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DR. JOSEPH M. REUSS. The usefulness of a professional man is not marked merely by his learning and skill, his proficiency in medical practice; but also by his character, both private and professional, his honorable adher­ence to medical ethics and his personal integrity and prudent benevolence. When a physician combines these characteristics it is with great pleasure that we record his life work, and such a man do we find in Dr. J. M. Reuss. This physician, of Cuero, Texas, one of the oldest in practice here, is a native of Germany, as were also his parents, Stephen and Mary (Muller) Reuss. The father, a hotel keeper in his native country, died there in 1831, and the mother in 1824. Our subject, whose birth occurred in 1823, was but one year old when his mother died, and he was reared by his elder sister. He received his education in Muennerstadt in Bavaria, and studied medicine at the University of Wuerzburg in 1843-45. Then he began practicing, but seeing a better opening for a physician in America, he crossed the ocean and landed at Galveston in November, 1845. From there he went to Indianola and began practicing, continuing there until after the storm of 1875. In 1876 he came to Cuero. He established the first drug store in Indianola in 1849. In 1861 Dr. Reuss raised a company and was elected Captain of Company B, Shea's Battalion, which was afterwards organized into Hobby's Regiment. He was stationed at Tasslabano and participated in the engage­ment at Lavaca, but on account of rheumatism he was obliged to resign in the spring of 1861. He had a large practice, and passed through three epidemics of' cholera and seven of yellow fever. The doctor was contract surgeon for the United States Custom House at Indianola, both before and after the war, and was contract surgeon for the quartermaster department before that eventful period. Most of the time he was also surgeon of the city hospital at Indianola. He is a member of the State Pharmaceutical Society. In 1873 he established a business in Cuero, mainly on account of his son, Dr. August J. Reuss. Our subject was married in Galveston, Texas, in 1845, to Misa Gesine Stubbeman, a native of Germany. The following children were the fruits of this union: August J., who was educated at Lee University, Lexington, Va., and studied medicine at the Jefferson University, at Charlottesville, Va. Later he entered Tulane University, New Orleans, and graduated in 1870. Following this he entered the Prussian army in the war with France, as assistant surgeon, and after the war studied two years at Wuerzburg and Vienna. Returning to the Lone Star State in the fall of 1872, he practiced medicine at Indianola until the spring of the following year, when he located in Cuero. He was a bright, promising young man, and his death, which occurred in January, 1876, was a sad blow to his parents. The three children following August J. died in infancy. The others are named Oscar J., Bertha, Alfreda and Joseph Henry. Oscar J. is a druggist of Cuero, carrying on the business under the old firm name of J. M. Reuss & Son, and is one of the Board of Pharmaceutical Examiners., Alfreda is the wife of William Frobese, of the firm of H. Runge & Co., and Joseph Henry is a physician in partnership with his father. He was educated in the University of Texas, at Austin, and graduated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York in 1889. He is a member of the State Medical Society, and excels in surgery. The mother of these children died in August, 1893. She was a worthy member of the Lutheran Church. Dr. Reuss was one of the organizers of the cotton mill, and he is interested in the oil mill in the city, and in building and loan association. He takes a deep interest in educational and religious matters, is a valuable citizen, and is a member of the Board of Medical Examiners of the district. His son, who conducts a drug store, carries a stock of goods valued at $8,000, and does an annual business of $ 16,000.