Yoakum Weekly Herald

Yoakum Weekly Herald- October 26,1911

News of the Day


Monte McCord has purchased the saloon stock and fixtures belonging to the late E. Shampaign and situated in the Shampaign building opposite the passenger depot.

          A deal has just closed up by which J.Lyons has purchased the property he has for the past ten years occupied as a store. The property was bought from B.P. Stephenson of Beeville and is a choice piece of business property.

          Bids were opened Saturday for the erection of the new Catholic church for this city. The lowest bid was #6,666, submitted by the South Texas Lumber Company. The contract was not awarded for the reason that the trustees are still trying to arrange for a brick building.

          As stated a couple of weeks ago, J.H. Tucker was planning to erect three brick store rooms on Front Street. The lowest bidder being Messrs. Bolton & Stephenson, the $7,717.50 contract was awarded to them.

          The Schoenberg-Hobbs building Corner Front and Nelson Streets to be 50x31 feet in dimensions received the bid from Chas. Fuess & Son for $ 3,200. It will be used by Schoenberg as a saloon.

          The home of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Farrington was a scene of beauty and brilliancy on Monday afternoon when Miss Nettie Farrington very graciously entertained with a miscellaneous shower in honor of Miss Kittie Whittington, who will be married to Mr. Eugene  Hinds next Thursday at high noon.

          After a successful career of 24 years in the Dry Goods business, J.M. Haller has, after two year mature deliberation, decided to quit the dry goods business.

          A deal has been closed recently in which James E. Manning buys from Post Master Frank Quota the nice little Bungalow home Quota recently purchased from J.H. Floyd. The property is located in Park Heights.


Lavaca County Courthouse


Edmond Valhalik to Emilie Svec.

Claud Fitch and Annie Stokesberry

Steve Hermes to Mary Huehlefeld

Wm. Harrison to Adeline Michellk

Ed. Jalufka to Agnes Raska

Ferdinand Blaschke to Katie Kneifel

Anotn Yukasek to Mary Chilek

James Meyers to Lucy McElry

George L. Parrard to Adelhard Gast.

Sam Arnold to Emma Gladney

Gus Kaiser to Bertha Findelsen

Emil Goetz to Bessie BArina

Chas. R. Partain to Mrs. Annie Alexander

Willie Bengsch to Ella Striebeck

Tom J. Darliek to Albina Hanslik

Chas. Zemann to Frances Wasek

F. Cinodor to Maria Kubicek

W.C. Nolen to Eva Kelly

F.F. Hofner to E.K. Kubicek




Justice of the Peace, F.G. Patton performed the ceremony last night at 7 p.m. that joined in marriage Mr. Jeff Wheeler and Miss Nora Goode.

          Wm. B. Stephenson and Miss Alice O. Floyd were married last Sunday might at the residence of Rev. W.S. Gibbs.

          Wheeler Weyman and bride of San Antonio who are out on their honeymoon trip arrived in the city this afternoon from Houston and are guests of his mother, Mrs. R.H. Weyman. Mr. Weyman and Miss Stall Collingsworth were married a few days ago.

          Mr. Claude Fitch and Miss Annie Stokeberry were married in the Catholic Church Tuesday morning. The groom is the son of John P. Fitch who lives in Hope and the bride has resided with her parents in the Pilot Grove and Hope sections.