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Historic Postcards

Historic Postcards

Waxahachie, Texas


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CentralPresbyterianChurchcopy.gif (368412 bytes)1 CentralPresbyterianChurch2.gif (369739 bytes)2 ChristianChurchMainSt.gif (312032 bytes)3 FirstBaptistChurch.gif (300280 bytes)4 FirstBaptistChurch2.gif (336195 bytes)5 MethodistChurchCollegeSt.gif (289444 bytes)6

 MethodistChurchCollegeSt2.gif (310266 bytes)7

1 & 2 - Presbyterian Church, corner of Oldham & North College, circa 1908. This structure pre-dates the building currently used by the Presbyterians at the same location.

3 - Main Street Christian Church, circa 1912. Note street trolley tracks left foreground.

4 & 5 - First Baptist Church in Waxahachie around 1918 on the corner of McMillan and N Rogers.

6 & 7 - First Methodist Church on North College St. (current site of CA Wilson Co). This structure built between 1905 and 1909. Served congregation until the early 1950s.


BirdsEyelookingnorthc1910.gif (610985 bytes)BirdsEyelookingnorthfromdowntown.gif (286009 bytes)DowntownCollegeSt.gif (225663 bytes)DowntownRogersSt.gif (283037 bytes)DowntownRogersSt2.gif (268569 bytes)DowntownWaxahachieearly.gif (280959 bytes)FirstMonday.gif (376510 bytes)CurlinsGrandOpening.gif (378520 bytes)InterurbanMuleCaronCollegeSt.gif (341576 bytes)QueenTheaterentrance.gif (291099 bytes)10  SpaldingSPCoSRogers.gif (300233 bytes)11  StreetScenedowntownWaxahachie.gif (379930 bytes)12  StreetSceneWaxahachie2.gif (301744 bytes)13

1 - Panoramic bird's eye view looking north from courthouse square, circa 1910.

2 - Bird's eye view looking north from courthouse square, Waxahachie, circa 1909.

3 - College Street looking south at east side of town square, circa 1913.

4 - South Rogers Street from courthouse square looking south, circa 1918.

5 - South Rogers Street from courthouse square, Waxahachie Texas, circa 1908.

6 - Downtown Waxahachie, circa 1871 looking east. Businesses include S.A. Clift merchandise, a bakery, and the OK Saloon. It is believed the building on the left end is Bullard/Spalding building. It is also believed the white stone material, foreground left, is construction material for third courthouse.

7- First Monday Jockey Yard, looking east on Jefferson Street between Rogers and College, circa 1904.

8 - Curlin Drug Store grand opening, circa 1910. Store was located on the corner of Main and North College streets.

9 - Postcard showing mule car and interurban car meeting. Photo was shot on North College Street in Waxahachie, ca 1915. Building left foreground is back of Curlin's (Trinity) Pharmacy.

10 - Queen Theater, north side of downtown square, circa 1917.

11 - Spalding Furniture & Undertaking wagon in front of  business when located on the corner of Madison & South Rogers (315 S. Rogers), ca. 1905.

12 - Waxahachie Mule Car on courthouse square, Main Street, between Rogers & College Streets, circa 1900. A bustling day in downtown Waxahachie.

13 - A busy day in downtown Waxahachie looking north from South College Street, circa 1916.


ParksPublicSchool.gif (319479 bytes)TrinityUniversityMainBuilding.gif (306626 bytes)TrinityUniversityMainBuilding2.gif (279825 bytes)TrinityUniversityBuildings.gif (298517 bytes)4

1 - Central Ward/Park School, located at the end of North College Street on Marvin Street. The structure's third floor was removed long ago but still served the WISD until the year 2000 when it was torn down. This school served all of Waxahachie until Ferris Ward was built and the "new" high school was constructed in 1917. This site was also the location of Marvin College in the 1870's.

2 & 3 - Trinity University administration building, ca. 1905. Trinity moved to Waxahachie from Tehuacana in 1902. It moved to San Antonio in 1942. The site is presently the Southwestern Assembly of God University, known prior as Southwestern Assembly of God College, and Southwestern Bible Institute. Building is on Sycamore street and is constructed of gray pressed brick with terra cotta and stone trimmings. Cost: $60,000.

4 - (Top) Beeson Hall, Trinity University.  (Bottom) Prendergast Hall. Trinity University.


