Yoakum Weekly Herald

Yoakum Weekly Herald- July 6, 1911


News of the Day


“ J.W. Woolsey spent the day Tuesday out in Kaiser’s pasture assisting in “dipping” some two hundred head of cattle.

          The family of W.E. Garrett who live down near Terryville are reported to be in bad shape. Five of them are sick with typhoid fever.

          A deal has been consummated in which Paul Mc Donald sells interest in the Suitatorium on the corner of Front and May Streets. Mr. Edwin Russell is the buyer and has already assumed charge. The business will be conducted in the future by Messrs. Edwin Russel and Walter Arlitt.

          The J.S. Hall lot next to the State Bank has been cleared of the old building and the work of putting in the new brick will commence within the next few days. The old building is being put in shape on Mr. Hall’s residence lot on Gonzales Street.

          A deal has just closed up by which Mrs. B.J. Cummiskey becomes owner of the W. Lander two story home on Gonzales Street for $3,500.

          C.C. Skrehot bought the Gerhardt Suhr place on hi Hochheim Prairie, consisting of 106 acres. The price was $ 87.50.

          Conductor E.C. McGill has bought the W.T. Brian property on the corner of Hubbard and Whitfield Streets for $1,800 and will move his family into it in the near future. This was formerly Mr. Brian’s home.

          H. Mylius has started on a new corrugated iron building on his Grand Avenue Lot, next to Middlebrook & Neely’s store.

          D.S. Garlson and bride ( nee Miss Anna Bridgforth) returned today from their honeymoon trip and will make Yoakum their home.

          W.W. Puckett, the picture show man who will occupy the Shropshire building is unloading some machinery today preparatory to starting up business.”


Lavaca County

Marriage Licenses


F.S. Steffek to Martha hermes

Ben Wheeler to Mrs. Maud O’Neil

Henry J. Strauss to Frances Kopecky

Vol. D. Butts to Nannie Smith

John Kresta to Bertha Horecka



“The 18 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Drozd of Sweet Home died this morning.

          Old Aunt Elizal Ford of the Edgar community died this morning at the very ripe age of 111 years. She is the mother –in-law to Nick Drake of that community. She came from North Carolina during slavery time and has been a cripple fifty years, having lost a limb while at work in a cotton field. She was once sold as a slave for $600. This was no doubt the oldest person in DeWitt County.

          Mrs. Sallie R. Wilborne, 50, died Thursday. Her first husband, Allen Farrar, died when Yoakum was young, and then she married June Wilborne.”