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Funeral Manual of Rev. A. D. Brooks

Contributed by Walter H.  Parsons, III


The following is an abstract of a letter  from Mr. Parsons concerning this manual and his quest to find its proper "resting place."

 "In the late 1800s, the  Rev. A. D. .Brooks was the 11th pastor of the First Baptist Church in Milford, Ellis County, Texas, ....(Based on a note found with it, the manual was found  in November 1965 in a chest of drawers  stored in  a  Surplus Property Warehouse at Texas A &  M University, College Station, Texas....My father, Col. Walter  H, Parsons, Jr. was the Asst. Dir. (later Director) of the Physical Plant at the University.  Since he was an ardent genealogist, I suspect that he picked up the manual because of the genealogical information and kept it for many years -- not having access to the Internet!!....After he died in 1994,  I became the family genealogist, with his ton of files-- including this manual. I decided that it needed to get to the proper repository and contacted Barbara Knox, Coordinator of the Ellis County TxGenWeb site, who suggested   the Sims Library  and the Ellis County Museum in Waxahachie.

"I  wanted to contact a family descendant of Rev. A. D. Brooks  whose son was probably T. D. Brooks,  who lived in College Station in 1942 and called the First Baptist Church in College Station. I learned that the T. D. Brooks home on Lee Street had been bought by the University after President Earl Rudder's home on the campus burned and used as the President's home until a new one could be built.  This explains the surplus property note  and I also learned that T. D. Brooks, in all probability,  had no children.  So, after talking with the wife of the present pastor of the First Baptist church in Milford, I decided to donate the manual to the church.   I am also sending copies of some of the interesting pages to the Library, Museum and the Ellis County TxGenWeb site."

"My great-grandfather, Harrison Parsons (a corporal; in the Yankee Cavalry), "immigrated" to Texas to Dennison and , Grayson counties.  My grandfather was born in Dennison, my dad in Palestine and I in Corpus Christi."

"I pray this historical and genealogical information will be useful - the location of burials is not shown.  Also my spelling of some names may be questionable."

Note:  This information is shown in a table format  for easier reading.

Record of funerals:

26 Nov 1885 J. F. Perrin 36 fever
Dec ?dr Huskins? 22 Consumption
March 24, 1886 J. S. Knox 56 Dropsy
March 25 Mrs. E. J. Champion [?] 36 Fever
Aug 9 George Barkley 38? Fever
Aug 29 Earl Flowers 1-1/2 Hemorage of Br
Aug 31 Della Renshaw 4 Fever
Dec. 30, 1886 Mary A. Dew 44 Rev/ 13-14 [text]
April 15 John P. Dale 71 Heb 4-9 [text]
April 17 S. B.  Bradberry 33 Consumption
May 15 Simeon English 89 old age
Oct 17 W. E. Conely 47 fever
Oct. 26, 1889 Mrs. Arrena Rusi[?] 39 consumption at Ellis Co. Tx
Dec. Marriou Wiggins 30 consumption
Jan 14/90 Frank Harris (chidl) 16 mos fever
Jan 24/90 A. A. Buchannan 39 consumption
Jan 26/90 Miss Vinie Bowles 20 consumption at Milford
Feb 14/90 Mrs. L. J. Dillehay 45 measles + child
Feb 18/90 Willie S. Marrs 12  yrs Typhoid
March 24/90 Sarah Ann Farmer [?} 70 fever & old age
? 24 /90 Wm O. Finch 15-1/2 pneumonia
July 3, 1890 Mrs. Rellie Wright 53 paralyses
July 11, 1890 C. C. Warren 70-1/2 Typhoid fever
Aug 1, 1890 Mrs. Lenora Feares 27-1/2 Heart Paralysis
Nov 16 [1890] Willie E. Thomas 28 Pneumonia
Nov 17 [1890] Miss Victoria McCarley 18 Minegetis
Jan 21st [1891] John Erwin Wright 31 Consumption
Feb 3rd [1891] Miss Annie O'Neal 18 Fever
April 1, 1891 Mrs. A. I Mathews 28 Consumption
May 18 Mr. W. H. Lowry? 67 Paralysis
June 7 Mack Jones 11 Fever
Oct 19 W. A. Pryor 31 Fever
Oct 20 W. B. Lewis 25-1/2 Fever
Dec. 16 H. W. Ward 83-1/2 Paralysis
Jan 4 1892 G. M. Weekley 77 Pneumonia
Jan 31 Mary C. Eddleton 20 Pneumonia
Feb 12 E. Willie Wofford 25 Pneumonia?
April 13 Mary Ward 14-1/2 Consumption
Aug. 12 Mrs. Eliza Hill    
Sept. 10 Mrs. Nancy Loyd 70 Fever
Sept. 11 Taylor 36 Fever
---10, 1893 Charles O. Gowan 18-1/2 Pneumonia

End of Journal


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