News of The Day

The special road tax propo­sition was defeated at Ezzell. We haven't heard how the county went but in all proba­bility it was defeated in the county. If so the automobile played a prominent part in its defeat. The farmers claim that the wealthy population op­posed the construction of good roads until the automobile came into service and now they, the farmers, do not intend to help build auto roads. The motor car is a dangerous men­ace to the women and children of the country. It is dangerous to drive the most gentle horse over a road that is traveled by cars. An animal that will not notice these machines In town where they are used to all kinds of noises, will become a raving maniac when meeting a machine on the public high­way. A runaway and general breakup often follows such en­counter.

In Sublime everybody is busy chopping cotton.

There was a surprise party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Kloppenburg to celebrate Celia's 20th birthday.

J.M. Gunn has sold his fine river valley farm and residence on this side of the river to W. Krauser of Dreyer. He sold it for a nice sum of $81.35 per acre.

J.P. Cook has opened his grocery store on Gonzales Street and is now ready for business.


The brick work on the buildings of F. Mergenthal and John Tucker on Front Street of which W. Pound is the con­tractor has been completed and now a corps of woodworkman and plasterers are busy putting the finishing touches on them, which if nothing happens will be ready for occupancy about the twentieth of this month. These bricks add much to the appearance of this street and may be the cause of more to follow suit in the near future.

Mrs. Annie Lehms who has so successfully conducted the restaurant on Front Street for quite a long time on yesterday afternoon closed a deal with her son whereby Mr. Richard Lehms become the sole owner and business manager of this popular restaurant.

The local ball team members are Kalvorisky, Wilkerson, Boatright, Mylius, Morris, Rutherford, Conway, Youngkin and Patton.



Assistant Postmaster and Mrs. Rudolph Hagen are entertaining a fine new boy at their home.



The 3 week old baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Lehmann died from teatus and burial was at the city cemetery.