Have You Ever Talked with Anyone in a Cemetery?

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Have You Ever Talked with Anyone in a Cemetery?

By Louise Moxley.  Used with permission

If I suggested that you "talk with people in the cemetery" you would think I was out of my mind. Well, part of it is true.  Some years ago,  I was in a small secluded cemetery [in West Texas] when a green Charger came speeding up the road with dust a-flyin' everywhere.  Two little old ladies and an old man quickly got out of the car.  The ladies took a hoe and a rake and proceeded to look busy with weeds, as they closed in on me.  They had been watching me with binoculars from up on the hill.  While I explained what I was doing, one lady kept following me.  Finally she leaned on her hoe and and cautioned me not to "squat down too fur cause the copperheads had taken a likin' to the pits."

These kind people gave me the names of their relatives whose markers were no longer readable and who gave the land for the cemetery.  They told me how to find the other cemetery which had eluded me and how to get there.  Also, that I couldn't read the stones because it was overgrown with briars and full of snakes.  They were correct.

When I first began reading cemeteries, my husband asked if anyone ever talked back to me.  I said no! But I wish they would so I could find Effie and Abner's graves.


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