Death Records 1917-1920, Dickens County, Texas
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Death Records 1917-1925
Transcribed by Kay Laster
NAME                                       DOD                    Cause                                   Burial Place           
J.E. Crabtree 01-01-1917 Old Age Dickens
John Andrew Scott 08-08-1917 Heart/Chronic Dysentery Spur
Jose Cortez 09-13-1917 Not known Dickens
Mary Emily Gipson (Walker) 09-26-1917 Old age Dickens
James William Edwards 12-27-1917 Gun shot wound Dickens
David Hill Dunn 03-10-1918 TB Dickens
Clara Allene Taylor 03-17-1918 Meningitis Spur
Ruthell Hunter 03-16-1918 Congestion of stomach Spur
Tom Maston Cain 03-26-1918 Stomach trouble Afton
Nellie Bush Rucker 04-18-1918 General debility Afton
Jena Yeates ? ? Afton
G. W. Turner 02-18-1918 RR accident Spur
Della Jane Turner 02-18-1918 RR accident Spur
Johnnie Ruth Tatum Bilberry 12-08-1917 Peptic infection Spur
C. H. Sonning 02-23-1918 TB Spur
Goyne 03-31-1918 Pneumonia Spur
William C. McArthur 11-27-1917 Pneumonia Spur
John Wm. McCormick 11-27-1917 Diabetes Afton
Rubin Sanders 09-08-1917 Cholera Spur
George P. Kirster 11-15-1917 Heart Spur
Henry Almarine Smith 06-18-1918 Pneumonia Spur
Ada Kilpatrick 06-19-1918 Abscess abdomen Spur
Thos. Loyd Hobkins 06-08-1918 Drowned Dickens
W. J. Hurst 06-15-1918 Premature birth Spur
Claud Kidd 07-26-1918 Mitral regurgitation Spur
Jessie Faye Howze 07-18-1918 Appendicitis Spur
Margaret Agnes Bass 08-08-1918 Post-partum Hemorrhage Dickens
Baby Girl Bass 08-19-1918 Complications at birth Dickens
Baby boy Thomas 08-12-1918 Hemorrhage Red Mud
Beulah Maynard 10-19-1918 Influenza Afton
Baby boy McBroom 10-05-1918 Umbilical hemmorrage Spur
James R. McMichael 10-07-1918 Heart Spur
Lilburn Lawson Martin 09-23-1918 Drank concentrated lye Spur
James Judson Rogers 09-25-1918 Pneumonia Spur
Sibble Dozier 09-20-1918 Whooping cough Dickens
Otho Arthur 10-31-1918 Pneumonia/flu Dickens
Hyacinth Grace Springer 12-11-1918 Pneumonia/flu Spur
Jessie Gladish 12-21-1918 Pneumonia/flu Dickens
Ola Audine Holly 11-28-1918 Pneumonia/flu Dickens
Lucinda Gordy 12-10-1918 Pneumonia/flu Dickens
Jesse R. Jenkins 12-08-1918 Pneumonia/flu Afton
Elbert Gates 12-08-1918 Car accident Afton
Ava May Peters 12-16-1918 Pneumonia/flu Dickens
Earnest Levell Stephens 01-22-1919 Pneumonia/flu Afton
Rebecca Askins Brock 12-07-1918 Heart failure Dickens
John Benson 04-01-1919 Suicide Dickens
Richard A. Jones 03-07-1919 Appoplexy Dickens
William Perrin 02-17-1919 Cerebral hemmorahage Dickens
Lillian Winkles Willman 04-09-1919 Childbirth Afton
Benjamin Franklin Brock 12-11-1918 Flu Dickens
Walter Marvin Arthur 06-28-1919 Typhoid Dickens
Winifred M. Eldredge 07-22-1919 Stillborn Dickens
Maggie Morris 08-03-1919 Eczema Amity
Cora Belle Gentry Harrison        08-14-1919 Pellagra Dickens
M.W. Winkler 08-23-1919 TB Dickens
James W. Offield 10-16-1919 Stomach trouble Amity
J. J. Moon 10-09-1919 Heart dickens
Velta May Karr 10-26-1919 Ilio colitis Espuela
Welta Fay Karr 10-26-1919 Ilio colitis Espuela
Jessie Alvin Hill 12-15-1919 Diphtheria Dickens
Lucy Littlefield 11-09-1919 Diptheria Dickens
Eruma Moore Farer 02-10-1920 Pneumonia/flu Afton
Elbert Mills 02-09-1920 Pneumonia/flu dickens
Hodges Infant 09-30-1919 Stillborn Afton
Annie Elizabeth Cypress George         02-26-1920 Pneumonia Spur
Henry Pace 05-07-1920 Whooping cough Spur
John Pace 01-20-1920 Heart Spur
Eugene Parks 01-19-1920 Pneumonia Spur
Mary A. Cole Thomas 02-25-1920 Paralysis Red Mud
Mary Magialine Butts Hand                02-28-1920 Bright disease Spur
Annie Lorena Swanne 03-05-1920 Whooping cough Red Mud
Margaret Sue Twaddell 05-28-1920 Malnutrition Spur
Jas. Madison Campbell 05-20-1920 Old age Spur
Molly Elmore 05-29-1920 Heart failure Spur
Homer C. Pierce 03-20-1920 TB Dickens
Jettie Alice Edwards 02-28-1920 Pyorrhea Dickens
Willie Maud Foy Simmons 03-04-1920 Diphtheria Spur
Baby boy Burnum 07-05-1920 Stillborn Dickens
Stacy Masson 02-11-1920 Pneumonia Afton
Baby boy James 08-31-1920 Cholora McAdoo
Emma Eldredge 02-03-1919 Unknown Dickens
Nathan Faircloth 09-28-1920 Diphtheria Afton
Nannie C. Parson 08-01-1920 Post operative Spur
Mary Elizabeth Clay Gipson 08-03-1920 Post operative Dickens
Ben G. Glasgow 08-13-1920 TB Spur
Baby boy Karr 06-29-1920 Unknown Espuela
Will Jefferson 12-13-1917 Gunshot Spur
Tomas Carreon 04-11-1920 Dysentery Spur
Elsie Morris 05-24-1920 Gen. peritonitis Spur
Margaret Virginia Jopling 06-29-1920 Scalding Spur
Collie Nash 06-29-1920 Unknown Spur
Lettie Warren 10-21-1920 Heart failure Spur
Etta Fullbright 10-10-1920 TB Afton
Tabitha Pankie Hicks 10-30-1920 Diphtheria Dickens
Raymond Curtis James 10-26-1920 Diphtheria Espuela
Mary Eva Garrett 10-26-1920 Diphtheria Spur
Bonnie Jean Kamner 10-14-1920 Unknown Dickens
Clyde Holly 11-03-1920 Diphtheria Dickens
Charlie F. Cannon 09-28-1920 Appoplexy Spur
Baby girl Mitchell 09-24-1920 Stillborn Red Mud
J. T. Stacy 09-02-1920 Diphtheria Spur
Baby boy Emert 11-17-1920 Unknown Dickens
Annie Louna Swanner 03-05-1920 Unknown Red Mud

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