Spur Memorial Cemetery, Dickens county, TX
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Archway built in 1916

P.O. Box 111
Spur, Texas 79370


President: Ben Zapata
Vice President: Mac Driggers
Secretary/Treasurer: Becky Hodges
Directors: Greg Arnold, Lupe Barrera, Max Haney, Ray Hindman, Charles Sonnamaker, Jean Sonnamaker.


Several graves were placed in this cemetery before it was established as the permanent burial ground in the year of 1910. The Swenson land and cattle company donated the first three acres. The deeds were November 20, 1910. In order to bring the line up to the present road, 7.96 more acres were bought on November 20, 1916 by the Cemetery Association.

On the block where the Spur Security Bank now stands, a man by the name of King was running a tin shop on the corner of the block just back of the Bryant Link store. There was a man who came to town and he was in this place of business when controversery arose. There was trouble and a killing occurred. This same man was the first to be buried at this cemetery location. Through the years, several other tracts of land were purchased and by June 10, 1963 the total number of acres totaled 34.47. This cemetery has an unknown soldier's grave which is remembered each Memorial Day with respect. There are also some graves of soldiers who were killed in the last Indian encounter in the county which was fought on Soldier's Mound just north of Spur about five or six miles. The State of Texas moved these graves to this cemetery in the middle thirties. The W.P.A. workers put a rock ledge separating this plot from the rest of the cemetery. Other graves that were in danger of being destroyed were moved as well.


The Board of Directors would like to take this time to express their appreciation for the donations and memorials given during the year 2006. This generosity helped to maintain the cemetery from April 1 to November 30, 2006.

Jack Alexander, Director, supervised the maintenance crew during the year 2006. Jack works tirelessly on behalf of the lot owners in Spur Cemetery. He and the maintenance crew, besides doing the regular duties of mowing, and weed-eating, leveled over 60 headstones, uncovered 8 headstones that had been covered in dirt, and approximately 32 footstools that had been covered up.

Another group that is appreciated for their volunteer efforts is Pat Hightower and her fifth grade students. For the past several years, Pat and her 5th grade students have placed flags on Memorial Day at the graves of our servicemen. She uses this as an opporunity to teach the children about Memorial Day. Pat also helped place and pickup the flags on Veterans Day. There are approximately 400 flags placed each Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Worn flags are replaced as donations are received.

Several years ago white crosses were placed at the gravesites of people who had served in the military. Mr. Woolley, his welding students and other county citizens provided the labor to make the crosses. Crosses that are painted gold are located at graves of men who died in service to our country.

In 2006, the Cemetery Association and the Dickens Counmty Historical Commission worked together to provide the stairs to the Soldier's Memorial located in the cemetery. A flagpole was placed and a special "Cavalry" flag is flown.

Cemetery Chapel

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