Memorial Day

VFW Post Named After Boyd M. Williams

Dickens County Times, November 7,1940

First From Dickens County to give Life in War
Boyd M. Williams was the first of the Dickens County boys to give his life for his country in the World War. At the time of his death he was at Camp Pike, Arkansas, and had received the rank of Second Lieutenant August 26, 1918. At the time of his death he was an officer of the Guard, and had been on duty consistently for 48 hours before being relieved. He came in during the evening and the next morning he was taken to a hospital, being enveloped with a huge (can't read line). He passed away October 10, 1918 at Camp Pike Hospital

Lieutenant William was a son of Mr. And Mrs. George M. Williams of our city. He was born at Fort Worth, March 25, 1894, on Easter Sunday. He was a graduate of Spur High School, completing with the class in May, 1913. He entered Baylor University in 1913 and was a student there through the term closing 1915. He entered the University of Texas a student in law in the fall of 1915 and was there two years, completing his junior course in law and was preparing to go East to. (don't have rest of article).

War Memorial

Armistice Day November 7, 1940

Picture of Boyd M. Williams, "Dickens County Boy-the first to give his life for his country and in who's honor the Post is named".

The Dickens County Times, November 11, 1940

The Boyd M. Williams Post was organized at Spur and had a charter issued February 25, 1920. Names as charter members on the charter are: Earl Senning, Edd Potts, Ernest F. Squires, J.C. Harlen, Luther D. Powell, Dr. W.R. Moore, Otto Mott, L.L. Hooker, W.L. Russell, H.S. Wilkes, H.R. Barlow, H.G. Perry, R.D. Russell, C.A. Echols, and J.L. Echols.

J.E. Berry and Fred Donahue were among the first members and attended the meeting of the organization, but their names do not appear on the charter.

Earl Senning was elected as first Post Commander, and the Post made progress under his direction. The first meeting was held in the director's room of the Spur National Bank.

The Post organization went down for a while, but was later reorganized. The minutes of the 1928 show that L.E. Lee was elected Post Commander and Fred Donahue was elected adjutant. There is a lost link in the records just prior to that date. Mr. Lee served two terms. Other Post commanders were: