Yoakum Daily Herald Sept

Yoakum Daily Herald Sept. 17, 1898


The Daily Herald by Herald Publishing Company, office on Front Street, in the rear of Cook & Tiptonís Book Store.

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          Superintendent BRIAN has assigned his assistant teachers to the following grades for the coming session of free school.

          East side: W.T. BRIAN, High 9-10; J.D. SWANN, 8th and low 9th; Miss Daisy THOMAS, 7th; W.J. HALE, 6th; Miss Anna KILGORE, 5th; Miss Minnie GRAHAM, 4th; Miss Belle HAMPTON, 3rd; Miss Lillie DODD, 2nd; Miss Minnie GORDON, 1st.

          West Side: W.T. SOUTHWELL, 5th; Mrs. N.W. MITCHELL, 3rd and 4th.

          Professor BRIAN is well satisfied with the attendance at the pay school and says the pupils are progressing nicely.

          Free school will open on the first Monday in October.