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W. H. GRAHAM is the active, popular and efficient Tax Collector of De Witt County, Texas, and one of the representative business men of the same. The man from Pennsylvania has always been a potential element in the growth and prosperity of the Lone Star State, and Mr. Graham's career is worthy of emulation, for it shows what pluck, perseverance and energy will do. Mr. Graham first saw the light in Erie County, Pennsylvania, in 1844, and was sixth in order of birth of twelve children born to James and Annie Graham, natives of Ireland and New York, respectively. When six years of age our subject was taken by a man named Lee, who lived in Cuba, New York, but one year later this gentleman moved to Iowa, where our subject was reared and educated. In July, 1861, he enlisted in Company G, Fifth Iowa Infantry, and served in the Army of Tennessee. He was at New Madrid, Mo.; Iuka, Miss.; Corinth, Miss., and was with Gen. Grant when he crossed the Mis­sissippi River. He was in all the battles around Jackson, then to Vicksburg, and after the fall of that city went to Chattanooga where he participated in the battle of Lookout Mountain. There he was captured and spent that winter in prison on Belle Island in James River. In the spring he was taken to Ander­sonville and remained there until November, when he was taken to Florence, S. C., and in December exchanged. He was in prison one year and eleven days. Mr. Graham then made a trip to Iowa, got his discharge, and then went to the Keystone State to see his parents, whom he had not seen since six years of age. Later he re-enlisted in the Ninety-ninth Pennsylvania Regiment, and was sent to Goldsboro, S. C., where he remained until the surrender. He was in the final review at Washington City, May, 1865, and was discharged at Philadelphia in June. A few months later Mr. Graham came to Texas, and as he had enlisted in the regular United States Cavalry, he served three years on the Texas frontier, at various posts. When his time was up he took the money he had saved in the army and went to Eastman's Business College at Poughkeepsie, where he remained for about a year. After that he returned to Texas, and in a few months permanently located in the new town of Cuero, where at first he was stage and express agent. After that he was route agent on the railroad from Cuero to Indianola, and was in the latter place in 1875, during the great storm there. He served as Deputy Sheriff and Collector until 1880, when he was elected Collector of the county, which position he has held since. He possesses many noble traits of char­acter, is entirely self-made, and owes his success in life, and the high estima­tion in which he is held by all who know him to his upright, manly course through life. He is interested in all good causes, and is one of the public spirited men of the country.

Mr. Graham's happy domestic life began in 1874 when Miss Louisa Demonet, a native of Louisiana, became his wife. Her father, who was a native of France, is now deceased. To our subject and wife have been born three interesting children: Mary Agnes, James Michael and William Henry. He and family hold membership in the Catholic Church. Mr. Graham is presi­dent of the Catholic Knights of America, of Cuero, and he has charge of the C. L. & I. Company's land. He also does a general real estate business.