Death Records 1902-1917, Dickens County, Texas
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Doctors during this time Period
Transcribed by Kay Laster
Dickens County Death Records - Book 1
Date Name Place Cause Age
06-02-1904 Austin, Stephen Dickens Cystitis & Prostitis 70
07-09-1905Alford, AnnieAftonNeck broke by fall from buggy1 1/2
01-06-1907Arthur, MyrtleNear DickensIntestinal hemmorrhage14
02-02-1907Arthur, ArchieNear DickensTyphoid Fever16
07-11-1905Blakley, No NameDickensWhooping Cough2 mo.
01-13-1907Brummel, No NameNear DickensPremature birth9 days
01-30-1907Bryant, Mrs. W. H. DumontSepticemia30
02-04-1907Blakley, HowardCountyCattaskal fever6 mo.
01-28-1907Brock, FrankNear DickensTyphoid fever21
12-11-1907Clark, S.M.CountyOld age75
07-11-1905Cannon, Ray E.AftonWhooping courgh4
07-06-1905Cannon, Ray E.AftonWhooping cough4 mo.
02-20-1907Clark, Eddie Mrs.Near DickensIntestinal obstruction19
03-21-1908Carpenter, Beulah LeeDumontNothing recorded8
05-07-1908Clark, Anna BelleDickensPeritonitis25
11-25-1909Clingon, Mamie LeeNo recordSpinal affection4 mo.
08-10-1905InfantCottonwoodPremature birth
02-28-1909Driver, AdoraDickensSepticemia39
03-09-1906Ellis, Mattie JaneDickensSeptis infection22
05-25-1917Fellmy, Charles R.SpurPneumonia38
11-27-1904Glasgow, CecilDickensUnknown4 mo.
05-20-1907Gay, EmilyDickensCongestion of lungs3 mo.
03-27-1908Glasgow, Ella M.DickensChild birth29
04-28-1908Gunn, Mrs. S.E.No recordBright disease59
06-14-1917Gardner, NellieSpurIlevaceitis
07-05-1903Hurt, MollieDumontBillious fever dysentery42
08-21-1903Hart, Cora15 mi. W. of DickensHeart failure, child bed fever
08-26-1903Haile, Male infantCottonwoodIn the birth
05-29-1904Hunter, ThomasSpur RanchPeritonitis following gunshot wound21
12-09-1905Harkey, EvaeDickensDiphtheria5
01-05-1906Harris, ClydeMotley Co.Exposure and cold13
01-10-1906Jones, A. MayDickensPneumonia3
11-09-1906Johnson, Joseph E.Aftontuberculosis
02-27-1907Joiner, Mrs. J. F.Red MudPneumonia37
03-06-1907Kennedy, SamDickensDysentery72
07-27-1908Kennedy, VirgieEast of DickensInflammation of bowels1 yr.
11-24-1909King, R.L.SpurBlow on head44
09-06-1904Love, JosephDickensDiarrhea21
01-10-1909Loyd, SnowAftonOedemia of brain50
01-24-1909Lockett, KatieDickensTyphoid fever22
07-22-1903Mitchell, ClarenceDickensHurt in birth18 hrs.
01-20-1908Martin, W.H.TapPneumonia46
05-26-1917McWaters, NoraSpurSepticemia following abortion
03-22-1906McCarty, J.J.AftonCongestion of bowels60
10-19-1904Orr, RoscoeDickensNeck broken by buggy accident25
12-12-1916Overstreet, G.C.StamfordSuffocation9 mo.
10-21-1903Phipps, GeorgeDickensPneumonia40
02-05-1908Randall, M.TapLagrippe41
02-21-1904Sargent, Infant girlCottonwoodInflammation1 hr.
09-27-1904Smith, Otis A. Red MudCroup3
11-22-1908Stephens, Mrs. J.A.CountyGen. disability41
08-16-1909Sanderson, TabithaCrotonSpasms14 day
08-15-1904Walker, Chas.2 1/2 m. NW of DickensInflammation55
02-12-1906Worswick, Infant girl3 m. N./DickensCongestion of brain4 days
03-08-1906Young, AndersonSE of DickensUnknown78
09-24-1906Young,, Joe LewisAftonInflammation of stomach and throat1 yr 2 mo

Doctors during this time period:

  • T. H. Blackwell
  • O.F. Bonham
  • F.A. Burnum
  • J.E. Morris
  • T. B. Love
  • C.C. Walker
  • W.S. Cheeney
  • W.R. Moore
  • J.T. Meers
    • Midwife: Mary E. McCarty

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