News Of The Day

Three bales of cotton were marketed here today; one by John M. Gunn at $4.65 in the seed and one each by John Stovarek and Anton Hollub. These were ginned and sold for 13 5/8. K. Kleinsmith bought all three bales.

Conductor E.C. McGill is moving into the property he re­cently bought from W.T. Brian on Hubbard and Whitfield Streets. Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Majors, who have occupied this place have moved into the Mrs. Tooley place, corner Coke & Hubbard streets recently vacated by J.C. Oakley.

The actual work of moving the Old Commercial Hotel is started. A part of the building be­ing now on wheels and on its way  to its new location on Nelson & Irvine Streets.

F. Mergenthal is having the old two story frame building next to the Commercial Hotel torn down and moved away. Asked if he expected to put in a brick there he stated he did not at present but was getting the old building out of the way because of its being nothing more than a fire trap and likely any time to burn down and endanger the new brick he has just erected on the adjoining lot

A joint meeting of the mem­bers of the order Railway Con­ductors, the Brotherhood of Lo­comotive Engineers and brother­hood of Locomotive Engine men and Firemen and the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen held a joint meeting to discuss the Hospital question. The idea is to build a modem sanitarium in Yoakum, to be open to the use of the public but to be under the control of the Sap officials and the Sap Employees. The cost should be about $25,000 and they want 5 acres In order to have their own garden, dairy and poultry.

The venerable J.A. Lander was a pleasant caller at the Her­ald office this morning. Mr. Lander has every been a believer in conserving time and advises boys to leave off the cigarette sucking habit if for no other rea­son than the amount of time lost in begging tobacco, matches, pa­per and what not, then rolling the cigarette and smoking it causes a loss of time that can never be regained. At the age of nearly 87, Mr. Lander says he can do more work than two cigarette smokers at 25 can do.

A neat concrete sidewalk is being put down in front of the Lyons Store on Grand Avenue.

The Messrs. Benbow at Stratton has gone pretty exten­sively into the hog business and are being caught with a corn short­age.

J.W. Bridgeworth of Sweet Home passed through the city to­day enroute home from Edgar where he is working on a new $1,600 school house for that com­munity. He also reports the new $600 cotton gin plant about com­pleted

W. Lander has moved his family from his home on the East end of Gonzales Street and which he recently sold to Mrs. BJ. Cummiskey into the new bunga­low just finished belonging to T.M. Dodd.

The Herald had heretofore failed to note the opening of the Victor Dry Goods Company in the Wangemann building on Grand Avenue.


Miss May Russell addressed a large gathering last night on the Green-Welhausen lot on the sub­ject of state wide prohibition.

O.E. Sheffield who has been conducting a little grocery and supply store out in the Y near the residence of A. V. Dul1ye has sold the same to Mr. C.F. Dul1ye.

Yoakum is to have a new wholesale Grocery house, the Messrs. Fussell Grocery Co. of Gonzales establishing a branch of their business here. They will oc­cupy the Carnes building on Lott Street.

Thomas Fitch has had a gang of men thus week putting clay on the Yoakum-Hope road out on the sand hill near the Kutac Dairy.

Emil Koenning, a progres­sive farmer living a mile east of here marketed the first bale of cotton for the season here. It was ginned by Ladewig Bros., and sold to our merchant, H.L. Stulken for 13 3/8 cents per pound and receiving a sack of flour as a pre­mium, it weighed 562 pounds.


C.C. Tribble and Josie Pich were married July 28. She is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.C. Pich and Chester Tribble is also one of the city's natives, be­ing the oldest son on Ex Mayor and Mrs. Tribble.

     James Edgar Stephens and Julia Eugenia Lancaster were married recently. The groom is a  telegraph operator in the service of the S.A.&A.P. Railway Co.



A rosy cheeked baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Stratmann Thursday.



Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baros have the sympathy of their community in the loss of a ten day old baby this morning.