Yoakum Weekly Herald Nov 5

Yoakum Weekly Herald Nov 5, 1908



Mr. and Mrs. J.W. COOK held a Halloween theme birthday party for their son, Graham, in honor of his 8th birthday. Seventy-five children attended.

A Sunday outing was chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. F.W. KUETKA, Mr. and Mrs. T.I. MONTGOMERY, Mr. and Mrs. G.L. BLANCHARD, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett SIMPSON, and Mr. and Mrs. C. G. MOORE, and attended by Misses Ruby KEYS, Birdie YOUNGKIN, Mattie WEYMAN, Joe ZAPP, Julie KOCH, Rosa KONIKOVSKY, and Louise MYATT. The young gentlemen attending were Messrs. Frank WOODS, Robert NASH, Ely MAJORS, Koss MORGAN, Ira ISDALE, Pete KIRTLEY, Homer MORRIS, Mat MATHIS. After an afternoon of hunting for squirrels and birds, the hunters returned in a bunch about dinner time. After dinner, of course, it was natural that everyone should want to take a nap. And most of them did. But a few of the young folks thought it nicer to have a quiet , “I Scream Spoon.”

Marshal J.W.WHITTINGTON returned last night from Yorktown where he went on a hunting expedition.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip WELHAUSEN returned yesterday afternoon from a visit to their relatives and friends in Shiner.

A Sunday outing on the river composed of R.B. POPACEK, Cleve JOHNSON, Roy BORDEN, E.E. HARRIS, Kittie WHITTINGTON, Nettie FARRINGTON, Lottie MAY, Annie WOFFORD, and Janie WEYMAN.

Celebrating her 10th birthday was Jennie Pauline FINK.

Mr. N.D. ARNOLD and family have about finished moving into their pretty home, on Gonzales street which was recently purchased…



Mr. S.F. ORMAN who has been running a confectionary stand for the past six months on Grand Avenue, has sold it to Mrs. S.C. CARPENTER, who will continue the business at the old stand and invites the trading public to call and see her.




Oct 21:- Ignac PASPISIL and Frances MACHACEK; L.R. GARNER and Fannie THIGPIN; Frank MAREK and Frances GALETKA (note- spelling changes that occur in the newspaper)

Oct 22:- Camilo JONES and Otelia SALINAZ; Geo. COLEMAN and Minerva CUNNINGHAM

Oct 23:- Frank A. DUSEK and Mary WAGNER; Louis WICK and Tracy HENNAKE

Oct 24:- Leonard MUDD and Annie KELLY; W.T. SMITH and Emma C. MARTIN; Richie DAWSON and Anna WADE; Perry ADLER and Johanna SCHWARTZ

Oct 26:- John PAVLICA and Sophia ROLLER; Adolph MICULKA and Pauline VINCIG; John FOJTIK and frantiska KUTACH; Adolph ULLMAN and Anna EFFENBERGER; Frank KUBENA and Agnes KUBENKA

Oct 27:- Joseph FILIP and Mattie PILSINER; Jap SUTTLE and Eloise ALLEN; Odedar WARD and Julia WINKFIELD

Oct 28:- Emil VRANA and Albina PETER; Frank G. BOEHM and Annie PARGATCH; Gerhard FISBECK and Ida MUELLER; Frank DARILEK and Josie BERAN; Ed DAVIS and Frances BROWN



AT 10:00 this morning at the Catholic church, Mr. F.V. HAGEN and Miss Annie WITTE daughter of County Commissioner and Mrs. P.R. WITTE were united in marriage.



F.J. KUBENKA and wife, a boy.

Aug. HAASE and wife, a boy.

J.M. MIKULENKA and wife, a Boy, Oct 7

Arthur KRESTA and wife, a boy

Frank E. BOHAC and wife, boy, Oct 7.




Mrs. Agusta POWERS, who has been for a long time a sufferer from dropsy, and whose condition gradually grew worse until finally the last summons came at 7:20 last night and separated her soul from the casement of clay of this noble lady and carried it home to God in glory who gave it. She was 54 years old and lived in Yoakum with her sister, Mrs. John FRELS.