THE TIMES – 1898: Oct 11, 1898

W.L. JOHNSTER, Editor.


The Herald is informed that Messrs. Frank PATTON and John TUCK are to open a skating ring at the Comity Club building on Tuesday night. A skating rink, properly conducted, should pay for awhile, at least.

Miss Cora LAMPLEY, Mrs. R.L. TERRY, and Mrs. Guy CHAPMAN spent Friday in Austin.

Miss Cora Lee BENBOW, of Houston, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.P. BENBOW.

Thomas RINN, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe RINN, for the past month, has returned to Georgetown Sunday, to attend school for another year.



Miss Mamie BOONE, will open a kindergarten class Sept. 14. Those desiring to send, will please call to see her at residence.



Mr. and Mrs. J.E. NORTH announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Annabelle HUEBNER to George Nixon SCHULER of Gonzales, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nixon SCHULER od San Antonio, Sept. 4.

Mr. SCHULER is employed with the Texas Tanning Company and will reside at 205 W. Morris Street.



The above words expressed the wish of all of Grandma WARNKEN’s relatives and friends, Sunday afternoon for her 92nd birthday, when a number gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. WARNKEN, 608 W. Grand Ave. to honor her.

Mrs. WARNKEN was assisted in serving by her daughter, Helen and Mrs. Bettie HOFFMAN.



Our young printer friend, Dan TATUM has returned home from Jacksonville, Florida on a furlough. Dan is looking well, despite the fact that he recently recovered from a spell of malarial fever. He states that W. J. DOUGLAS, who used to run “ The Graphic” is now steward in the hospital in Jacksonville. Dan’s many friends are glad to meet him after his absence.




J.B. HARRIS Cash Store- 6lb. bucket of parched coffee 85 ents. Drummond natural leaf tobacco-60 cents per pound.


J.E. CHESTNUTT, Tonsorial Artist on Grand Avenue. The place to get a first class shave, haircut or bath. Polite and courteous attention to all patrons.


F.W. ARLITT, The Tailor. Perfect fit guaranteed, jst received full line of spring and summer goods.