Eastland County, Texas Photo Album 1

Eastland County, Texas Photo Album

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Early Photos From Cisco, TX

contributed and annotated by Laura Lindsey

View of Cisco, TX

This photo of Cisco (front and back shown) belonged to [my great grandfather] James Monroe Lindsey.
"He ran a store in Cisco, and I was told it burned down.  I believe my Aunt told me it had a red star on the side of it, and she said it was in that photo; but [the photo] is so old it is hard to see a lot [of it clearly]"

Back of View of Cisco, TX with photographers' stamp

Henry Thomas and Minnie Green (Gaines) Lindsey

[This couple are] "my grandparents, Henry Thomas and Minnie Green (Gaines) Lindsey.  My grandmother went to school in Cottonwood and later taught school there also.  My grandfather came from Alabama to Oklahoma to Cisco.  They met and married in Oklahoma.   I don't have any pics of my great grandfather...or his second wife, Ellen P. Daniels.  I know she and her family lived there many years also.  She and my great grandfather are buried in Cisco Cemetery in the Daniels Plot along side her parents and several other family members.  I really don't know anything else about the Daniels family, nor do I know who my great grandmother was, or even where she came from, or what may have happened to her.   I know the 4 oldest children, including my grandfather Henry Thomas. were all born before he married Ellen Daniels, and the 5 younger children were his and Ellen's.  Ellen must have gone by "Lynn" because on her Death records they have her listed as Lynn, but the birth and death dates are the same.

Henry Thomas Lindsey

Henry Thomas Lindsey
"He lived in Cisco - Cottonwood for many years. His Father was James Monroe Lindsey.  He lived in Cisco around 50 years--maybe longer--and raised his children there"

Irene, Eva, and Nina Lindsey, 1915

"The three little girls are my aunts--Henry and Minnie Lindsey's daughters--Irene, Eva, and Nina Lindsey, taken about 1915."

Early Photo

contributed and annotated by Michael E. Patterson

Rising Star Fair, 1908

Rising Star Fair Scene
Sep. 11-12, 1908

Early Photos

contributed by Stephanie Bertani

Nancy Caroline Hamilton Fox

Nancy Caroline Hamilton Fox

Nancy H. Fox, Jeanne and Marion E. Fox, 1927

Nancy H. Fox, Jeanne and Marion E. Fox, 1927

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