YOAKUM WEEKLY HERALD March 9 & 16, 1911




                                                               News Of The Day

Miss Lillian Ploeger entered the Business College this morning for a six month course.

Miss Rosa Afflerbach was surprised with a birthday party with friends, Misses Norma Find, Amelia Bressel, Hertha Voelkel, Otelia Rinn, Lillie Rinn, Marguerite Vardez, Lillian Maresh, Emma Coldewey, Rosa Endell, Mary Louise Quota, Rosa Afflerbach, Alma Afflerbach; Messrs., Marcus Turbevi11e, Leonard Domberger, Charlie Kaiser, Wa1lace Turbeville, William Domberger, Frank Walicek, Walter Find, Everett Wade and Walter Afflerbach.

W.L. Lowrance is having the details worked out for another handsome building for his Lott Street property, to be located where the Moore Tin and Plumbing shop and hardware store now stands. These old buildings will be moved away and work begin in less than sixty days. The building is to front on Lott Street 70 feet and have a depth of 50 feet. The front on Lott Street will be practically solid glass with a round comer on the alley next to Haller's store of glass running back 8 feet down the alley. It will be two stories in height and equipped with modern appointments throughout. A lease has been signed by L.B. Moore & Sons for a period of five years. The building is to have an artistic front and will be a thing of beauty as well as a substantial business house right in the center of the business district.

The work of putting up the new brick on Jamison lot, comer Grand Avenue and Lott Street will begin right away. Tenants in the old buildings have been notified to vacate right away. It is understood that Swift, the Tailor will go into the Simpson Book Store building; Mueller, the Jeweler will go into the Beck Undertaking building. The new store will be of brick, two stories in height, modern in every appointment There will be two stores fronting the Avenue and three fronting Lott Street. The entire lot of 50x150 will be covered with the exception of a six foot passage for half the distance on the back side of the lot. The stairway will be about the center of the building on Lott Street. The upstairs will likely be used for offices.

   The two story brick building at the S.E. Corner of Lott and Hugo streets has been completed and accepted by the owners, Messrs. S.A. Carnes & Son. The lower floor is occupied by Mr. J.A. Menke, who has stocked the place with a large assortment of fancy and staple groceries. On the second floor Professor Baldwin's Business College has an office and two spacious classrooms. Mr. Bradford, the Photographer, occupies a modern and neatly appointed Studio, also located on the second floor. The building is equipped with sanitary conveniences on both floors, has Mosaic Tile vestible entrances on lower, large polished plate glass windows with polished Georgia marble base.

Miss Gladys Woods, of the “Lightening Bugs" entertained “Amazons" with a party for winning the basketball game Wednesday. Those so fortunate to be present were Misses Essie Isdale, Mary Humphreys, Annie Laurie Woolsey, Marie Hutchinson, Zula House, ,Marguerite Woolsey, Carrie Henson, Bernice Browne Pace, Besie Glass, Pearl Weyman, Olga Collins, Mary Bethel, Maude Wallace, Otelia  Rinn, Katheran Lancaster, Kray Woolsey, Loi Isdale, Gladys Wood; Messrs. Edward Hill, Davis Williamson, Jim Henson, Jimmie Scott, Jim North, Felix Cain, Merill Mead, Ralph Nathan, Monroe Rinn, Clay Youngkin, William Schiller, Alfred Golf, Jesse Neuman, Walter Golf, Charles Roos, LaurieWalker, Chester Noeth , and Leslie Hollan.

    The Boys Corn Club at School elected the following officers: Willie Urban, president; Willie Kuchler, secretary and Willie Thomas, treasurer.

A fishing party composed of Misses  Annie Barre, Janie Barre, Caroline Barre, Lizzie Brosh, Annie Marresh, Mary Marresh and Messrs. Ben , Adolph Maresh and Fritz Barre spent Sunday fishing.



A deal has just been consummated by which the stock of merchandise belong­ing to Mrs. W.F. Wilson and run under the firm of The Variety Store has been sold to Mr. Buckner who came from Louisana.

    W.E. Green is having the lot cleared next to the Mrs. S.A. Green home on Gonzales Street and will have a neat five bungalow erected there.

    E.B. Hill, dean of the Yoakum Real Estate force has sold  the six lots on Pecan Street toH.PWitte, spot cash. The property belonged to E.C. Lane.

Emil Huth's fine two story home burned to the ground. The family was ok, but the damage was estimated at $5,000, with insurance of about $3.000. He just completed this home and lived in it less than five months.

The new Yoakum Commercial officers are President, J. Lyons; 1st Vice President, W.L. Johnston; 2nd Vice President, Dr. E.H. Schwab; Secretary, Dr. W.W. McVea and Treasurer, Phillip Welhausen. Directors are F.S. Mason, J.M. Haller, S.A. Carnes, E.B. Carruth, J.B. Harris, A.J. Ross and E.C. Koerth.

The Yoakum country is in good shape financially as indicated by the bank statement published In the Herald showing more than $600,000 on deposit.


Mr. Albert Hoffman of Victoria and Miss Leenora Wooford of this city were married at the home of Rev. J.M. Perry. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. W. W. Wooford. They are making their home in Victoria.


Mrs. Lena Roehm, 46, of Sweet Home passed away. She was buried in the Sweet Home cemetery.

The venerable D.C. Jones, 77, passed away Sunday afternoon. A native of Missouri, he was born April 9, 1834. In 1849 when the gold fever was raging over the country, Mr. Jones crossed the Rockies on horseback to carve his fortune. He returned to Texas and lived in Moulton, Gonzales and Sweet Home for 50 years. Just before the war he married Miss Amanda TInsley of Gonzales. Surviving children are Messrs. Willis H. Jones of Rockland, Albert R. and Rufus A. Jones of Houston, Mesdames Neddie Quebedeaux of Nickel, Lula Holland of Crystal City, Emma Esquivel of Yoakum and R.F. Moore of Houston

Bishop John Anthony Forest died at his home in San Antonio Saturday. He was a native of France and came to Texas In the early 60's as a missionary priest locating in Hallettsville. With his own

 hands he helped to get out and haul the rock of which the Catholic church, just east of the city was built in 1869.

Martha Collins, wife of Adams Collins, one of Yoakum's most respectable families, died this morning at the age of sixty years.

Millie Brazil, living a couple of miles North of town died yesterday at the age of 101 years. Old Aunt Millie was a slave belonging to Col. John M. Bennett's father in her young womanhood.



New Grocery Store--Just opened on Grand Avenue near George's Tin shop. Carry everything in the Staple and Fancy Grocery line. Everything new and fresh. Prices as cheap as the cheapest and service prompt. Will appreciate your trade. W.R. Granberry.

Wanted: Cream. Our new creamery is now open and ready to receive butter fat and pays at all times the highest market prices. Testing carefully done every day. For this week we will pay 28 cents. Creamery Dairy Company, Yoakum branch.


For Rent: A nice 6 room house on East Hill, known as Mrs. Bachelors home. Enquire at J.C. Bush.