule was enumerated by Wm. Hogan, Asst. Marshal, who was also responsible for the 1850 Census. Both are designated "Navarro District - County of Ellis and Tarrant." Residents of each county are identified with an "E" or "T." The following is a listing of only Ellis County residents (as shown). Information given includes name, age, sex, birth place, death date, cause and number of days of sickness.

Emeline Richerson, 1 f, b. Texas, died October, cold, 120 days

William Ranson, 23 m, b. Ala., farmer, d. February, pneumonia, 30 days

Susan Jane Ranson 16 f, married, b. Tenn. d. January, pneumonia, 14 days

[no first name] Sweatt, 22 m BS, b. Tenn., d. January, pneumonia, 10 days

Sarah Smith, 22 f, married, b. N. C., d. August, billious fever, 7 days

A. Nelms, 36 m, married, farmer, b. Georgia, d. March pneumonia, 4 days

David N. Lewis, 3 m, b. Texas, d. November

James M. Farrar, 75 m, widower, b. SC, d. September, cronic [sic]

Mary Tarrant, 50 f married, b. S. C., d. May, rheumatism, 3 days

Wm Trimble 9 m, b. Texas, d. June

George M. Couch, 25 m, married, mill right, d. February, consumption, 20 days

Margaret Phillips, 41 f, married, b. N. Carolina, d. November

---J. Bradford, 52 m. married, farmer & surveyor, b. Virginia, d. Sept., fever, 11 days

Wm H. Boydston, 25 m b. Illinois, farmer, d. October, kicked by horse, sudden

Rebecca H. Blackwell, 24 f married, b. Ark., d. November, chronic

John Dickson, 33 m, married, sadler, b. Kentucky, d. June, cholera, 1/4 day

Pollard Kirkland, 48 m, married, farmer, b. Alabama, d. July, Cong.fever, 10 days

Sarah E. Parks, 3 f, b. Indiana, d. March, dropsey, 27 days

Paschael Ayers, 1/12 m, b. Texas, d. January, not known, 2 days

Samantha Miller, 38 f married, b. Ohio, d. February, 130 days

Jane Newton, 45 f, married, b. Kentucky, d. June, shot, 5 days


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