CottonBales.gif (303715 bytes)CottonBales2.gif (361328 bytes)CottonMill.gif (224569 bytes)CottonMill2.gif (283230 bytes)FarmersGinWaxahachie.gif (362560 bytes)OilRefineryWaxahachie.gif (308836 bytes)6

1 & 2 - Cotton yard scene showing 10,000 bales, Waxahachie TX, circa 1914.

3 & 4 - Waxahachie Cotton Mills Co. - The success of local cotton production led the town's more ambitious and far-sighted business leaders to organize the Waxahachie Cotton Mills Co. in 1899. Most of the capital raised for the construction of the textile mill came from local townspeople who believed they were making investments not only for themselves, but also for the economic prosperity of their community. In 1900, ground was broken for the facility and a year later it began operation with 500 spindles and 150 looms. The property originally encompassed about 20 acres on the west side of town adjacent to the railroad tracks. The company also built a large boarding house and 24 small, frame dwellings for the textile workers, and this area became known as Cotton Mill Village. The textile mill, long the city's most important industrial enterprise, began cutting production in the early 30's and was forced to close by 1934.

5 - Farmers Gin Company, Waxahachie, Texas, at harvest time, ca. 1905.

6 - Texas Oil Products Company Oil Refinery, Waxahachie, TX. Located north of Highway 287 business and east of present railroad underpass.

Ellis County Courthouse

EllisCountyCourthouse.gif (336828 bytes)EllisCountyCourthouse2.gif (311857 bytes)EllisCountyCourthouse3.gif (266179 bytes)EllisCountyCourthouse4.gif (308293 bytes)EllisCountyCourthouse6.gif (311285 bytes)5

1 thru 5 - Various postcards of Ellis County's famous courthouse, cornerstone laid 1895. For information on this structure and our three preceding courthouses, follow this link.


ChautauquaAuditorium.gif (194034 bytes)Natatorium1.gif (287542 bytes)Natatorium3.gif (276070 bytes)PostOfficenowCityHall.gif (285204 bytes)RogersHotel.gif (330599 bytes)RogersHotelRoofGarden.gif (340488 bytes)SimsLibrary.gif (310247 bytes)WaxahachieCountryClub.gif (295061 bytes)WaxahachieSanitarium.gif (305969 bytes)CitizensNationalBank3rdlocation.gif (298467 bytes)10

1 - The Chautauqua Auditorium in Getzendaner Park, Waxahachie, circa 1905.

2 & 3 - Waxahachie Hot Well Natatorium circa 1910, now the site of Hot Well Park. A place where people could relax and "take the waters".

4 - View of Waxahachie's fifth Post Office located at South Rogers and Madison Streets, presently City Hall. The building was constructed 1911-1912.

5 - The Rogers Hotel, corner of Main & College streets, circa 1914.

6 - Roof garden, Rogers Hotel, circa 1914.

7 - A bequest from the estate of Nicholas P. Sims in the amount of $65,000 in 1902 was the foundation of Sims Library. The land had been acquired earlier for a park with the stipulation that the land be used at a later time as library by the W. H. Getzendaner family. In addition, Judge O. E. Dunlap and his wife donated $14,000 cash and their own book collection to the library.

8 - Waxahachie Country Club.

9 - Tenery Hospital/Waxahachie Sanitarium located on site occupied by Baylor Hospital today on corner of Jefferson & Grand Streets, circa 1940's.

10 - Citizens National Bank at its third location on the corner of Rogers and Main Streets. The tower is now gone from the still existing landmark building.


Depots2.gif (277014 bytes)HTCDepot.gif (310308 bytes)MKTDepotWaxahachie.gif (263315 bytes)TBVDepotWaxahachieca1910.gif (219060 bytes)4

1 - (Top) T&BV Depot, circa 1905. Later became Burlington - Rock Island.  (Bottom) Houston & Texas Central (H&TC) Depot between Jackson & College streets, circa 1905. Site is the present parking lot for the Waxahachie Police Department. Depot constructed between 1898 - 1904.

2 - Houston & Texas Central (H&TC) Depot between Jackson & College streets, circa 1905. Site is the present parking lot for the Waxahachie Police Department. Depot constructed between 1898 - 1904. Photo/depot looks strange because it was inverted and printed incorrectly. If it is flipped horizontally, the view is correct.

3 - MK&T (Katy) Depot, circa 1908.

4 - T & B V Depot, circa 1910, south of downtown Waxahachie.

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