Yoakum Weekly Herald

Yoakum Weekly Herald

May 30, 1912


News of the Day


The Baby show at the High School Campus was a big success. Prettiest girl between 2-4 years old , Gladys Barnett, daughter of Mr. amd Mrs. J.O. Barnett. Handsomest boy between 2-4 year old, Harry Mohrmann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mohrmann.  Prettiest baby between 6 months and 2 years, Dorothy Mae Turner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Turner. Prettisest bay under six months, Bennie Trebig. Jolliest baby under 4 years, Ora Bdell Welch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Welch. The finest pair of twins , Masters Arthur George and Alfred Knolle Hermann, sons of Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Hermann.

          City Marshall T.J. Burkett and family of Shiner have decided to located in Yoakum. He has taken a lease on the J.E. Miller place on Hochheim Street and will engage in the Bottling Works business.  Messrs. S.A. Carnes & Son are having erected a house on Hugo Street, next to Plka & Richmondís Tin and Plumbing Shop for Burkett.

          Mr. Sam Taylor became owner of 150 acres of the J.J. Kutach Dairy farm out four miles southeast of town and Mr. Kutach becomes owner of Mr. Taylorís fine 100 acre tract near town.

          The W.L. Johnston cottage at the rear of the Woodsmen building is being moved out on May Street near the residence of Mr. John Gilbert. This another of the old landmarks in the business section that is being taken way to make room for a more pretentious and substantial structure.

          The beautiful new home of J.J. Jaresh on West Grand Ave. has been completed and dhe moved this family to the new residence yesterday.

          A deal has been made in which T.M. Dodd, Jr. becomes owner of the W.A. Moore place on Hugo Street just across from the High School building.

          The brick work on the big tower of the Catholic Church is nearly finished.

          Mr. Tribble makes a suggestion that is worthy of consideration and even adoption. It is to have in Yoakum an ď Old Settlers DayĒ. Those who have lived 20 years and longer in this section could spend a most delightful day here relating experiences of the past and telling what they saw when they first came here. Mr. Tribble suggests as the day for this celebration somewhere around July20.




Beulah Leggett and Mr. Goodall were married May 19.

Laura Collins and Emil Wacker were married Monday.

Kate Brewster and Vernon Ware were married last week.

Ellen Ballou and George Stobart were married May 20.




Mrs. A.J. Wheeler died at the family home Friday.